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Home » Japanese - Laser Discs » Original Artist Series » 54C52-3819 Columbia Onsei Taju Original Star Karaoke #19 (Shodai Columbia Rose, Komadori Shimai & Hatakeyama Midori)
54C52-3819 Columbia Onsei Taju Original Star Karaoke #19 (Shodai Columbia Rose, Komadori Shimai & Hatakeyama Midori)

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Music by the Original Singers -
Shodai Columbia Rose, Komadori Shimai & Hatakeyama Midori
8 Songs:
WatariDori Itsu Kaeru
Douse Hirotta Koidamo-no
Musume Juuku-wa Mada Junjou-yo
Tokyo-no Basu Girl
Asakusa Shimai
Shamisen Shimai
Shusse Kaidou
Koi-wa Kamiyo-no Mukashi-kara

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