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  • English - CDG
  • DK Karaoke Applause Series 
    No Vocal Demo Tracks
    DK Karaoke DKG- Original Series 1 - 99 
    No Vocal Demo Tracks
    DK Karaoke Gospel 
    Contains 4 songs with removable lead vocals
    JTG Just Tracks 
    No Vocal Demo Tracks
    Nikkodo SAV-7000 Series 
    No Vocal Demo Tracks
    Party Tyme - 16 Songs without Vocal Demo 
    No Vocal Demo Tracks
    Party Tyme - 8 - 10 Songs with Vocal Demo 
    Vocal Demo Tracks Included
    Pioneer Country 
    No Vocal Demo Tracks
    Pioneer Pop/Rock 
    No Vocal Demo Tracks
    Pocket Songs (PSG) 
    Pocket Songs 6000 Series 
    Sound Choice B Flat the Cat 
    Sound Choice Power Picks Series (SCG3) 
    Sound Choice Reminiscing Gold 
    This unique collection has been developed for older adults and contains many favorites from the 1900' through the 1950's. All songs are in full arrangement, original key and tempo. Lyrics are enlarged on the TV screen.
    Sound Choice Reminiscing Series 
    Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8100 - SCG8199) 
    No Vocal Demo Tracks
    Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8200 - SCG8399) 
    No Vocal Demo Tracks
    Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8400 - SCG8599) 
    No Vocal Demo Tracks
    Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8600 - SCG8799) 
    No Vocal Demo Tracks
    Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8800 - SCG9xxx) 
    No Vocal Demo Tracks
    Sound Choice Star Series (SCG2) 
    Vocal Demo Tracks Included
    Sing It Now Artist Series 
    Sing It Now Country 
    Sing It Now Pop 
    Sing It Now Rock 
    Sing It Now Urban 
    Sing It Now Adult Contemporary 

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