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Karaoke Equipment
  • Players
  •      Players
           CD-G100 Nikkodo (BMB) Professional Grade CDG Player w/ Video Superimpose
           CDJ-500G Pioneer Professional CD/CDG Player for DJs
           CLD-V303T Pioneer Professional Grade Twin-Tray Laser Disc Player
           HD-787 Hard Drive Multi-Format Player. (500GB-2TB)
           JBK M-6000 Midi./DVD/CDG/Divx Karaoke Player with 51,181 Songs.
           Martin Ranger DVD-880 CDG/DVD/VCD/MP3GPlayer with HDMI Output -- 2 Mics Included
           NEO-22 RSQ CDG/DVD/VCD Player w/ USB/SD Reader and Recording
           TabletOke - Digital Karaoke Mixer with Wireless Mics and Bluetooth Receiver
           VocoPro JAMCUBE-1: 100W Stereo All-In-One Mini PA/Entertainment System WITH SD RECORDER
           VocoPro JAMCUBE-BT: 100W Stereo All-In-One Mini PA/Entertainment System WITH BLUETOOTH RECEIVER
           VocoPro JAMCUBE-MC Package: 100W Stereo All-In-One Mini PA/Entertainment System
  • Magic Sing: handheld/chips
  •      Magic Sing Microphones with English Songs Built-In
           ET-12S PH Magic Sing with 2,510 English Songs & Tagalog
           ET-23KH PH Dual Wireless HD Magic Sing with 2,600 English & Tagalog Songs
           ET-28KPH. Dual Wireless HD Magic Sing with 2,600 English & Tagalog Songs
         Magic Sing Microphones with Tagalog Songs Built-In
           ET-12S PH. Magic Sing with 2,510 Tagalog & English
           ET-23KH PH Dual Wireless HD Magic Sing with 2,600 English & Tagalog Songs.
           ET-28KPH Dual Wireless HD Magic Sing with 2,600 English & Tagalog Songs
         Magic Sing Microphones with Spanish Songs Built-In
           ET-12S SP Magic Sing with 1,573 Spanish Songs & 2,064 English Songs
           ET-23K SP Dual Wireless Magic Sing with 1,573 Spanish Songs
         Magic Sing Accessories
           Magic Mic A/V Cable
           Magic Mic Leatherette Carrying Bag
           Magic Mic Power Adaptor
           Recording Pack (for OnStage, ED-8000 & ED-11000)
  • Microphones
  •      Wireless Microphones
           TabletOke -- Digital Karaoke Mixer with Wireless Mics and Bluetooth Receiver
           UHF-18 VocoPro Single Channel UHF Wireless Mic System
           UHF-28 VocoPro Dual Channel UHF Wireless Mic System
           UHF-3205 VocoPro Rechargeable Dual UHF Wireless Microphones
           VocoPro UHF-18-DIAMOND Single Channel UHF Wireless Mic System
           WM-300 VHF Dual Channel Rechargeable Wireless Microphones
         Corded Microphones
           ADM-1062 Corded microphone
           ADM-1064 Corded microphone
           APM-175 Hyper Cardioid Professional Series Microphones
           PG-58 Vocal Microphone
  • Mixers & Key Controllers
  •      Mixers
           DA-2200 VocoPro Mixer with 11-Step Digital Key Controller
           KJ-6000 VocoPro Mixer 2 channel, 4 Mic Input Mixer with Digital Key Controller
           KJ-7808RV VocoPro Professional KJ/DJ/VJ Mixer with DSP Mic Effect, and Digital Key Control
           TabletOke. - Digital Karaoke Mixer with Wireless Mics and Bluetooth Receiver
           VocoPro DA-1000 Pro ( 3 Mic Digital Echo Mixer )
           VocoPro DA-1055 Pro (6 Mic Digital Echo Mixer / Parametric Equalizer)
         Key Controllers (w/o Mixer)
           DKC-7500 BMB/ Nikkodo Professional 12-Step Digital Key Controller
  • Mixing Amplifiers
  •      Mixing Amplifiers
           BMB: Better Music Builder DX-333 600W Pro Karaoke Mixing Amp
           BMB: Better Music Builder DX-388 G3 800W Professional Mixing Amplifier
           DP-A202 400Watts Mixing Amplifier "Engineered and Made in Japan by JVC"
           VocoPro DA-3700 240 Watt Mixing Amplifier
  • Speakers
  •      Powered Speakers
           ASP-5207P Pair of Professional Full Range 12" 2-Way Active Loudspeaker 280 Watts + 280 Watts
           ASP-5207P Single 280 Watts 12" 2-Way Professional Active Loudspeaker
           PV-802 8" 2-Way 400Watt Powered Speaker System
         Passive Speakers
           BMB: Better Music Builder CS-500V 10" Professional 450 Watts Karaoke Vocal Speakers (Pair)
           SR-500 500W Professional Karaoke Speaker System
           VA-400 350W Professional Karaoke Speaker System with Voice & Music Activated LED Light
           SUB-1500 15" 200Watts Powered Subwoofer
         Speaker Mount Brackets
           SB-2000 RSQ Speaker Wall Mount Brackets (Pair)
         Speaker Stands
           SS-88 Speaker Stands (Pair)
  • Accessories
  •      Speaker Stands, TV Stands & Mic Stands
           AST-420Y Flat Panel TV/Monitor Stand (Tripod)
           AST-4393B Speaker Stands with Wind-up Crank & Gear (Pair)
           MP-35 Microphone Stand
         Disc Storage
           CD Wallet
           CD-R200 Professional 200 Disc CD Rack (Black)
           CD-R50 Professional 50 Disc CD Rack (Black)
         Wires & Plugs
           ACC-3144S RCA Jack to RCA Jack (Pair)
           ADC-2124 RCA A/V Cable (5ft)
           BNB-30 Banana to Banana Speaker Cable ( 30' )
           C-1 20' Mic Cable (Female XLR to Male 1/4")
         Equipment Carrying Cases & Road Cases
           BAG-10 Carrying Bag for Player and/or Component Mixer
           BAG-24 Carrying Bag for Soundman and DVD-Soundman
           BAG-34 Carrying Bag for Bravo or Colt
           BAG-9 Carrying Bag for Duet and DVD-DUET
         AV Selector
           AVS-3032 Audio/Video Selector 6-Input / 2-Output
           Microphone Cover (Different Colors Available)
    Karaoke Discs
  • English - CDG
  •      AH All Hits Karaoke
           AH-8007 All Hits #8007
         BS Backstage
           BS-5117 Country Songs
           BS-5917 Randy Travis
           BS-6217 Britney Spears
         Big Country
           BCY-001 Big Country #1
         CBG-2 Chartbusters Country
           CBG-20003 Country Hits #3
           CBG-20042 Country Hits #42
           CBG-20061 Country Hits #61
           CBG-20063 Country Hits #63
           CBG-20080 Country Hits #80
           CBG-20081 Country Hits #81
           CBG-20082 Country Hits #82
           CBG-20151 Country Hits #151
           CBG-20156 Country Hits #156
           CBG-20169 Country Hits #169
           CBG-20272 Country Hits #272
           CBG-20279 Country Hits #279
           CBG-20299 Country Hits #299
           CBG-20317 Country Hits #317
           CBG-20320 Country Hits #320
           CBG-20322 Cleanus T. Judd #2
           CBG-20323 Ray Stevens #1
           CBG-20324 Ray Stevens #2
           CBG-20325 Barbara Mandrell #2
           CBG-20326 Brad Paisley
           CBG-20328 Waylon Jennings
           CBG-20329 Jessica Andrews
           CBG-20333 Sara Evans
           CBG-20335 Keith Whitley #2
           CBG-20336 Kenny Chesny #2
           CBG-20337 Tim McGraw #5
           CBG-20340 Chad Brock
           CBG-20346 Country Hits #346
           CBG-20351 Country Hits #351
           CBG-20355 Country Hits #355
           CBG-20357 Country Hits #357
           CBG-20358 Country Hits #358
           CBG-20359 Country Hits #359
           CBG-20367 Kenny Chesney #3
           CBG-20368 Country Hits #368
           CBG-20373 Country Hits #373
           CBG-20376 Bluegrass #2
           CBG-20380 Bluegrass #6
           CBG-20381 Bluegrass #7
           CBG-20382 Dixie Chicks #4
           CBG-20392 Country Hits #392
           CBG-20393 Faith Hill #6
           CBG-20394 Shania Twain #3
           CBG-20398 Country Hits #398
           CBG-20399 Bluegrass #10
           CBG-20400 Bluegrass #11
           CBG-20401 Bluegrass #12
           CBG-20402 Bluegrass #13
           CBG-20403 Bluegrass #14
           CBG-20407 Bluegrass #15
           CBG-20408 Bluegrass #16
           CBG-20409 Bluegrass #17
           CBG-20410 Bluegrass #18
           CBG-20416 LeAnn Rimes
           CBG-20420 Country Hits #420
           CBG-20421 Country Hits #421
           CBG-20424 Faith Hill
           CBG-20427 Wynonna
           CBG-20428 The Kinleys
           CBG-20430 Lilla McCann
           CBG-20432 Mindy McCready
           CBG-20434 LeAnn Rimes #3
           CBG-20438 Vince Gill
           CBG-20439 George Strait
           CBG-20441 Collin Raye
           CBG-20444 Bryan White
           CBG-20448 Trace Adkins
           CBG-20449 Brooks & Dunn
           CBG-20450 Clint Black
           CBG-20451 Alabama
           CBG-20452 Confederate Rairoad
           CBG-20453 David Lee Murphy
           CBG-20454R1 Deana Carter
           CBG-20455 Diamond Rio
           CBG-20458 Joe Diffie
           CBG-20459 John Anderson
           CBG-20461 Lari White
           CBG-20463 Mark Chesnutt
           CBG-20466 Neal McCoy
           CBG-20467 Pam Tillis
           CBG-20469 Steven Wariner
           CBG-20470 Suzy Bogguss
           CBG-20471 Terri Clark
           CBG-20473 Dixie Chicks #2
           CBG-20474 George Jones
           CBG-20477 Dixie Chicks #3
           CBG-20483 Oldies Christmas
           CBG-20484R1 Wacky Christmas
           CBG-20485 Wacky Christmas #2
           CBG-20486 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20487 Aaron Tippin #1
           CBG-20488 Aaron Tippin #2
           CBG-20489 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20490 Barbara Mandrell #1
           CBG-20491 / 20211 The Bellamy Brothers
           CBG-20492 Billy Dean #2
           CBG-20493 Billy Dean #2
           CBG-20494 Billy Ray Cyrus
           CBG-20495 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20496 Donna Fargo
           CBG-20497 Dwight Yoakam #1
           CBG-20498 Dwight Yoakam #2
           CBG-20499 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20500 Earnest Tubb
           CBG-20501 Exile #1
           CBG-20502 Forester Sisters
           CBG-20503 Holly Dunn
           CBG-20504 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20505R1 Juice Newton
           CBG-20506 K.D. Lang
           CBG-20507 K.T. Oslin
           CBG-20508 Keith Whitley
           CBG-20509 Kentucky Headhunters
           CBG-20510 Lee Greenwood
           CBG-20511 Lee Roy Parnell #1
           CBG-20512 Lee Roy Parnell #2
           CBG-20513 Lefty Frizzell
           CBG-20514 Linda Ronstadt
           CBG-20515 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20516 Little Texas #1
           CBG-20517 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20518 Mark Collie
           CBG-20519 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20520 Marty Stuart
           CBG-20521 Marty Stuart #2
           CBG-20522 Mavericks
           CBG-20523 The Oak Ridge Boys
           CBG-20524 Paul Brandt
           CBG-20525 Paul Overstreet
           CBG-20526 Ricky Skaggs
           CBG-20527 Ricky Skaggs
           CBG-20528 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20529 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20530 Sawyer Brown #2
           CBG-20531 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20532 Sons of the Desert
           CBG-20533 T.G Sheppard
           CBG-20534 T. Graham Brown
           CBG-20535 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20536 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20537 Vern Gosdin
           CBG-20538 Wade Hayes
           CBG-20539 The Wilkinsons
           CBG-20540 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20541 Terri Clark #2
           CBG-20542 Martina McBride #2
           CBG-20543 Tim McGraw #3
           CBG-20544 Tim McGraw #4
           CBG-20554 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20555 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20556 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20559R1 Chartbusters 6+6 Country
           CBG-20560 Chartbusters 6+6 Country Christmas #4
           CBG-20561 Martina McBride #3
           CBG-20562 Martina McBride
           CBG-20563 Roby Keith #4
           CBG-20565 Chartbusters 6+6 Country Christmas #5
           CBG-20566R1 Christmas #6
           CBG-20567 Chartbusters 6+6 Country Christmas #7
           CBG-20568 Chartbusters 6+6 Country Christmas #8
           CBG-20570 Kenny Chesney #5
           CBG-20571 Chartbusters 6+6 Wacky Christmas #3
           CBG-20572 Chartbusters 6+6 HIP Christmas
           CBG-20573 Gretchen Wilson
           CBG-20574 Joe Nichols
           CBG-20575 Dierks Bentley
           CBG-20576 Big & Rich
           CBG-20577 Jamie O'Neal
           CBG-20578 Phil Vassar #1
           CBG-20579 Phil Vassar #2
           CBG-20580 Jeff Bates
           CBG-20581 Craig Morgan
           CBG-20582 Blake Shelton
           CBG-20583 Rebecca Lynn Howard
           CBG-20584 Chris Cagle
           CBG-20585 Tammy Cochran
           CBG-20586 Brian McComas
           CBG-20587R1 Carolyn Dawn Johnson
           CBG-20588 Emerson Drive
           CBG-20589 Kellie Coffey
           CBG-20590 Pat Green
           CBG-20591 Rhonda Vincent
           CBG-20592 Rodney Atkins
           CBG-20593 Steve Holy
           CBG-20594 Trick Pony
           CBG-20595 The Warren Brothers
           CBG-20596 Carrie Underwood
           CBG-20597 Josh Turner
           CBG-20599 Sugarland
           CBG-20600 Cross Canadian Ragweed
           CBG-20601 Little Big Town
           CBG-20602 Miranda Lambert
           CBG-20603 Shannon Lawson
           CBG-20604 Buddy Jewell
           CBG-20605 Julie Roberts
           CBG-20606 Blake Shelton
           CBG-20607 Jack Ingram
           CBG-20608 Michelle Wright
           CBG-20609 Rosanne Cash
           CBG-20610 Bill Monroe
           CBG-20611 Keith Anderson
           CBG-20612 Shelby Lynne
           CBG-20613 Daryle Singletary
           CBG-20614 Eric Heatherly
           CBG-20615 Taylor Swift
           CBG-20617 Josh Gracin
           CBG-20618 Jason Aldean
           CBG-20619 Steve Holy #2
           CBG-20620 Craig Morgan #2
           CBG-20623 Dierks Bentley #2
           CBG-20624 Rodney Atkins #2
           CBG-20625 Billy Gilman
           CBG-20626 Jerry Reed
           CBG-20628 Lisa Brokop
           CBG-20633 The Tractors
           CBG-20634 Kellie Pickler
           CBG-20635 James Otto
           CBG-20637 Little Big Town #2
           CBG-20640 The Wreckers
           CBG-20643 Brad Paisley #2
           CBG-20644 Gretchen Wilson #2
           CBG-20654 Jamey Johnson
           CBG-20658 Lady Antebellum
           CBG-20659 Alan Jackson #3
           CBG-20660 Alabama #2
           CBG-20661 Allison Moorer
           CBG-20662 Zac Brown Band
           CBG-20663 Luke Bryan
           CBG-20664 Bucky Covington
           CBG-20665 Alison Krauss
           CBG-20666 Josh Turner #2
           CBG-20667 Brooks & Dunn #2
           CBG-20669 Miranda Lambert #2
         CBG-4 Chartbusters Pop
           CBG-40002 Sarah McLachlan
           CBG-40003 Sheryl Crow
           CBG-40006 Spice Girls
           CBG-40007 Brandy #1
           CBG-40010 Janet Jackson #1
           CBG-40011 Witney Houston #1
           CBG-40014 Natalie Imbruglia #1
           CBG-40016 Mariah Carey #2
           CBG-40017 Mariah Carey #3
           CBG-40018 Lauryn Hill #1
           CBG-40020 Cher #1
           CBG-40021 Lisa Loeb #1
           CBG-40022 Paula Cole #1
           CBG-40023 Britney Spears #1
           CBG-40024 Fiona Apple
           CBG-40026 Southern Rock #2
           CBG-40028 Jennifer Lopez #1
           CBG-40029 Backstreet Boys #1
           CBG-40030 Backstreet Boys #2
           CBG-40031 Ricky Martin #1
           CBG-40033 Boyz II Men #2
           CBG-40035 Goo Goo Dolls #1
           CBG-40036 Hootie & The Blowfish
           CBG-40037 N'Sync #1
           CBG-40038 N'Sync #2
           CBG-40039 R.E.M
           CBG-40041 Matchbox 20 #1
           CBG-40045 Third Eye Blind #1
           CBG-40046 Collective Soul
           CBG-40047 INXS #1
           CBG-40048 R. Kelley
           CBG-40051 Lenny Kravitz #1
           CBG-40052 Pearl Jam #1
           CBG-40054 Blessid Union of Souls #1
           CBG-40058 Christina Aguilera #2
           CBG-40059 TLC #1
           CBG-40061 Brandy #2
           CBG-40066 Male Pop 07/2000
           CBG-40068 Male Pop 08/2000
           CBG-40070 Mariah Carey
           CBG-40071 Whitney Houston #4
           CBG-40072 TLC #2
           CBG-40073 Destiny's Child #1
           CBG-40074 Mellisa Etheridge #1
           CBG-40075 98 Degrees #1
           CBG-40077 Male Rock
           CBG-40085 Male Pop
           CBG-40090 Toni Braxton #1
           CBG-40091 Aerosmith #1
           CBG-40092 Duran Duran #1
           CBG-40093 Hanson #1
           CBG-40094 Selena
           CBG-40095 En Vogue
           CBG-40099 Female Pop
           CBG-40102 Male Pop
           CBG-40104 Female Pop
           CBG-40106 The Beatles #1
           CBG-40107 The Beatles #2
           CBG-40108 The Beatles #3
           CBG-40109 The Beatles #4
           CBG-40110 The Beatles #5
           CBG-40111 The Beatles #6
           CBG-40112 The Beatles #7
           CBG-40113 The Beatles #8
           CBG-40114 Michael Jackson
           CBG-40115 Michael Jackson #2
           CBG-40119 Aretha Franklin #2
           CBG-40120 Janet Jackson #2
           CBG-40121 Janet Jackson #3
           CBG-40122 The Supremes
           CBG-40123 Rap #1 Male
           CBG-40124 Rod Stewart
           CBG-40125 Chicago
           CBG-40127 The Beach Boys
           CBG-40129 Prince
           CBG-40131 James Brown
           CBG-40134 Hall & Oates
           CBG-40135 Madonna #2
           CBG-40138 Billy Joel #1
           CBG-40139 Billy Joel #2
           CBG-40140 Paul Anka
           CBG-40141 The Carpenters
           CBG-40142 The Carpenters #2
           CBG-40143 Bread
           CBG-40144 The Everly Brothers
           CBG-40147 America #1
           CBG-40148 America #2
           CBG-40149 Stevie Wonder
           CBG-40150 Marvin Gaye
           CBG-40151 Temptations #1
           CBG-40152 Temptations #2
           CBG-40155 Britney Spears #2
           CBG-40156 Creed
           CBG-40157 Marc Anthony
           CBG-40158 Macy Gray
           CBG-40160 The Cranberries
           CBG-40161 No Doubt
           CBG-40164 Roy Orbison #1
           CBG-40165 Roy Orbison #2
           CBG-40166 Connie Francis
           CBG-40167 Ray Charles
           CBG-40168 Brenda Lee
           CBG-40169 Phil Collins
           CBG-40171 The Doobie Brothers
           CBG-40173 Jim Croce
           CBG-40174 Nat King Cole
           CBG-40176 Modern Rock
           CBG-40178 Donna Summer
           CBG-40179 Andy William
           CBG-40180 Doris Day
           CBG-40181 Pat Boone
           CBG-40182 The Platters
           CBG-40183 The Drifters
           CBG-40184 Chuck Berry
           CBG-40185 Captain & Tennille
           CBG-40186R1 Barbra Streisand
           CBG-40187 Smokey Robinson
           CBG-40188 Pointer Sisters
           CBG-40189 Huey Lewis & The News #1
           CBG-40190 Huey Lewis & The News #2
           CBG-40191 Fats Domino
           CBG-40192 Diana Ross
           CBG-40194 The Four Tops #1
           CBG-40195 The Four Tops #2
           CBG-40197 Creedence Clearwater Revival
           CBG-40198 The Doors
           CBG-40199 Jimmy Buffett
           CBG-40200 Lionel Richie #1
           CBG-40201 Lionel Richie #2
           CBG-40203 Neil Sedaka
           CBG-40204 Jessica Simpson
           CBG-40205 Everclear
           CBG-40206 Enrique Iglesias
           CBG-40207 Barenaked Ladies
           CBG-40208 Fastball
           CBG-40209 Foo Fighters
           CBG-40210 Gin Blossoms
           CBG-40211 3 Doors Down
           CBG-40212 LFO
           CBG-40213 Sister Hazel
           CBG-40214 Sixpense None The Richer
           CBG-40215 Smashing Pumpkins
           CBG-40216 Erykah Badu
           CBG-40221 Blues Traveler
           CBG-40223 Elton John #1
           CBG-40224 Elton John #2
           CBG-40225R1 Olivia Newton-John
           CBG-40227 Male Pop
           CBG-40229 Male Pop
           CBG-40230 Richard Marx
           CBG-40234 KC & The Sunshine Band
           CBG-40235 Kool & The Gang
           CBG-40236 Sly & The Family Stone
           CBG-40237 Coasters
           CBG-40238 Buddy Holly
           CBG-40239R Michael Bolton
           CBG-40240 Laura Branigan
           CBG-40241 Sting
           CBG-40243 Celine Dion #2
           CBG-40244 Glen Campbell
           CBG-40245 Linda Ronstadt
           CBG-40246 Linda Ronstadt #2
           CBG-40247 Englebert Humperdinck
           CBG-40248 Debbie Gibson
           CBG-40251 Bonnie Raitt #2
           CBG-40252 Dionne Warwick
           CBG-40253 Bob Dylan
           CBG-40255 The Police
           CBG-40257 Luther Vandross
           CBG-40262 Bryan Adams
           CBG-40263 Jody Watley
           CBG-40265 Male Pop
           CBG-40267 Steve Winwood
           CBG-40272 Male Pop
           CBG-40285 Halloween
           CBG-40286 Halloween #2
           CBG-40287 Halloween #3
           CBG-40288 Halloween #4
           CBG-40289 Halloween #5
           CBG-40290 Halloween #6
           CBG-40295 Female Pop
           CBG-40297 Female Pop
           CBG-40301 Babyface
           CBG-40302 Backstreet Boys #3
           CBG-40304 Incubus
           CBG-40305 Jennifer Lopez #2
           CBG-40309 Male Pop
           CBG-40312 Modern Rock #17
           CBG-40319 Female Pop
           CBG-40320 Norah Jones #1
           CBG-40321 Norah Jones #2
           CBG-40325 Tom Jones
           CBG-40327 Aaliyah
           CBG-40328 Michelle Branch
           CBG-40332 Mary J. Blige #2
           CBG-40334 Matchbox Twenty #2
           CBG-40335 Celine Dion
           CBG-40336 Brian McKnight #2
           CBG-40337 Nickelback
           CBG-40338 Sugar Ray #2
           CBG-40341 Modern Rock #25
           CBG-40342 Modern Rock #26
           CBG-40344 Modern Rock #28
           CBG-40345 Usher
           CBG-40347 Kelly Clarkson
           CBG-40348 Nickelback
           CBG-40350R1 Gwen Stefani
           CBG-40352 Simple Plan
           CBG-40353 Beyonce
           CBG-40354 Hoobastank
           CBG-40355 Good Charlotte
           CBG-40356 Pink
           CBG-40357 Staind
           CBG-40358 Fantasia
           CBG-40359 Santana
           CBG-40360. Traditional Irish
           CBG-40361 Dean Martin
           CBG-40362 Tony Bennett
           CBG-40363 Roberta Flack
           CBG-40364 Heart
           CBG-40365 Peter, Paul & Mary
           CBG-40366 The Spinners
           CBG-40367 Wilson Pickett
           CBG-40368 The O'Jays
           CBG-40369 George Michael
           CBG-40370 Paul McCartney
           CBG-40371 Will Smith
           CBG-40372 Dan Seals
           CBG-40373 Poison
           CBG-40374 Isley Brothers
           CBG-40375 LL Cool J
           CBG-40376 Billy Ocean
           CBG-40378 Tommy Roe
           CBG-40379 Tommy Roe #2
           CBG-40380 Ashlee Simpson
           CBG-40381 Jessica Simpson
           CBG-40383 Evanescence
           CBG-40384 Nelly Furtado
           CBG-40385 Bowling for Soup
           CBG-40386 Alicia Keys
           CBG-40387 Avril Lavigne
           CBG-40388 Jackson 5
           CBG-40389 Josh Groban
           CBG-40390 Jojo
           CBG-40391 All-American Rejects
           CBG-40392 Queen
           CBG-40393 Hilarry Duff
           CBG-40394 Maroon 5
           CBG-40395 Earth, Wind & Fire
           CBG-40396 Daughtry
           CBG-40397 Amy Winehouse
           CBG-40399 Kelly Clarkson #2
           CBG-40400 Rihanna #2
           CBG-40401 Chris Brown
           CBG-40402 Fergie
           CBG-40403 Rob Thomas
           CBG-40404 Enrique Iglesias #2
           CBG-40406 Lifehouse
           CBG-40407 Jonas Brothers
           CBG-40409 Boston
           CBG-40410 Joss Stone
           CBG-40411 Fuel
           CBG-40412 Jack Johnson
           CBG-40414 Rick Astley
           CBG-40416 Puddle Of Mudd
           CBG-40417 Fall Out Boy
           CBG-40418 Petula Clark
           CBG-40419 Mandy Moore
           CBG-40421 Jamie Cullum
           CBG-40423 Nelly
           CBG-40426 Gavin DeGraw
           CBG-40427 Jason Mraz
           CBG-40428 Natasha Bedingfield
           CBG-40429 Pat Benatar
           CBG-40430 Mary J Blige #3
           CBG-40431 Monica #2
           CBG-40432 New Kids On The Block
           CBG-40433 Joe
           CBG-40436 Anita Baker
           CBG-40437 Ne-Yo
           CBG-40439 Leona Lewis
           CBG-40441 Keyshia Cole
           CBG-40442 Weezer
           CBG-40443 Kid Rock
           CBG-40444 New Found Glory
           CBG-40445 Sarah McLachlan #2
           CBG-40447 38 Special
           CBG-40452 Blondie
           CBG-40453 Salt-N-Pepa
           CBG-40461 Robert Palmer
           CBG-40465 Karyn White
           CBG-40467 Helen Reddy
           CBG-40469 Adele
           CBG-40470 Jennifer Hudson
           CBG-40473 Judy Garland
           CBG-40475 Craig David
           CBG-40476 India.Arie
           CBG-40478 Seal
           CBG-40479 Kings Of Leon
           CBG-40480 Louis Armstrong
           CBG-40481 Burl Ives
           CBG-40482 Judy Garland #2
           CBG-40483 Martha & The Vandellas
           CBG-40484 The Offspring
           CBG-40485 Joe Cocker
           CBG-40486 Johnny Mathis
           CBG-40487 Tony Orlando & Dawn
           CBG-40488 Al Green
           CBG-40489 Sammy Davis, Jr.
           CBG-40492 Akon
           CBG-40493 Lady Gaga
           CBG-40498 Three Day Grace
           CBG-40499 Billy Idol
           CBG-40500 ZZ Top
           CBG-40501 The Fray
           CBG-40502 Kate Voegele
           CBG-40503 Tommy James & The Shondells
           CBG-40504 Johnny Rivers
           CBG-40505 Chris Brown #2
           CBG-40506 Amy Grant
           CBG-40507 Justin Bieber
           CBG-40508 Katy Perry
           CBG-40510 Lifehouse
         CBG-9 Chartbusters Artist Series
           CBG-90001 Alabama #2
           CBG-90002 Alabama #3
           CBG-90003 Alan Jackson
           CBG-90004 Alan Jackson #2
           CBG-90005 Dolly Parton #2
           CBG-90006 Brooks & Dunn
           CBG-90007 Clay Walker
           CBG-90008 Clint Black
           CBG-90009R Collin Raye
           CBG-90010 The Judds
           CBG-90011 Conway Twitty
           CBG-90012 Diamond Rio
           CBG-90013 Kathy Mattea
           CBG-90014 Doug Stone
           CBG-90016 Emmylou Harris
           CBG-90017 George Strait #2
           CBG-90018 George #3
           CBG-90019 Joe Diffie
           CBG-90020 LeAnn Rimes #1
           CBG-90021R John Michael Mongomery
           CBG-90022 Kenny Chesney
           CBG-90023 Lorrie Morgan
           CBG-90024 Mark Chesnutt
           CBG-90025 Merle Haggard #2
           CBG-90026 Martina McBride
           CBG-90027R Randy Travis
           CBG-90028 Restless Heart
           CBG-90029 Mary Chapin Carpenter
           CBG-90030 Ronnie Milsap
           CBG-90031R1 Pam Tillis
           CBG-90032 Sammy Kershaw
           CBG-90033R Shenandoah
           CBG-90034R Steve Wariner
           CBG-90035 Shania Twain
           CBG-90036R Tim McGraw
           CBG-90037 Tracy Byrd
           CBG-90038 Suzy Bogguss
           CBG-90039 Tracy Lawrence
           CBG-90040R Vince Gill
           CBG-90041R Tanya Tucker #2
           CBG-90042 Waylon & Willie
           CBG-90043* Trisha Yearwood
           CBG-90044 Wynonna
           CBG-90045 Travis Tritt
           CBG-90046R Faith Hill
           CBG-90048 Patty Loveless #1
           CBG-90049 Patty Loveless #2
           CBG-90050R Ricky Van Shelton
           CBG-90052 Jim Reeves
           CBG-90053 Reba McEntire #2
           CBG-90054 Reba McEntire #3
           CBG-90055 Reba McEntire #4
           CBG-90056 Clint Black #2
           CBG-90057R1 Neal McCoy
           CBG-90064 Hank Williams, Jr.
           CBG-90065 Charley Pride
           CBG-90066R Marty Robbins
           CBG-90067 Hank Williams #2
           CBG-90068 Conway Twitty #2
           CBG-90069 Charlie Rich
           CBG-90070 Crystal Gayle
           CBG-90071 Don Williams
           CBG-90072 Tammy Wynette
           CBG-90073 Loretta Lynn
           CBG-90074 Johnny Cash
           CBG-90075 George Jones #2
           CBG-90076 Ray Price
           CBG-90077 Mickey Gilley
           CBG-90078 Eddie Rabbitt #1
           CBG-90079 Dixie Chicks
           CBG-90080R Faith Hill #2
           CBG-90081 Gene Watson
           CBG-90082 Jerry Lee Lewis
           CBG-90083 Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton
           CBG-90084 Buck Owens
           CBG-90085 Dottie West
           CBG-90086 Webb Pierce
           CBG-90087 Porter Wagoner #1
           CBG-90088 Connie Smith
           CBG-90089 Mel Tillis
           CBG-90090 Sonny James
           CBG-90091R Glen Campbell
           CBG-90092 John Anderson
           CBG-90096 Ray Stevens
           CBG-90097 Dwight Yoakam
           CBG-90098 Keith Whitley
           CBG-90099R1 Cledus T. Judd
           CBG-90100 John Conlee
           CBG-90101R Anne Murray
           CBG-90102 Barbara Mandrell
           CBG-90103 Lefty Frizzell
           CBG-90104 Bob Willis and His Texas Playboys
           CBG-90105 Larry Gatlin
           CBG-90106 Vern Gosdin
           CBG-90107 Tom T. Hall
           CBG-90108 Oak Ridge Boys
           CBG-90109R2 T.G. Sheppard
           CBG-90110 Bellamy Brothers
           CBG-90111 Early Thomas Conley
           CBG-90112 Razzy Bailey
           CBG-90113R1 Janie Fricke
           CBG-90114 Lynn Anderson
           CBG-90115 David Allan Coe
           CBG-90116 Mac Davis
           CBG-90117 Moe Bandy
           CBG-90118 Bobby Bare
           CBG-90119 Merle Haggard
           CBG-90120 Eddy Arnold
           CBG-90121 Billy "Crash" Craddock
           CBG-90122 Donna Fargo
           CBG-90123R1 Brenda Lee
           CBG-90124 Tennessee Ernie Ford
           CBG-90125 Ronnie McDowell
           CBG-90126 Roger Miller
           CBG-90127 Ronnie Milsap
           CBG-90128 Ricky Skaggs
           CBG-90129 Ernest Tubb
           CBG-90131 Al Dexter and His Troopers
           CBG-90132 Charlie Daniels Band
           CBG-90133 Don Gibson
           CBG-90134 Hank Thompson
           CBG-90135 Statler Brothers
           CBG-90136 Dave Dudley
           CBG-90137 Joe Stampley
           CBG-90138 Ferlin Husky
           CBG-90139 David Houston
           CBG-90140 Jack Greene
           CBG-90141 Roy Drusky
           CBG-90142 Red Foley
           CBG-90143 Cowboy Copas & Hawkshaw Hawkins
           CBG-90144 Johnny Paycheck
           CBG-90145 Hank Williams
           CBG-90146 Patsy Cline #1
           CBG-90147 Dolly Parton
           CBG-90148 Patsy Cline #2
           CBG-90149 George Strait
           CBG-90150 Tanya Tucker
           CBG-90151R Reba McEntire
           CBG-90153 Alabama
           CBG-90154 Merle Haggard
           CBG-90155R George Jones
           CBG-90156 Lynyrd Skynyrd
           CBG-90157R Norah Jones
           CBG-90158 Alison Krauss
           CBG-90159 Lonestar
           CBG-90161 Amy Grant
           CBG-90162 Backstreet Boys
           CBG-90163 Brandy
           CBG-90164 Boyz II Men
           CBG-90165 Britney Spears
           CBG-90166R Celine Dion
           CBG-90167R1 Chicago
           CBG-90168R2 Christina Aguilera
           CBG-90169 Lionel Richie & The Commodores
           CBG-90170 Diana Ross & The Supremes
           CBG-90171R Elton John
           CBG-90173 Gloria Estefan
           CBG-90174 Janet Jackson
           CBG-90175R2 Jennifer Lopez
           CBG-90176 Linda Ronstadt
           CBG-90177R Mariah Carey
           CBG-90178 Mariah Carey #2
           CBG-90178R Mariah Carey #2
           CBG-90179 Marvin Gaye
           CBG-90180 Michael Jackson
           CBG-90181 Mitch Miller
           CBG-90182R1 N Sync
           CBG-90183 Stevie Wonder
           CBG-90184 Whitney Houston #1
           CBG-90185R3 Whitney Houston #2
           CBG-90186 Frank Sinatra #1
           CBG-90187 Frank Sinatra #2
           CBG-90188 Billy Joel
           CBG-90189 The Beach Boys
           CBG-90190 Bonnie Raitt
           CBG-90192 KC & The Sunshine Band and Kool & The Gang
           CBG-90193 TLC
           CBG-90194 The Carpenters
           CBG-90196 Temptations
           CBG-90197 America
           CBG-90198R Huey Lewis
           CBG-90199 Aretha Franklin
           CBG-90200 Cher
           CBG-90201 Bryan Adams
           CBG-90202 Creedence Clearwater Revival
           CBG-90203 Hall & Oates
           CBG-90204 Jim Croce
           CBG-90205R Roy Orbison
           CBG-90207 Ricky Nelson
           CBG-90208 Rod Stewart
           CBG-90209R Nat "KING" Cole
           CBG-90210 Bing Crosby
           CBG-90211 Connie Francis
           CBG-90212R Dionne Warwick
           CBG-90213 The Four Tops
           CBG-90214R Engelbert Humperdinck
           CBG-90215 Willie Nelson
           CBG-90216 Kitty Wells
           CBG-90217 Faron Young
           CBG-90218 Bill Anderson
           CBG-90219R1 Gene Autry
           CBG-90220 Hank Locklin
           CBG-90221 Michael Martin Murphey
           CBG-90222 Tex Ritter
           CBG-90223 Johnny Rodriguez
           CBG-90224 Carl Smith
           CBG-90225 Hank Snow
           CBG-90226 Matchbox Twenty
           CBG-90227 Destiny's Child
           CBG-90228R Rod Stewart #2
           CBG-90229R Rod Stewart #3 (Standards)
           CBG-90230 Barry Manilow
           CBG-90231 Bob Dylan
           CBG-90232 Shania Twain #2
           CBG-90233 The Doobie Brothers
           CBG-90234 Bread
           CBG-90236 The Everly Brothers
           CBG-90237R Carole King
           CBG-90238 Foreigner
           CBG-90239R Three Dog Night
           CBG-90240 Bachman-Turner Overdrive
           CBG-90241 Air Supply
           CBG-90243 John Cougar Mellencamp
           CBG-90244 Captain & Tennille
           CBG-90245 John Denver
           CBG-90246 John Prine
           CBG-90247 Ray Charles
           CBG-90248 Aaron Tippin
           CBG-90249R Alan Jackson #3
           CBG-90250R2 Billy Dean
           CBG-90251 Billy Ray Cyrus
           CBG-90252 Brooks & Dunn #2
           CBG-90253 Collin Raye #2
           CBG-90254R Dixie Chicks #2
           CBG-90255 Dolly Parton #3
           CBG-90256R Faith Hill
           CBG-90257R Gary Allan
           CBG-90258R1 George Strait
           CBG-90259R Jo Dee Messina
           CBG-90260 Joe Diffie
           CBG-90261R John Berry
           CBG-90262R1 John Michael Montgomery #2
           CBG-90263R1 Hal Ketchum
           CBG-90264 Kenny Chesney #2
           CBG-90265R1 Kenny Rogers #2
           CBG-90266R1 Lee Ann Womack
           CBG-90267 Terri Clark
           CBG-90268 Shania Twain
           CBG-90270 Tim McGraw #2
           CBG-90271R1 Martina McBride #2
           CBG-90272R Trace Adkins
           CBG-90273 Travis Tritt
           CBG-90274 Mark Chesnutt #2
           CBG-90275 Marty Stuart
           CBG-90276 Reba McEntire #5
           CBG-90277 Tanya Tucker
           CBG-90278R Trisha Yearwood #2
           CBG-90279 Randy Travis #2
           CBG-90280 Vince Gill #2
           CBG-90281 Sawyer Brown
           CBG-90282R Lorrie Morgan #2
           CBG-90283 Mark Wills
           CBG-90284R2 Martina McBride #3
           CBG-90285 Mary Chapin Carpenter #2
           CBG-90286 Tim McGraw #3
           CBG-90287 Tracy Byrd #2
           CBG-90288R1 Tracy Lawrence #2
           CBG-90290R No Doubt & Gwen Stefani
           CBG-90291R1 Rascal Flatts
           CBG-90292 Brad Paisley
           CBG-90293 Montgomery Gentry
           CBG-90294R Sara Evans
           CBG-90295 Johnny Cash #2
           CBG-90296R1 Conway Twitty #3
           CBG-90297 Johnny Cash #3
           CBG-90298R1 Gretchen Wilson
           CBG-90299 Merle Haggard #4
           CBG-90300 Keith Urban
           CBG-90301 3 Doors Down
           CBG-90302R1 Mary J. Blige
           CBG-90303 LeAnn Rimes #2
           CBG-90304 George Jones
           CBG-90305 Alan Jackson #4 (Gospel)
           CBG-90306 Loretta Lynn #2
           CBG-90307 Hank Williams #3
           CBG-90308 Dixie Chick #3
           CBG-90309 Hank Williams #4
           CBG-90310 Loretta Lynna #3
           CBG-90311 Nickelback
           CBG-90312 Brian McKnight
           CBG-90313 Darryl Worley
           CBG-90314 Foo Fighters
           CBG-90315 Phil Vassar
           CBG-90316 The Judds #2
           CBG-90317 Barry Manilow #2
           CBG-90318 Tammy Wynette #2
           CBG-90320 Charley Pride #2
           CBG-90321 Charley Pride #3
           CBG-90322 Tammy Wynette #3
           CBG-90323 Ronnie Milsap #3
           CBG-90324 Patsy Cline #3
           CBG-90325 Marty Robbins #2
           CBG-90326 Gene Watson #2
           CBG-90327 Don Williams #2
           CBG-90328R1 Eddie Rabbitt #2
           CBG-90329 Rascal Flatts #2
           CBG-90330 Carrie Underwood
           CBG-90331 Blake Shelton
           CBG-90332 Pink
           CBG-90333 Travis Tritt #3
           CBG-90334 Josh Groban
           CBG-90335 Britney Spears #2
           CBG-90336 Michael Buble
           CBG-90337 Lila McCann
           CBG-90338 Terri Clark #2
           CBG-90339 Diamond Rio #2
           CBG-90340R1 Beyonce
           CBG-90341 Taylor Swift
           CBG-90342 Buddy Holly
           CBG-90343 Rihanna
           CBG-90345R1 Pussycat Dolls
           CBG-90346 Jo Dee Messina #2
           CBG-90347 Avril Lavigne
           CBG-90349 Alicia Keys
           CBG-90351R1 Usher
           CBG-90353 Kelly Clarkson
           CBG-90354 Jessica Simpson
           CBG-90355 Lee Greenwood
           CBG-90356 Carly Simon
           CBG-90357 Alan Jackson #5
           CBG-90358 Brooks & Dunn #3
           CBG-90359 Dolly Parton #5
           CBG-90360 Frank Sinatra #3
           CBG-90361 George Jones #4
           CBG-90362 George Strait #5
           CBG-90363 George Strait #6
           CBG-90364 Kenny Chesney #3
           CBG-90365 Kenny Chesney #4
           CBG-90366 Mariah Carey #3
           CBG-90367 Michael Jackson #2
           CBG-90368 Michael Jackson #3
           CBG-90369 Patty Loveless #3
           CBG-90370 Tim McGraw #4
           CBG-90371 Vince Gill #3
           CBG-90372 Wynonna #2
           CBG-90373 James Brown
           CBG-90374 Neil Sedaka
           CBG-90375 Andy Williams
         CBG-1 Chartbusters Contemporary Christian 4+4+4
           CBG-10053 Contemporary Christian "dc talk" 4+4+4 (Tracks with Guide Vocals & Tracks with Background Vocals & Tracks with Music Only)
           CBG-10054 Christian Jennifer Knapp
           CBG-10055 Christian Michael W. Smith
           CBG-10057 Christian Newsboys
           CBG-10058 Christian Plus One
           CBG-10059 Christian Sixpence None The Richer
           CBG-10060 Christian Jars of Clay
           CBG-10061 Christian Mercy Me
           CBG-10062 Christian True Vibe
           CBG-10063 Christian Rachael Lampa
           CBG-10064 Christian Rebecca St. James
           CBG-10065 Christian Amy Grant
           CBG-10067 Christian Lifehouse
           CBG-10068 Christian P.O.D
           CBG-10069 Christian Jaci Velasquez
           CBG-10070 Christian 4 Him
           CBG-10071 Christian Mahalia Jackson
           CBG-10072 Christian Plus One #2
           CBG-10073 Christian Michael W. Smith #3
         CBG-7 Chartbusters Gospel
           CBG-70001 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70003 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70004 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70005 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70006 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70007 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70008 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70010 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70011 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70012 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70013 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70014 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70015 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70016 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70017 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70018 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70019 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70020 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70021 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70022 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
           CBG-70023 Chartbusters Professional Gospel
         CBG-3 Chartbusters Pop
           CBG-30118 POP 01/2010
           CBG-30119M 01/2010 (Pop & Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30120M 01/2010 (Hot Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30121 POP 02/2010
           CBG-30122M 02/2010 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30123M 02/2010 (Hot Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30124 POP 03/2010
           CBG-30125M 03/2010 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30126M 03/2010 (Hot Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30127 POP 04/2010
           CBG-30128M 04/2010 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30129M 04/2010 (Hot Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30130 POP 05/2010
           CBG-30131M 05/2010 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30132 POP 06/2010
           CBG-30133M 06/2010 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30134M 06/2010 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30135 POP 07/2010
           CBG-30136M 07/2010 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30137M 07/2010 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30138 POP 08/2010
           CBG-30139M 08/2010 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30140M 08/2010 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30141 POP 09/2010
           CBG-30142M 09/2010 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30143M 09/2010 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30144 POP 10/2010
           CBG-30145M 10/2010 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30146M 10/2010 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30147 POP 11/2010
           CBG-30148M 11/2010 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30149M 11/2010 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30150 POP 12/2010
           CBG-30151M 12/2010 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30152M 12/2010 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30153 POP 01/2011
           CBG-30154M 01/2011 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30155M 01/2011 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30156 POP 02/2011
           CBG-30157M 02/2011 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30158M 02/2011 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30159 POP 03/2011
           CBG-30160M 03/2011 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30161M 03/2011 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30162 POP 04/2011
           CBG-30163M 04/2011 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30164M 04/2011 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30165 POP 05/2011
           CBG-30166M 05/2011 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30167M 05/2011 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30168 POP 06/2011
           CBG-30169M 06/2011 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30170M 06/2011 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30171M 07/2011 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30172 POP 08/2011
           CBG-30173M 08/2011 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30174M 08/2011 (Mixed Picks) - Multiplex
           CBG-30175M 09/2011 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30179M 01/2012 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
           CBG-30181M 02/2012 (Pop/Urban) - Multiplex
         CBG-6 Chartbusters Professional Country
           CBG-60209 Christmas
           CBG-60210 Christmas
           CBG-60256 Traditional Christmas Favorites #1
           CBG-60257 Country Christmas #1
           CBG-60258 Christmas Favorites #2
           CBG-60259 All Time Christmas
           CBG-60260 Urban Christmas RHYTHM & BLUES
           CBG-60261 Christmas Favorites #3
           CBG-60262 Country Christmas #4
           CBG-60263 Country Christmas #5
           CBG-60303 Country Christmas #6
           CBG-60304 Easy Listening Christmas#1
           CBG-60305R Elvis Christmas #1
           CBG-60306 Country Christmas #7
           CBG-60307R Country Christmas #8
           CBG-60308 Easy Listening Christmas #2
           CBG-60423 Country Christmas Favorites #10
           CBG-60424 POP Christmas Favorites 2009
           CBG-60428M Country 1/2010
           CBG-60430 Country 02/2010
           CBG-60431M Country 02/2010 #1
           CBG-60432M Country 02/2010 #2
           CBG-60433 Country 03/2010
           CBG-60434M Country 03/2010 #1
           CBG-60435M Country 03/2010 #2
           CBG-60436 Country 04/2010
           CBG-60437M Country 04/2010 #1
           CBG-60438M Country 04/2010 #2
           CBG-60439 Country 05/2010
           CBG-60440M Country 05/2010 #1
           CBG-60441 Country 06/2010
           CBG-60442M Country 06/2010
           CBG-60443 Country 07/2010
           CBG-60444M Country Hot Hits 07/2010
           CBG-60445 Country 08/2010
           CBG-60446M Country Hot Hits 08/2010
           CBG-60447 Country 09/2010
           CBG-60448M Country Hot Hits 09/2010
           CBG-60449 Country 10/2010
           CBG-60450M Country Hot Hits 10/2010
           CBG-60451 Country 11/2010
           CBG-60452M Country Hot Hits 11/2010
           CBG-60453 Country 12/2010
           CBG-60454M Country Hot Hits 12/2010
           CBG-60455 Country 01/2011
           CBG-60456M Country Hot Hits 01/2011
           CBG-60457 Country 02/2011
           CBG-60458M Country Hot Hits 02/2011
           CBG-60459 Country 03/2011
           CBG-60460M Country Hot Hits 03/2011
           CBG-60461 Country 04/2011
           CBG-60462M Country Hot Hits 04/2011
           CBG-60463 Country 05/2011
           CBG-60464M Country Hot Hits 05/2011
           CBG-60465 Country 06/2011
           CBG-60466M Country Hot Hits 06/2011
           CBG-60467 Country 07/2011
           CBG-60468M Country Hot Hits 07/2011
           CBG-60469 Country 08/2011
           CBG-60470M Country Hot Hits 08/2011
           CBG-60471M Country Hot Hits 09/2011
           CBG-60475M Country Hot Hits 01/2012
           CBG-60477M Country Hot Hits 02/2012
         CHL Country Hit List
           Country Hit List (CHL9801)
           Country Hit List (CHL9802)
           Country Hit List (CHL9803)
         Country Hits Monthly (CHM)
           Country Hits Monthly (CHM9702)
           Country Hits Monthly (CHM9703)
           Country Hits Monthly (CHM9705)
         Country Hits Today (CHT)
           Country Hits Today (CHT9901)
           Country Hits Today (CHT9910)
           Country Hits Today (CHT9912)
         Country Starz (CZ)
           Country Starz (CZ201)
         Dangerous (DG)
           DG-03 Dangerous #3
           DG-06 Dangerous #6
           DG-08 Dangerous #8
           DG-09 Dangerous #9
           DG-10 Dangerous #10
         Disney CDG
           Beach Party
           Brother Bear
           Cheetah Girls, The
           Cheetah Girls, The - One World
           Chicken Little
           Christmas Favorites
           Disney Camp Rock
           Disney Camp Rock #2
           Disney Channel #1
           Disney Duets
           Disney Mania #1
           Disney Mania #2
           Disney Princess #1
           Disney Princess #2
           Girlz Rock
           Greatest Hits
           Hannah Montana
           Hannah Montana #2
           High School Musical
           High School Musical #2
           High School Musical #3
           Hilary Duff
           Jonas Brothers
           Kim Possible
           Lion King, The
           Lizzie McGuire
           Mary Poppins
           Miley Cyrus
           Selena Gomez & The Scene
           That's So Raven
           Theme Park Favorites
         DK Karaoke Applause Series
           DKG-1111 The Legends Live On
           DKG-1113 Hot & Spicy
           DKG-2023 Favorites #23
           DKG-2026 Favorites #26
           DKG-2029 Favorites #29
           DKG-2030 Favorites #30
           DKG-2033 Favorites #33
           DKG-2035 Favorites #35
           DKG-3036 Lovesick Cowboys
           DKG-3039 Denim & Pearls
           DKG-3041 Lonesome, Orn'ry & Haggard
           DKG-3063 Funky Stuff
           DKG-3071 Songs Even Your Kids Know
           DKG-3073 Rockin' & Rollin'
           DKG-3088 Bands Of Gold
           DKG-3093 Beautiful Voices
         DK Karaoke DKG- Original Series 1 - 99
           DKG-005 DK Original #5
           DKG-006 DK Original #6
           DKG-007 DK Original #7
           DKG-008 DK Original #8
           DKG-010 DK Original #10
           DKG-016 DK Original #16
           DKG-017 DK Original #17
           DKG-018 DK Original #18
           DKG-019 DK Original #19
           DKG-020 DK Original #20
           DKG-021 DK Original #21
           DKG-027 DK Original #27
           DKG-033 DK Original #33
           DKG-034 DK Original #34
           DKG-040 DK Original #40
           DKG-042 DK Original #42
           DKG-048 DK Original #48
           DKG-049 DK Original #49
           DKG-050 DK Original #50
           DKG-051 DK Original #51
           DKG-053 DK Original #53
           DKG-054 DK Original #54
           DKG-055 DK Original #55
           DKG-060 DK Original #60
           DKG-070 DK Original #70
           DKG-074 DK Original #74
         DK Karaoke Gospel
           CMGFSG-64 DK Karaoke Gospel #2 (Removable Lead Vocals)
         Essential Karaoke Export
           Essential Karaoke Export (EKX04)
           Essential Karaoke Export (EKX07)
           Essential Karaoke Export (EKX12)
           Essential Karaoke Export (EKX14)
           Essential Karaoke Export (EKX26)
           Essential Karaoke Export (EKX27)
           Essential Karaoke Export (EKX30)
           Essential Karaoke Export (EKX31)
           Essential Karaoke Export (EKX32)
         Hip Tracks
           Hip Tracks (HTG1002)
           Hip Tracks (HTG1003)
           Hip Tracks (HTG1004)
           Hip Tracks (HTG1005)
           Hip Tracks (HTG1006)
           Hip Tracks (HTG1007)
           HTG-1008 Hip Tracks
         JTG Just Tracks
           JTG-001 Janet Jackson
           JTG-002 Songs to Inspire
           JTG-003 Jessica Simpson & Mandy Moore
           JTG-004 D.Bowie, Pet Shops, INXs, R.E.M *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-005 All Singers Men *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-006 Great Songs for All Singers
           JTG-007 Easy Rock Male *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-008 Easy Rock Female *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-009 Patti, Regina, & Shirley
           JTG-010 Judy Garland, Peggy Lee & Doris Day *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-011 Abba, Carpenters, Olivia Newton-John & Anne Murray *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-012 Coasters, Platters & Drifters
           JTG-013 Four Seasons, Beach Boys & Bee Gees *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-014 Isley Brothers, Stylistis & Commodores
           JTG-015 Fifties *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-016 Ella, Sarah, Billie *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-017 Brandy, Monica, Faith *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-018 Rod Stewart, George Michael & Richard Marx
           JTG-019 Rodgers & Hart *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-020 Frank Wildhorn
           JTG-021 The Wiz: Super Soul Musical
           JTG-022 Nacio Herb Brown *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-023 Anka, Sedaka & Darin *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-024 Vandross, Levert & Bryson *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-025 A.Newly, M.Monro & Jack Jones *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-026 Country Queens *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-027 Country Kings *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-028 Motown Royalty
           JTG-029 Boys, Boys, Boys
           JTG-030 Girls, Girls, Girls #3
           JTG-032 Tennessee Ernie Ford, Johnny Horton
           JTG-033 R & B Love Songs - Male *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-035 Grammy 2001 *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-036 Great Wedding Songs #2 *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-037 Evita *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-038 Jesus Christ Superstar *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-039 Andrew Llyod Webber
           JTG-040 Jennifer Lopez *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-041 Eckstine, Edwards & Williams *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-042 Soul Men - R & B Classics
           JTG-043 Jewish Wedding Songs & Dance *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-044 Great Rock & Rollers
           JTG-045 Italian Tenor *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-046 Jill Scott & Erykah Badu (Audio Only / No Graphics)
           JTG-047 LeAnn Rimes *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-048 Cinderella
           JTG-049 Pippin
           JTG-050 M. Legrand, I.Berlin & T.Bennet *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-051 R&B Female *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-052 Gershwin & Feinstein *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-053 Gospel Classics *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-054 Gospel & Contemporary Christian
           JTG-055 For Every Mountain
           JTG-056 Rodgers & Hammerstein
           JTG-057 Emmylou Harris *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-058 Let's go to the Movies #2
           JTG-059 Destiny's Child #2 *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-060 Chess
           JTG-061 Broadway Sampler
           JTG-062 Les Miserables/ Phantom of the Opera
           JTG-063 Bye Bye Birdie
           JTG-064 Best of Country Women #2 *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-065 Donnie McClurkin Gospel Gems *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-066 Yolanda Adams Gospel *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-067 Jerry Herman *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-068 Stephen Sondheim
           JTG-069 All Fired Up ( 80's & 90's) *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-070 Best of the Heavy Metal Bands #2 *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-071 And the Winners Are! 2001 Male
           JTG-072 And the Winners Are! 2001 Male *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-073 J.Wilson, Little Anthony & L.Price
           JTG-074 Restless Heart *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-075 Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera
           JTG-076 Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey
           JTG-077 Barbra Streisand #2 *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-078 Etheridge, McLachlan, Jewel
           JTG-080 Kingdom Come Gospel *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-081 Teen Fever #2
           JTG-082 New Movie Hits *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-083 Chicago - Movie Version-
           JTG-084 Chorus Line, Gypsy, Pajama Game & Sweet Charity
           JTG-085 Country Classics #1
           JTG-086 Country Classics #2 *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-087 20th Country Classics
           JTG-088 New Male R&B
           JTG-089 Male Hits of the 80's and 90's
           JTG-090 Peer Gabriel/ Genesis/ Phil Collins
           JTG-091 Marc Anthony Hits #1
           JTG-092 Usher & R.Kelly *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-093 Anthems For Heroes
           JTG-094 Linda Eder "Golden"
           JTG-095 Gospel Stars #1
           JTG-096 Gospel Stars #2 *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-097 Celine Dion
           JTG-111 Wizard of Oz/ Peter Pan/ the Animals
           JTG-112 At the Christmas Ball
           JTG-113 Let's go to the Movies *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-114 Disney ( New/Movies)
           JTG-115 Kids Songs
           JTG-116 Music of Jule Styne
           JTG-117 Lerner & Rowe
           JTG-118 Diane Warren Hits *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-119 Waiting to Exhale Hits *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-120 Preacher's Wife & Sister Act Hits
           JTG-121 Kids Sing Christmas
           JTG-122 Toni Braxton
           JTG-123 Mega Pop Hits
           JTG-124 Bing, Bob & Fred
           JTG-125 Broadway Memories
           JTG-126 Moonlight Becomes You
           JTG-127 Far Away Places *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-128 Best of Broadway *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-129 Best of Broadway & Films
           JTG-130 Harold Arlen Songbook
           JTG-131 Tom Jones & Engelbert Humperdinck *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-132 Jerome Kern
           JTG-133 3 Latin Queens *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-134 Whitney Houston Disco (Dance Version)
           JTG-135 Lara Fabian
           JTG-136 Ray Charles
           JTG-137 Britney Spears
           JTG-138 Brian McKnight & Boyz II Men
           JTG-139 Disco Album
           JTG-140 Eric Clapton & Phil Collins
           JTG-141 Earth Wind & Fire, A.Green & J.Osborne
           JTG-142 Patsy Cline
           JTG-143 Cabaret Standards for Men
           JTG-144 It's My Party
           JTG-145 R&B Male Hits #2 *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-146 Hip Hop Hall of Fame *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-147 Heavy Metal Gold
           JTG-148 Hip Hip Hooray!
           JTG-149 Female Rhythms & Blues
           JTG-150 Girls, Girls, Girls
           JTG-151 Male Pop Hits
           JTG-152 Female Pop Hits
           JTG-153 Male Rhythm & Blues
           JTG-154 Rhythm & Blues (Female Hits)
           JTG-155 Country Male Hits
           JTG-156 Country Female Hits
           JTG-157 Adult Contemporary Male
           JTG-158 Female Contemporary *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-159 Female Rhythm & Blues
           JTG-160 Great Wedding Songs
           JTG-161 Broadway Men
           JTG-162 Broadway Ladies
           JTG-163 Best of the Sixties *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-164 Mariah Carey
           JTG-165 Whitney Houston
           JTG-166 Best of Motown *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-167 Celine Dion
           JTG-168 Barbra Streisand
           JTG-169 Boys, Boys, Boys *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-170 Girls, Girls, Girls *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-171 Hits of Cher
           JTG-172 Hits of Shania Twain
           JTG-173 Millenium Hits *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-174 Streisand, Dion & Friends
           JTG-176 Billy Joel
           JTG-177 Elton John *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-178 Linda Ronstadt
           JTG-179 Bette Midler *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-180 Andrew Lloyd Webber *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-181 Madonna
           JTG-182 Aretha Franklin
           JTG-183 Tony Bennett *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-184 Jim Croce/ Don McLean/ Jimmy Buffett
           JTG-185 All Star! (Pop Male/Female)
           JTG-186 Stevie Wonder
           JTG-187 Johnny Mathis
           JTG-188 Barry Manilow/ Peter Allen
           JTG-189 Faith Hill #2
           JTG-190 Bonnie Raitt *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-191 Rockin' Country
           JTG-192 All Star! (Pop Male/ Female) #2
           JTG-193 Nat King Cole Classics
           JTG-194 Natalie Cole
           JTG-195 Armstrong & Durante
           JTG-196 Teen Fever
           JTG-197 It's All 'N Sync
           JTG-198 Linda Eder
           JTG-199 Songs of Inspiration
           JTG-301 Alicia Keys & Friends
           JTG-302 Female Pop #2
           JTG-303 The Dixie Chicks
           JTG-304 Broadway Sampler #2
           JTG-305 Sinatra Meets Riddle
           JTG-309 Women on Song *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-310 All American Idols *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-311 Pop Crazy Party!
           JTG-312 Over the Rainbow *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-313 The Jazz Singer
           JTG-314 Jason Robert Brown
           JTG-315 Get Your Latest Hits!
           JTG-316 Santa Baby and other Christmas Pop
           JTG-317 Linda Eder's Broadway
           JTG-318 Bette Midler Salutes Rosemary Clooney *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-319 Streisand Movie Magic
           JTG-320 Josh Groban
           JTG-322 Broadway Sampler #3
           JTG-325 Wicked (Audio Only)
           JTG-326 Idol Chatter
           JTG-328 Hairspray & Thoroughly Modern Millie
           JTG-329 The Boy From Oz
           JTG-330 Avenue Q - The Musical
           JTG-331 Linda Eder *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-332 It Might As Well Be Spring *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-333 Linda Eder & Barbra Streisand
           JTG-334 Bryn Terfel
           JTG-336 Stephen Sondheim #2
           JTG-340 Rod Stewart #3
           JTG-341 Alicia Keys
           JTG-342 Michael Buble
           JTG-343 Sinatra Sang
           JTG-344 Kristin Chenoweth
           JTG-346 I Must Go On - Gospel Favorites
           JTG-347 Il Divo
           JTG-351 What A Wonderful World - Gospel Classics
           JTG-354 Broadway Now! *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-356 Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-359 Seussical Musical *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-363 Josh Groban
           JTG-364 Andrea Bocelli
           JTG-367 We Shall Glorify the Lord
           JTG-368 We Shall Overcome
           JTG-371 Frank Sinatra - Golden Years #1
           JTG-372 Frank Sinatra - Golden Years #2
           JTG-373 Frank Sinatra - Golden Years #3
           JTG-374 Frank Sinatra - Golden Years #4
           JTG-375 Frank Sinatra - Golden Years #5
           JTG-376 Frank Sinatra - Golden Years #6
           JTG-379 Boss Radio - Bruce Springsteen *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-380 Carrie Underwood
           JTG-381 New Directions - Celine Dion
           JTG-382 Noel - Josh Groban
           JTG-384 Let The Praise Begin - Gospel Favorites
           JTG-385 You Did It All - Gospel Favorites
           JTG-386 He Answers Prayers - Gospel Favorites
           JTG-387 Michael Buble - Nice'n Easy
           JTG-388 Barry Manilow - Hits of the 70's *** No Lyrics On Screen / Only Audio ***
           JTG-389 Songs Right As Rain
           JTG-390 Josh Groban & Il Divo
           JTG-391 Rod Stewart
           JTG-392 Barry Manilow Blue Velvet and other 60's Classics
           JTG-400 Shining Gospel Hits 2011 #2
           JTG-401 Pop Showstoppers 2011 - Male
         JVC OPCD ONTA
           OPCD-221 "ONTA-Dual audio" #21
           OPCD-222 "ONTA-Dual audio" #22
           OPCD-223 "ONTA-Dual audio" #22
           OPCD-224 "ONTA-Dual audio" #24
           OPCD-225 "ONTA-Dual audio" #25
           OPCD-227 "ONTA-Dual audio" #27
           OPCD-228 "ONTA-Dual audio" #28
           OPCD-229 "ONTA-Dual audio" #29
           OPCD-230 "ONTA-Dual audio" #30
           OPCD-231 "ONTA-Dual audio" #31
           OPCD-232 "ONTA- Dual audio"#32
           OPCD-233 "ONTA- Dual audio"#33
           OPCD-234 "ONTA-Dual audio" #34
           OPCD-235 "ONTA-Dual audio" #35
           OPCD-236 "ONTA-Dual audio" #36
           OPCD-237 "ONTA-Dual audio" #37
           OPCD-238 "ONTA-Dual audio" #38
           OPCD-239 "ONTA-Dual audio" #39
           OPCD-240 "ONTA-Dual audio" #40
           OPCD-241 "ONTA-Dual audio" #41
           OPCD-242 "ONTA-Dual audio" #42
           OPCD-243 "ONTA-Dual audio" #43
           OPCD-244 "ONTA-Dual audio" #44
           OPCD-245 "ONTA-Dual audio" #45
         JVC ACDG-1 Top Hits 16 Series with 16 songs
         JVC PCDG- Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-01 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-02 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-04 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-05 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-06 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-07 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-09 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-10 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-11 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-12 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-13 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-15 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-16 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-17 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-19 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
           PCDG-20 JVC Popular Music Series (1st Edition)
         JVC ACDG- Popular Music Series with 10 songs
         Legends Series (LEG)
           LEG-003 The Drifters & The Temptaions
           LEG-004 The Carpenters & Olivia Newton John
           LEG-005 Lionel Richie
           LEG-006 Barbra Streisand
           LEG-007 Boyzone & Backstreet Boys
           LEG-008 Elton John
           LEG-009 Dean Martin & Tony Bennett
           LEG-010 The Beatles
           LEG-011 Tina Turner
           LEG-012 Smash Hits
           LEG-013 Aretha Franklin & Gladys Knight
           LEG-014 Bobby Daring & Barry Manilow
           LEG-015 Judy Garland & Lisa Minelli
           LEG-016 Billy Holiday & Others
           LEG-017 Italian Love Songs
           LEG-018 Barry White & Luther Vandross
           LEG-019 Smash Hits #3
           LEG-020 Nat "King" Cole & Johnny Mathis
           LEG-021 Kenny Rogers
           LEG-022 Ray Charles & Sammy Davis Jr.
           LEG-023 Perry Como & Andy Williams
           LEG-024 The Police
           LEG-025 Elvis #1
           LEG-026 Elvis #2
           LEG-027 Elvis #3
           LEG-028 Jimmy Buffett & Jim Croce
           LEG-029 Creedence Clearwater Revival
           LEG-030 Billy Fury
           LEG-031 Willie Nelson
           LEG-032 Rod Stewart
           LEG-033 Madonna
           LEG-034 Carole King & Carly Simon
           LEG-035 Marvin Gaye
           LEG-036 Otis Redding & Percy Sledge
           LEG-037 The Who
           LEG-038 The Kinks
           LEG-039 Ricky Nelson
           LEG-040 Cher
           LEG-041 Maria Carey
           LEG-042 Eric Burdon & Eric Clapton
           LEG-043 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
           LEG-044 Tammy Wynette & Loretta Lynn
           LEG-045 The Grateful Dead, Alman Brothers Band & The Doobies Brothers
           LEG-046 Jim Reeves
           LEG-047 Donna Summer
           LEG-048 Brenda Lee, Leslie Gore & Connie Francis
           LEG-049 Chuck Berry, Fats Domino & Chubby Checker
           LEG-050 Bruce Springteen
           LEG-051 Whitney Houston
           LEG-052 Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis & Little Richard
           LEG-053 Celine Dion
           LEG-055 Righteous Brothers & Roy Orbison
           LEG-056 Disco Greats
           LEG-058 Simon & Garfunkel #1
           LEG-059 Simon & Garfunkel #2
           LEG-060 Simon & Garfunkel #3
           LEG-061 Better Midler, Sheena Easton & Laura Branigan
           LEG-062 The Hollies go to Liverpool
           LEG-063 The Young Rascals & Lovin' Spoonful
           LEG-064 Blood Sweat & Tears & Chicago
           LEG-066 Neil Diamond
           LEG-067 Fleetwood Mac
           LEG-068 The Moody Blues & The Eagles
           LEG-069 Stevie Winwood & Friends
           LEG-070 Buddy Holly
           LEG-071 Diana Rose
           LEG-072 Frank Sinatra
           LEG-073 The Bee Gees
           LEG-074 Englebert Humperdink
           LEG-075 The O'Jays, The Stylistics & The Spinners
           LEG-076 America & James Taylor
           LEG-077 The Everly Brothers & Friends
           LEG-078 Love Peace & Happiness
           LEG-079 George Michael
           LEG-080 Spice Girls Together & Alone
           LEG-081 Cliff Richard #1
           LEG-082 Cliff Richard #2
           LEG-083 Robbie Williams
           LEG-084 Blondie & Debbie Harry
           LEG-085 Dionne Warwick & Roberta Flack
           LEG-086 U2
           LEG-087 R.E.M
           LEG-088 Linda Ronstadt & Melissa Manchester
           LEG-089 Silly Songs
           LEG-090 Billy Joel
           LEG-091 Rolling Stones
           LEG-092 Dion and Friends
           LEG-094 Status Quo
           LEG-095 The Platters & Sam Cooke
           LEG-096 Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera & Friends
           LEG-097 Captain & Tennille Tony Orlando & Dawn
           LEG-098 The Doors
           LEG-099 Stevie Wonder & Friends #1
           LEG-100 Stevie Wonders & Friends
           LEG-101 The Four Tops & Temptations
           LEG-102 Tom Petty & Bob Dylan
           LEG-103 Hall & Oates with Loggins & Messina
           LEG-104 Foreigner & Journey
           LEG-105 Janis Joplin, Grace Slick & Starship
           LEG-106 Shireflies, Martha & The Vandella & Friends
           LEG-107 Boston, Kansas & The J Geils Band
           LEG-108 Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
           LEG-109 Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Buffet & Louis Prima
           LEG-110 Al Jolson & Bing Cosby
           LEG-111 Englebert Humperdink #2
           LEG-112 Bon Jovi
           LEG-113 Van Halen & Metallica
           LEG-115 Led Zeppelin
           LEG-116 Backstreet Boys & N'Sync
           LEG-117 Britney Spears & Friends
           LEG-118 Frank Sinatra #2
           LEG-119 Frank Sinatra #3
           LEG-120 Rolling Stones #2
           LEG-121 Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine
           LEG-122 John Lennon
           LEG-123 Paul McCartney
           LEG-124 Neil Sedaka & Bobby Vinton
           LEG-125 Eagles #2
           LEG-126 Eagles #3
           LEG-127 Tom Jones
           LEG-128 Johnny Mathis & Nat "King" Cole #2
           LEG-129 Creed & The Red Hot Chili Peppers
           LEG-130 Wedding Songs #1
           LEG-131 Golden Oldies #2
           LEG-132 Anthony Newley & Wayne Newton
           LEG-133 Wayne Newton & Anthony Newly #2
           LEG-134 Wedding #2
           LEG-135 Beattles
           LEG-136 Harry Belafonte & Friends
           LEG-137 Pink Floyd
           LEG-138 John Denver & B.J. Thomas
           LEG-139 R & B Greats
           LEG-140 Rock Classics
           LEG-141 Elton John
           LEG-142 Dean Martin & Tony Bennett II
           LEG-143 Billy Joel #2
           LEG-144 Anita Baker and Sade
           LEG-145 Patsy Cline & Friends
           LEG-146 Duets
           LEG-147 Female Oldies
           LEG-148 60's Classics
           LEG-149 Whitney Houston #2
           LEG-150 Disco Greats #2
           LEG-151 Phil Collins & Genesis
           LEG-152 Madonna #2
           LEG-153 Disco Greats 3
           LEG-153R Disco Greats 3
           LEG-154 Beach Boys
           LEG-155 Dusty Springfield & Petula Clark
           LEG-156 Frankie Valli & 4 Seasons
           LEG-157 Paul Anka & Friends
           LEG-158 Jack Jones, Steve Lawrence & Al Martino
           LEG-159 Shania Twain & Faith Hill #1
           LEG-160 Shania Twain & Faith Hill #2
           LEG-162 Lionel Ritchie & The Commodores 2
           LEG-163 Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks
           LEG-164 Bruce Springsteen
           LEG-165 Barry Manilow
           LEG-166 Duets #2
           LEG-167 Aerosmith
           LEG-168 Monkees, Tommy James and The Shondells
           LEG-169 Male Standard
           LEG-170 Party Time
           LEG-171 80's Girls Songs
           LEG-172 Legends of Christmas
           LEG-173 Natalie Cole, Irene Cara & Vanessa Williams
           LEG-175 Diana Krall & Norah Jones
           LEG-176 BEyonce, Blige & Braxton
           LEG-177 Etheridge, Crow & Morissette
           LEG-178 George Strait
           LEG-179 Celine Dion #2
           LEG-180 Tom Jones #2
           LEG-181 Abba
           LEG-182 Rod Stewart #2
           LEG-183 Wilson Pickett, Jackie Wilson & The Isley Brothers
           LEG-184 Elvis Presley #4
           LEG-185 Three Dog Night & Johnny Rivers
           LEG-186 Pointer Sisters & Aretha Franklin
           LEG-187 80's Guys
           LEG-188 Queen
           LEG-189 Prince
           LEG-190 Blues Brothers
           LEG-191 Kid Rock / Korn & Limp Bizkit
           LEG-192 Kylie Minogue
           LEG-193 Duran Duran
           LEG-194 Alicia Keys & Friends
           LEG-195 Usher & Friends
           LEG-196 Kelly Clarkson & Jessica Simpson
           LEG-197 Neil Diamond #2
           LEG-198 Michael Buble / Harry Connicks Jr.
           LEG-199 George Benson & Bill Withers
           LEG-200 Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day & Friends
           LEG-201 Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald & Friends
           LEG-203 Kiss
           LEG-204 Lynyrd Skynyrd
           LEG-205 AC/DC
           LEG-206 Roadhouse Blues
           LEG-207 Dr. Hook & Friends
           LEG-209 Ray Charles #2
           LEG-210 Jame Brown
           LEG-213 Southern Rock featuring Charlie Daniels Band
           LEG-214 Lou Rawls & Al Green
           LEG-215 Dance Remixes #1
           LEG-216 Dance Remixes #2
           LEG-217 Luther Vandross
           LEG-218 Mariah Carey #2
           LEG-219 Little Anthony & Frankie Lymon
           LEG-220 5th Dimension / Mamas & Papas
           LEG-221 Michael Jackson & Jackson 5
           LEG-222 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
           LEG-223 No Doubt & Gwen Stefani
           LEG-224 Dylan & Donavan
           LEG-225 Ocean & Osbourne
           LEG-226 Hendrix & Sly
           LEG-227 Vogues, Classic IV & Association
           LEG-228 Ingram & Bryson
           LEG-229 Frampton, Lightfoot & Fogelberg
           LEG-230 Pendergrass, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
           LEG-231 Connie Francis
           LEG-232 Guess Who, Grass Roots & Zombies
           LEG-233 Bangles, The Go Go's and Bonnie Tyler
           LEG-234 Duets #3
           LEG-235 Annie Lennox & Eurythmics & Pretenders
           LEG-236 Bryan Adams & Richard Marx
           LEG-237 Bonnie Raitt
           LEG-238 Chicago & Moody Blues #2
           LEG-239 Ozzy/ Black Sabbath & Friends
           LEG-240 Herman's Hermits & Dave Clark Five
           LEG-242 Cat Stevens & Jackson Browne
           LEG-243 Little River Band & Boz Scaggs
           LEG-244 Duets #4
           LEG-245 Johnny Cash
           LEG-246 Party Time #2
           LEG-247 80's Alternative
         Mega Disc
           MDG-05 Pop Top Hits #5
           MDG-06 Pop Top Hits #6
           MDG-08 Pop Top Hits #8
           MDG-10 Pop Top Hits #10
           MDG-11 Pop Top Hits #11
           MDG-13 Pop Top Hits #13
           MDG-14 Pop Top Hits #14
           MDG-15 Pop Top Hits #15
           MDG-17 Pop Top Hits #17
           MDG-18 Pop Top Hits #18
           MDG-19 Pop Top Hits #19
           MDG-21 Pop Top Hits #21
           MDG-23 Pop Top Hits #23
           MDG-25 Pop Top Hits #25
           MDG-26 Pop Top Hits #26
           MDG-27 Pop Top Hits #27
           MDG-28 Pop Top Hits #28
           MDG-29 Pop Top Hits #29
           MDG-31 Pop Top Hits #31
           MDG-32 Pop Top Hits #32
           MDG-33 Pop Top Hits #33
           MDG-34 Pop Top Hits #34
           MDG-35 Pop Top Hits #35
           MDG-36 Pop Top Hits #36
           MDG-37 Pop Top Hits #37
           MDG-39 Pop Top Hits #39
           MDG-41 Pop Top Hits #41
           MDG-42 Pop Top Hits #42
           MDG-43 Pop Top Hits #43
           MDG-44 Pop Top Hits #44
           MDG-45 Pop Top Hits #45
           MDG-49 Best 2002 #49
           MDG-51 2002 Hip Hop Party #51
           MDG-52 Pop Top Hits
           MDG-53 Pop Top Hits
           MDG-54 Pop Top Hits
           MDG-55 Pop Top Hits
           MDG-56 Pop Top Hits
           MDG-57 Pop Top Hits
           MDG-58 Pop Top Hits
           MDG-59 Pop Top Hits
           MDG-60 Pop Top Hits
           MDG-61 Pop Top Hits
           MDG-62 Pop Top Hits
           MDG-63 Pop Top Hits
         Monster Hits
           MON-1031 Female Pop HIts
           MON-1033 Female Classic Pop
           MON-1038 Female Classic Country
           MON-1042 Female Country Hits
           MON-1044 Female Pop Hits
           MON-1048 Female Country Hits
           MON-1050 Male Country Hits
           MON-1052 Male Country Hits
           MON-1058 Classic Male Pop Hits
           MON-1060 Female Classic Country
           MON-1062 Male Rock Hits
           MON-1064 Male Country Hits
           MON-1071 Female Country Hits
           MON-1074 Female Country Hits
           MON-1075 Male Pop/ Rock Hits
           MON-1076 Female Country Classics
           MON-1077 Male Country Hits
           MON-1078 Male Pop/ Rock Hits
           MON-1080 Classic Female Pop
           MON-1087 Female Pop/Rock Hits
           MON-1090 Male Country Hits of 2000
           MON-1091 Female Country Hits of 2000
           MON-1092 Male Hits of 2000
           MON-1093 70's & 80's Female Country
           MON-1094 Male 80's Hits
           MON-1095 Female Hits of 2000
           MON-1096 Male Country Hits
           MON-1097 Classic Male Country
           MON-1098 80's Female Pop/Rock Hits
           MON-1099 70's & 80's Male
           MON-1100 Female Country Hits of 2001
           MON-1101 Male Country Hits of 2001
           MON-1102 Male Pop Hits of 2001
           MON-1103 Female Pop Hits of 2001
           MON-1105 Classic Male Country
           MON-1106 Male Pop/ Rock Hits
           MON-1107 70's & 80's Female Hits
           MON-1108 Classic Male Hits
           MON-1109 Female Hits of the 90's
           MON-1111 70's Male Hits
           MON-1112 Female Country Hits of 2001
           MON-1113 Male Pop/Rock Hits of 2001
           MON-1114 Male Country Hits of 2001
           MON-1115 Female Pop/Rock Hits of 2001
           MON-1116 Female Country Hits
           MON-1117 Female Pop Hits
           MON-1118 Male Pop Hits
           MON-1119 Female R&B Hits
           MON-1120 Male R&B Hits
           MON-1121 Male Country Hits of 2002
           MON-1122 Male Pop/Rock Hits of 2002
           MON-1123 Hits of Tom Petty & Jackson Browne
           MON-1124 Female R&B Hits
           MON-1125 Female Pop Hits of 2002
           MON-1126 Male R&B Hits
           MON-1127 Classic Rock
           MON-1129 Female Country Hits of 2002
           MON-1130 80's Female Hits
           MON-1131 Male Pop/Rock Hits of 2002
           MON-1132 Male Country Hits of 2002
           MON-1133 90's Male Hits
           MON-1134 Male Doo Wop Hits
           MON-1135 70's Male Hits
           MON-1136 Female Pop Hits of 2002
           MON-1137 80's Male Pop Hits
           MON-1138 Male Hits of the 50's and 60's
           MON-1139 Male Pop/Rock Hits of 2002
           MON-1140 Male Country Hits of the 90's
           MON-1141 Glam Metal
           MON-1143 Male Hits of the 70's
           MON-1144 Male Soft-Rock Hits
           MON-1145 Male Mainstream Rock Hits
           MON-1146 Male Country Hits of 2003
           MON-1147 70's & 80's Male Hits
           MON-1148 Female Pop Hits of 2003
           MON-1149 80's Male Pop Hits
           MON-1150 Female Pop/Rock Hits
           MON-1151 Male Pop/Rock Hits
           MON-1152 90's Male Country Hits
           MON-1153 Male Party Hits
           MON-1154 90's Female Country Hits
           MON-1155 Male 60's Hits
           MON-1156 70's & 80's Female Hits
           MON-1157 80's Male AC Hits
           MON-1159 80's Male Hits
         Nashville Sounds
           Nashville Sounds (NS01)
           Nashville Sounds (NS02)
           Nashville Sounds (NS10)
           Nashville Sounds (NS11)
         Nikkodo SAV-7000 Series
           Nikkodo SAV-7000 Series (SAV7015)
           Nikkodo SAV-7000 Series (SAV7016)
           Nikkodo SAV-7000 Series (SAV7017)
         North Star Country
           NM-3001 North Star Country
           NM-3002 North Star Country
           NM-3003 North Star Country
           NM-3004 North Star Country
           NM-3005 North Star Country
           NM-3006 North Star Country
           NM-3007 North Star Country
           NM-3008 North Star Country
           NM-3009 North Star Country
           NM-3012 North Star Country
         North Star Pop
           NM-2001 North Star Pop
           NM-2002 North Star Pop
           NM-2003 North Star Pop
           NM-2004 North Star Pop
           NM-2005 North Star Pop
           NM-2007 North Star Pop
           NM-2008 North Star Pop
           NM-2009 North Star Pop
           NM-2011 North Star Pop
           NM-2012 North Star Pop
           NM-2013 North Star Pop
           NM-2014 North Star Pop
         Nutech Chart-Topping
           NT-004 Chart-Topping Rock Hits #4
           NT-007 Chart-Topping Pop Hits #7
           NT-009 Chart-Topping X'mas Songs #8
           NT-014 Chart-Topping Nursery Songs #14
           NT-023 Chart-Topping Country Hits #23
           NT-024 Chart-Topping Hit Songs #24
           NT-025 Chart-Topping County Hits #25
           NT-029 Chart-Topping Hits Songs #29
           NT-032 Chart-Topping Hits Songs #32
           NT-033 Chart-Topping Hits Songs #33
           NT-040 Chart-Topping Rock Hits #40
           NT-041 Chart-Topping Country Hits #41
           NT-044 Chart-Topping Country Hits #44
           NT-046 Chart-Topping Rock Hits #46
           NT-047 Chart-Topping Country Hits #47
           NT-049 Chart-Topping Rock Hits #49
           NT-050 Chart-Topping Hits Songs #50
           NT-051 Chart-Topping Hits Songs #51
           NT-052 Chart-Topping Country Hits #52
           NT-054 Chart-Topping Hit Songs #54
           NT-055 Chart-Topping Country Songs #55
           NT-058 Chart-Topping Country Songs #58
           NT-061 Chart-Topping Country Songs #61
         Party Tyme - 16 Songs without Vocal Demo
           SYB-1016 Country Male
           SYB-1017 Country Female
           SYB-1060 Super Hits #1
           SYB-1069 Super Hits #09
           SYB-1072 Dance Remix #2
           SYB-1073 Dance Remix #3
           SYB-1074 Dance Remix #4
           SYB-1080 Super Hits #10
           SYB-1090 Super Hits #11
           SYB-1092 Show Tunes #2
           SYB-1097 Super Hits #12
           SYB-1100 Super Hits #13
           SYB-1102 Contemporary Christian #3
           SYB-1104 Super Hits #14
           SYB-1106 Super Hits #15
           SYB-1108 Super Hits #16
           SYB-1109 Super Hits #17
           SYB-1111 Super Hits #18
           SYB-1113 Country Hits #11
           SYB-1114 Super Hits #19
           SYB-1115 Country Hits #12
           SYB-1116 Super Hits #20
           SYB-1117 Country Hits #13
           SYB-1118 Super Hits #21
           SYB-1119 Country Hits #14
           SYB-1120 Super Hits #22
           SYB-1121 Country Hits #15
         Party Tyme - 8 - 10 Songs with Vocal Demo
           SYB-1628 Country Gold #2
           SYB-1981 80s Vol 1
           SYB-1982 80s Vol 2
           SYB-1983 80s Vol 3
           SYB-1984 80s Vol 4
         Pioneer Country
           Pioneer Country (PC219)
         Performance Tracks
           PT-2001 Gloria Estefan
         Pioneer Pop/Rock
           Pioneer Pop/Rock (PC020S)
           Pioneer Pop/Rock (PC043)
           Pioneer Pop/Rock (PC044)
         Pocket Songs (PSG)
           PRO-001 The Full Monty / The Producers
           PRO-002 Mamma Mia!
           PSG-0138 Gospel Sing-Along #2
           PSG-1001 Frank Sinatra
           PSG-1002 Barbra Streisand
           PSG-1003 Whitney Houston
           PSG-1004 Elvis Presley
           PSG-1005 Beatles
           PSG-1006 Janet Jackson
           PSG-1007 Sarah Vaughan
           PSG-1008 Roy Orbison
           PSG-1009 Patsy Cline
           PSG-1011 Billy Joel
           PSG-1012 Linda Ronstadt
           PSG-1013 Carpenters, The
           PSG-1014 Debbie Gibson
           PSG-1015 Paula Abdul
           PSG-1016 Les Miserables/ Phantom
           PSG-1017 Ray Charles
           PSG-1018 Neil Diamond
           PSG-1019 Anita Baker
           PSG-1020 Sammy Davis/ Anthony Newley
           PSG-1021 Amy Grant
           PSG-1022 Sandi Patti
           PSG-1023 Christmas Favorites
           PSG-1024 George Gershwin
           PSG-1025 Cole Porter
           PSG-1026 Tony Bennett (No Graphics / Audio Only)
           PSG-1027 Diana Ross
           PSG-1028 Hits of Tom Jones
           PSG-1029 Bobby Darin & Frank Sinatra
           PSG-1030 Hits of the Fifties
           PSG-1031 Hits of the Sixties
           PSG-1032 Nat King Cole
           PSG-1033 Hits of the Judds
           PSG-1034 Reba McEntire
           PSG-1035 Madonna
           PSG-1036 Female Groups of the 60's
           PSG-1037 Phil Collins
           PSG-1038 Male Groups of the 60's
           PSG-1039 Beach Boys
           PSG-1040 Andy Williams
           PSG-1041 Sinatra Brazil
           PSG-1042 Anne Murray
           PSG-1043 Kenny Rogers
           PSG-1044 Nancy Wilson
           PSG-1045 Luther Vandross
           PSG-1046 Randy Travis
           PSG-1047 George Strait
           PSG-1048 Perry Como
           PSG-1049 Elvis Presley #2
           PSG-1050 Frank Sinatra #3
           PSG-1051 Frank Sinatra #4
           PSG-1052 Bonnie Raitt
           PSG-1054 Andrew Lloyd Webber
           PSG-1055 Harry Connick Jr.
           PSG-1056 Bette Midler
           PSG-1057 Elvis Presley
           PSG-1058 Richard Marx
           PSG-1059 Queen
           PSG-1060 Tina Turner
           PSG-1061 Elton John
           PSG-1062 Rock and Metal Ballads
           PSG-1063 Michael Jackson
           PSG-1064 Rob Stewart
           PSG-1065 Engelbert Humperdinck
           PSG-1066 Rock and Roll Music
           PSG-1067 Guys and Dolls
           PSG-1068 Neil Diamond #2
           PSG-1069 Irving Berlin
           PSG-1070 Songs of the Islands
           PSG-1071 Karaoke Party
           PSG-1072 James Taylor
           PSG-1073 Contemporary R &B
           PSG-1074 Elvis at the Movies
           PSG-1075 Frank Sinatra #5
           PSG-1076 Matt Monro
           PSG-1077 Harold Arlen
           PSG-1078 Great Standards
           PSG-1079 Whitney Houston #2
           PSG-1081 Peabo Bryson & Bobby Brown
           PSG-1082 Frank Sinatra #6
           PSG-1083 Wedding
           PSG-1084 Wedding #2
           PSG-1085 Hits of Michael Bolton
           PSG-1086 Male Hits of the 90's
           PSG-1087 Female Hits of the 90's
           PSG-1088 D.J. Party
           PSG-1089 Female Country
           PSG-1090 Country Karaoke
           PSG-1091 Country Karaoke
           PSG-1092 Country Ladies
           PSG-1093 Country Guys
           PSG-1094 Guys and Gals
           PSG-1095 Country Karaoke for Women
           PSG-1096 Male Hits of the 90's
           PSG-1097 Hot Chart Hits for Women
           PSG-1099 Italian Wedding.
           PSG-1100 West Side Story (2 disc set)
           PSG-1101 Reba McEntire #2
           PSG-1102 Rhythm Country & Blues
           PSG-1103 Reba McEntire #3
           PSG-1104 Lush Big Band Sounds
           PSG-1105 Showstoppers
           PSG-1107 Michael Bolton #2
           PSG-1108 Profile of the 80's
           PSG-1109 Reggae
           PSG-1110 Cabaret
           PSG-1111 D.J. Party #2
           PSG-1112 D.J. Party #3
           PSG-1113 D.J. Party #4
           PSG-1114 Country Collection
           PSG-1115 Prop Me Up
           PSG-1116 Country's Best Women
           PSG-1117 Country Female
           PSG-1118 Male - Motown Memories
           PSG-1119 Female - Motown Memories
           PSG-1120 Stevie Wonder
           PSG-1121 B'way Heroes & Heroines
           PSG-1122 Memorable Movie Music
           PSG-1123 Country Christmas
           PSG-1124 Happy Songs are Here Again
           PSG-1125 Old Songs are the Best
           PSG-1126 Neil Diamond
           PSG-1127 Frank Sinatra Duets
           PSG-1128 Elton John Duets
           PSG-1129 Tony Bennett
           PSG-1130 Andrew Lloyd Webber
           PSG-1131 Tony Bennett #2
           PSG-1132 Mariah Carey
           PSG-1133 Sound of Broadway
           PSG-1134 Broadway Melodies
           PSG-1135 Oldies Party #1
           PSG-1136 Oldies Party #2
           PSG-1138 Beatles #3
           PSG-1139 Beatles #4
           PSG-1140 Beatles #5
           PSG-1142 Julio Iglesias en Espanol
           PSG-1143 Big Chill Era
           PSG-1144 Barbra's Broadway
           PSG-1145 Big Band Classics #1
           PSG-1146 Big Band Classics #2
           PSG-1148 The Way he Makes Me Feel
           PSG-1149 Female Latin Hits
           PSG-1151 Jekyll & Hyde
           PSG-1153 Male Country Oldies
           PSG-1154 Female Country Oldies
           PSG-1155 Woodstock Revisited
           PSG-1156 Love Duets
           PSG-1157 Country Wedding
           PSG-1158 Coasters & the Drifters
           PSG-1159 True Companion
           PSG-1160 Showboat
           PSG-1161 Celine Dion
           PSG-1162 Send in the Clones
           PSG-1163 Anita Baker #2
           PSG-1164 Sinatra Duets
           PSG-1165 Elton John Duets
           PSG-1166 Sting
           PSG-1167 Gershwin Song Book
           PSG-1168 Songs of the New York
           PSG-1169 Makin Whoopee
           PSG-1170 Sweeping the Country
           PSG-1171 Pippin
           PSG-1172 Annie
           PSG-1173 Camelot
           PSG-1174 My Fair Lady
           PSG-1175 Oklahoma
           PSG-1176 Sound of Music
           PSG-1177 South Pacific
           PSG-1178 King and I
           PSG-1179 Fiddler of the Roof
           PSG-1180 Carousel
           PSG-1181 Porgy and Bess
           PSG-1182 Fantasticks
           PSG-1183 Music Man
           PSG-1184 Can-Can
           PSG-1185 Phantom of the Opera
           PSG-1186 Annie Get your Gun
           PSG-1187 Hello Dolly
           PSG-1188 Elton John Duets #2
           PSG-1189 Oliver
           PSG-1190 Rhythm & Blues
           PSG-1191 Songs from Boys on the Side
           PSG-1192 in the Wee Small Hours
           PSG-1193 Sunset Boulevard
           PSG-1194 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat
           PSG-1195 Be a star on Broadway
           PSG-1196 Grease
           PSG-1197 Smokey Joe's Cafe
           PSG-1199 Sinatra with Strings
           PSG-1200 Bette Midler
           PSG-1201 Hootie & The Blowfish
           PSG-1202 Regina Belle '95
           PSG-1203 Christmas Memories
           PSG-1205 Mariah Carey '95
           PSG-1206 Waiting to Exhale #1
           PSG-1207 Waiting to Exhale #2
           PSG-1209 Mr Holland's Opus
           PSG-1211 Boyz II Men
           PSG-1212 Country Fever
           PSG-1213 Wild Country Love
           PSG-1214 Annie Lennox
           PSG-1215 Year of the Woman
           PSG-1216 Mariah Carey
           PSG-1217 Oleta Adams
           PSG-1218 Diana Ross #2
           PSG-1219 Tim McGraw
           PSG-1220 Celine Dion '96
           PSG-1221 Alan Jackson
           PSG-1222 Selena's Greatest Hits
           PSG-1223 Tenessee Moon
           PSG-1224 George Michael '96
           PSG-1225 Shania Twain
           PSG-1226 Miss Saigon
           PSG-1227 Macarena & Other Dance
           PSG-1229 Stars Night Out
           PSG-1230 Mary J. Blige (Audio Only / No Graphics)
           PSG-1231 Aretha Franklin
           PSG-1232 Natalie Cole
           PSG-1233 Big, Brass & Beautiful B'way's Best
           PSG-1234 Toni Braxton
           PSG-1235 Barry Manilow
           PSG-1236 Johny Mathis
           PSG-1237 Preacher's Wife, The (Audio Only)
           PSG-1238 Etheridge & Osborne
           PSG-1239 Merchant & Morisseitte
           PSG-1240 Babyface
           PSG-1241 Godspell
           PSG-1242 Sinatra, Once upon a time
           PSG-1243 Sinatra , You make me feel so young
           PSG-1244 Male Love Songs #1
           PSG-1245 Male Love Songs #2
           PSG-1246 Walt's World
           PSG-1247 Male Contemporary Love Songs
           PSG-1248 Stevie Wonder Classic
           PSG-1249 Love it, Sing it
           PSG-1250 Bee Gees
           PSG-1251 Monica Jewel, Spice Girls & Others
           PSG-1252 Sister Act
           PSG-1253 R.Kelly
           PSG-1254 Sensational Cinema
           PSG-1255 Robert Goulet
           PSG-1256 Beneath your Wings
           PSG-1257 Doobie Brothers
           PSG-1258 Candle in the Wind
           PSG-1259 John Denver
           PSG-1260 David Foster
           PSG-1261 Diane Warren
           PSG-1262 Celine Dion 98
           PSG-1263 Escape Master
           PSG-1264 Leann Rimes
           PSG-1265 Light up your life
           PSG-1266 Burt Bachrach
           PSG-1267 Dionne Warwick
           PSG-1268 Hercules,Hunchback,and Anastasia
           PSG-1269 S. McLachlan & P. Cole
           PSG-1270 Sinatra Old Devil Moon
           PSG-1271 Four Seasons
           PSG-1272 Roberta Flack / Gladys Knight
           PSG-1273 Al Jarreau / Joni Mitchell
           PSG-1274 Carole King / Joni Mitchell
           PSG-1275 Blues & B.B. King
           PSG-1276 Luther Vandross
           PSG-1277 Donna Summer
           PSG-1278 Mel Torme/ Jack Jones
           PSG-1279 Regina Belle
           PSG-1280 Chuck Berry / James Brown
           PSG-1281 Lionel Richie
           PSG-1282 Mary-Chaplin Carpenter
           PSG-1283 Taylor Dayne & Lisa Stansfield
           PSG-1284 Bob Dylan & Van Morrison
           PSG-1285 Judy Garland
           PSG-1286 Chaka Khan / Stephanie Mills
           PSG-1287 Willlie Nelson
           PSG-1288 Lloyd Price / Chubby Checker
           PSG-1289 Petula Clark/ Doris Day (Audio Only / No Graphics)
           PSG-1290 Lou Rawls / Bill Withers
           PSG-1291 Otis Redding/ Commitments
           PSG-1292 Marving Gaye
           PSG-1293 Barry White
           PSG-1294 Winans Family (Audio Only / No Graphics)
           PSG-1295 Vanessa Williams
           PSG-1296 Hank Williams, SR.
           PSG-1297 Dinah Washington
           PSG-1298 Hits of the Temptations & Four Tops
           PSG-1299 Bobby Darin
           PSG-1300 '98 Rock/ Country Hits!
           PSG-1301 Beautiful Wedding Songs
           PSG-1302 Aaliyah & Erykah Badu
           PSG-1303 Shania Twain #2
           PSG-1304 Tammy Wynette
           PSG-1305 Andrews Sisters
           PSG-1306 R & B and Pop
           PSG-1307 Tina Turner #2
           PSG-1308 Billy Joel #2
           PSG-1309 Aretha Franklin
           PSG-1310 Patti Labelle
           PSG-1311 Jay and the Americans
           PSG-1312 Love Duets
           PSG-1313 It's A Hits
           PSG-1314 Film and Theater
           PSG-1315 Nat King Cole
           PSG-1316 Barbra Streisand
           PSG-1317 Eddie Rabbitt
           PSG-1318 Rat Pack
           PSG-1319 Billie Holiday
           PSG-1320 Summer Hits '98 #1
           PSG-1321 Summer Hits '98 #1
           PSG-1322 Male Summer Hits '98 #2
           PSG-1323 Female Summer Hits '98 #2
           PSG-1324 Male Summer Hits '98
           PSG-1325 Female Summer Hits '98
           PSG-1326 LeAnn Rimes
           PSG-1327 Actions Hits at the Movies
           PSG-1328 Brandy
           PSG-1329 Monica
           PSG-1330 Classic Supreme Hits
           PSG-1331 Randy Travis #2
           PSG-1332 Spice Girls
           PSG-1333 Linda Eder
           PSG-1334 Rock it! With Mellencamp
           PSG-1335 Patriotic Songs
           PSG-1336 Disco Delights
           PSG-1337 Disco Rocks
           PSG-1338 Night Club Standards #1
           PSG-1339 Night Club Standards #2
           PSG-1340 Leader of the Pack Hits
           PSG-1341 Hits for Soprano
           PSG-1342 Hits for Mezzo Soprano
           PSG-1343 Hits for for Alto
           PSG-1344 Hits for Tenor
           PSG-1345 Hits for Baritone
           PSG-1346 Hits for Bass
           PSG-1347 Broadway Duets
           PSG-1348 Broadway Men
           PSG-1349 Broadway Women
           PSG-1350 Master of the House
           PSG-1351 Night Club Standards #3
           PSG-1352 Night Club Standards #4
           PSG-1353 They'll Never Break your Heart
           PSG-1354 If You Believe
           PSG-1355 Buddy Holly
           PSG-1356 Marilyn Monroe & Peggy Lee
           PSG-1357 Brian McKnight/James
           PSG-1358 Time of your Life
           PSG-1359 My One True Friend
           PSG-1360 Celine Dion #4
           PSG-1361 Basia & Sade
           PSG-1362 Chicago
           PSG-1363 Harry Chapin & Bon McLean
           PSG-1364 the 3 B's
           PSG-1365 Bread and Moody Blues
           PSG-1366 Hall & Oates/ K.C. & the Sunshine Band
           PSG-1367 Kenny Loggins
           PSG-1368 Lovin' Spoonful/ Three Dog Night
           PSG-1369 Al Jolson
           PSG-1370 Madonna #2
           PSG-1371 Mamas & the Papas
           PSG-1372 Aaron Neville
           PSG-1373 Olivia Newton-John
           PSG-1375 Jim Croce
           PSG-1376 Vince Gill
           PSG-1377 Bing Cosby
           PSG-1378 Creedence Clearwater Revival/ Ban Fogelberg
           PSG-1379 Fleetwood Mac/ Stevie Nicks
           PSG-1380 Amy Grant
           PSG-1381 Carly Simon
           PSG-1382 George Michael #2
           PSG-1383 Jewel
           PSG-1384 Billy Joel #2
           PSG-1385 Janaury '99 Country
           PSG-1386 Prince
           PSG-1387 Best Little Whorehouse
           PSG-1388 We'll Be Together Again - Sinatra
           PSG-1389 Scarlet Pimpernel
           PSG-1390 5 Swing Bands/ HotTin Roof
           PSG-1391 Believe . . . Baby One More Time
           PSG-1392 Faith Evans
           PSG-1393 Mahalia Jackson / Shirley Caesar
           PSG-1394 So Rare
           PSG-1395 Backstreet Boys/ 'N Sync
           PSG-1396 Rent (2 CD set)
           PSG-1397 Cy Coleman
           PSG-1398 Angel
           PSG-1399 We Will Rock You
           PSG-1400 Little Shop of Horrors
           PSG-1401 Jekyll & Hyde
           PSG-1402 A Special Christmas - Celine Dion
           PSG-1403 Righteous Bros./ Everly Bros.
           PSG-1404 Patsy Cline
           PSG-1405 Jerome Kern
           PSG-1406 Forever R&B (Male & Female)
           PSG-1407 Fly Away
           PSG-1408 Saturday Night Fever
           PSG-1409 Bobby Vinton/ Johnny Mestro
           PSG-1410 Sarah McLachlan
           PSG-1411 Listen to my Heart
           PSG-1412 Brightman & Friends
           PSG-1413 Prince #2
           PSG-1414 We Like to Party
           PSG-1415 Special
           PSG-1416 How Forever Feels
           PSG-1417 R&B Blues
           PSG-1418 Jazz Standards
           PSG-1419 Evergreens Jazz Cabaret
           PSG-1420 Jazz Cabaret
           PSG-1421 Ricky Martin
           PSG-1422 Ricky Martin
           PSG-1423 Julio Iglesias #2
           PSG-1425 Lo Mejor De Julio #3
           PSG-1426 Lo Mejor De Julio #4
           PSG-1429 These Are the Times (R&B Male)
           PSG-1430 No Scrubs (R&B Female)
           PSG-1431 Cher
           PSG-1432 Jennifer Lopez
           PSG-1433 Austin Powers II
           PSG-1434 Janet Jackson
           PSG-1435 Whitney Houston
           PSG-1436 Bette Midler
           PSG-1437 Sheryl Crow
           PSG-1439 New That We Found You
           PSG-1440 Faith Hill
           PSG-1441 Dixie Chicks
           PSG-1442 Linda Eder
           PSG-1444 My Kind of Woman/ My Kind of Man
           PSG-1446 Top Ten Hits Billboard 8/99
           PSG-1447 Notting Hill
           PSG-1448 Broadway Gems
           PSG-1449 Cher/ Donna Summer
           PSG-1450 Pop Party
           PSG-1451 Wild Wild West
           PSG-1452 Snowfall on the Sahara
           PSG-1453 Runaway Bride
           PSG-1454 Country Male/ Female Fall '99
           PSG-1455 Pop Male Fall '99
           PSG-1456 Pop Female Fall '99
           PSG-1457 Britney Spears/ Christina Aguilera
           PSG-1458 Extraordinary
           PSG-1459 Heartbreaker
           PSG-1460 "Beautiful Thing" Country Male
           PSG-1461 "Little Goodbyes" Country F/M
           PSG-1462 Italian Favorites
           PSG-1463 "Something Like That" Male Country
           PSG-1464 "Come on Over" Female Country
           PSG-1465 Marc Anthony #1
           PSG-1466 Marc Anthony #2
           PSG-1467 Hot Chart Hits Winter '99
           PSG-1468 Y2k Pop Songs (Male)
           PSG-1469 Y2k Pop Songs (Female)
           PSG-1470 Turn Your Lights
           PSG-1471 This Country Needs
           PSG-1472 Hot Chart Hits
           PSG-1473 Down the Lane Sinatra
           PSG-1474 Hot Chart Hits
           PSG-1475 New Pop Star Hits #1
           PSG-1476 New Pop Star Hits #2
           PSG-1477 If We Were in Love
           PSG-1478 One Lifetime/ Barbra Streisand
           PSG-1479 Celine Dion . . . All the Way
           PSG-1480 Rock this Country
           PSG-1481 "The Best Day" Country Male
           PSG-1482 Best of Pop Songs #1
           PSG-1483 Best of Pop Songs #2
           PSG-1484 Faith Hill New Hits
           PSG-1485 Hot Chart Hits Country
           PSG-1486 'N Sync New Hits
           PSG-1487 Bye Bye Bye
           PSG-1488 Linda Eder
           PSG-1489 Real Pop World
           PSG-1490 Real Pop World #2
           PSG-1491 Frank Sinatra
           PSG-1492 Real R&B World
           PSG-1493 Peter Pan
           PSG-1494 Hot Chart Hits
           PSG-1495 Aida
           PSG-1496 Friends Forever
           PSG-1497 Diana Krall
           PSG-1498 Gigi
           PSG-1499 Whitney Houston
           PSG-1500 Britney Spears
           PSG-1501 Lara Fabian
           PSG-1502 R.Charles, B.E. King, McPhatter & Carter
           PSG-1503 Lara Fabian & Celine Dion
           PSG-1504 Come On Over Baby
           PSG-1505 So Good ( R&B)
           PSG-1506 Pop Music Blockbusters
           PSG-1507 It's True (Pop Male)
           PSG-1508 Carlos Santana & Friends
           PSG-1509 Al Green
           PSG-1510 Duke Ellington
           PSG-1511 Fats Waller Hits
           PSG-1512 Scarlet Pimpernel
           PSG-1513 And the World Goes Round
           PSG-1514 I Can Do Too
           PSG-1516 Cole Porter
           PSG-1517 Jimmy McHugh
           PSG-1520 "Shape of my Heart" Pop Male
           PSG-1521 Holler Pop Female
           PSG-1522 "Crazy" R&B Male
           PSG-1523 R&B Female
           PSG-1524 "Kiss This" Country Male
           PSG-1525 "Without You" Country Female
           PSG-1526 Chicago
           PSG-1527 Man of La Mancha
           PSG-1529 Kurt Weill & Friends
           PSG-1530 Harry Warren
           PSG-1531 Backstreet Boys #1
           PSG-1532 Backstreet Boys #2
           PSG-1533 Johny Mercer
           PSG-1534 Great Italian Love Ballads
           PSG-1535 A Chorus Line
           PSG-1537 Loaded Hits
           PSG-1538 Butterfly
           PSG-1539 Jaded (Pop/Rock)
           PSG-1540 More Than That
           PSG-1541 Lady Marmalade
           PSG-1542 Fell In Love
           PSG-1543 R&B Fiesta
           PSG-1546 Michael Legrand
           PSG-1548 They Call It Falling
           PSG-1549 N'Sync & Other Male Hits
           PSG-1550 Irresistible Pop
           PSG-1551 Elvis Inspirational
           PSG-1552 R&B Male
           PSG-1553 Britney Spears/ Jessica Simpson
           PSG-1554 Mel Torme
           PSG-1557 Evita
           PSG-1558 Jesus Christ Superstar
           PSG-1559 Andrew Lloyd Webber
           PSG-1560 Let's Get the Party Started
           PSG-1561 Hits Factory #1 (Pop M/F)
           PSG-1563 Hey Baby! (Pop)
           PSG-1564 Hits Factory #2
           PSG-1565 Pop! Whenever, Wherever ( Female )
           PSG-1566 Male 2002
           PSG-1567 Spring Pop (2002 Female)
           PSG-1568 Country Party #1
           PSG-1569 Country Party #2
           PSG-1572 Summer Pop #1
           PSG-1574 Country Good Stuff
           PSG-1576 Grease
           PSG-1577 Blue Kings #1
           PSG-1578 Blue Masters #2
           PSG-1579 Celine Dion
           PSG-1580 Donkey Show
           PSG-1582 New Fall Pop Male
           PSG-1583 New Fall Pop Female
           PSG-1584 Bye Bye Birdie
           PSG-1585 American Pop Female/ Male
           PSG-1586 Big Band Standards
           PSG-1588 Gypsy
           PSG-1589 Hot Pop Hits
           PSG-1590 A Bouquet of Standards
           PSG-1591 Three Tenors
           PSG-1592 Beautiful Pop
           PSG-1593 New Latin Hits
           PSG-1594 Girls, Girls, Girls
           PSG-1595 Dean Martin Standards
           PSG-1596 Song so Nice
           PSG-1600 Religious Classics
           PSG-1601 Rock your Body
           PSG-1602 This is the Night
           PSG-1603 Fields of Gold (Audio Only / No Graphics)
           PSG-1604 Norah Jones
           PSG-1605 Norah Jones #2
           PSG-1606 Standards: Sinatra Style
           PSG-1607 Merle Haggard
           PSG-1608 Michael McDonald's Motown
           PSG-1609 Jessica Simpson
           PSG-1610 When the Sun Goes Down
           PSG-1611 Nina Simone
           PSG-1612 Billy Eckstine
           PSG-1613 Pal Joey
           PSG-1615 R & B Hits 2004
           PSG-1616 Summer Pop Hits 2004
           PSG-1617 Avril Lavigne
           PSG-1618 Etta James
           PSG-1619 Diana Krall #2
           PSG-1620 Here for the Party: Hot Country
           PSG-1621 Ashlee Simpson
           PSG-1622 R&B Male Hall of Fame (2 CDG set)
           PSG-1623 Hot Chart R & B Hits
           PSG-1625 Diana Krall #3
           PSG-1626 We Wish You a Merry Christmas
           PSG-1628 Hilary Duff & Friend
           PSG-1630 Michael Buble
           PSG-1631 Pop Divas 2005
           PSG-1633 Danger - Curves Ahead
           PSG-1634 Garth Brooks & Alan Jackson
           PSG-1635 Alan Jackson
           PSG-1636 Usher
           PSG-1637 Kelly Clarkson
           PSG-1639 Three Of A Kind
           PSG-1640 Anita Baker & Phyllis Hyman
           PSG-1641 Hymns for Female Voice #1 (Performance Tracks & Vocal Demo Tracks)
           PSG-1642 Hymns for Male Voice #1 (Performance Tracks & Vocal Demo Tracks)
           PSG-1643 Hymns for Female Voice #2 (Performance Tracks & Vocal Demo Tracks)
           PSG-1644 Hymns for Male Voice #2 (Performance Tracks & Vocal Demo Tracks)
           PSG-1645 Funny Girl
           PSG-1646 Contemporary Christian Favorites (2 Disc)
           PSG-1647 Broadway Teens
           PSG-1649 Rod Stewart
           PSG-1650 Contemporary Pop
           PSG-1654 Adele
           PSG-1655 Katy Perry
           PSG-7003 Enchanted & Hairspray
         Pocket Songs 6000 Series
           PSG-6001 Pocket Songs 6000 Series
           PSG-6002 Pocket Songs 6000 Series
           PSG-6003 Pocket Songs 6000 Series
           PSG-6004 Pocket Songs 6000 Series
           PSG-6005 Pocket Songs 6000 Series
           PSG-6006 Pocket Songs 6000 Series
           PSG-6007 Pocket Songs 6000 Series
           PSG-6008 Pocket Songs 6000 Series
           PSG-6009 Backstreet Boys
           PSG-6010 O-Town
           PSG-6011 Professional Tracks
           PSG-6012 Big Band Bonanzai
           PSG-6013 Full Band Arrangements
           PSG-6014 Come Fly with Me
           PSG-6015 Classic Standards
           PSG-6016 It Must be Christmas Again
           PSG-6019 Live Band Backgrounds
           PSG-6027 Pocket Songs 6000 Series
           PSG-6029 42nd Street
           PSG-6030 Sleepless in Seattle
           PSG-6031 Let's Duet (Audio Only, No Graphics)
           PSG-6033 Hot Chart Hits 2004
           PSG-6034 Milkshake & Other Tasty
           PSG-6037 Louis Prima
           PSG-6038 Sarah Brightman
           PSG-6039 Sarah Brightman, Linda Eder, Charlotte Church
           PSG-6040 Sarah Brightman
           PSG-6041 Streisand Revisited
           PSG-6042 Linda Eder Broadway
           PSG-6045 Pocket Songs 6000 Series
           PSG-6046 Pocket Songs 6000 Series
           PSG-6048 Celine Dion (2CDs)
           PSG-6051 Funny Girl & Funny Lady
           PSG-6053 Rent from the Movie
           PSG-6054 Johnny Cash
           PSG-6055 Sarah Brightman #3 (2 Disc Set)
           PSG-6056 Sarah Brightman #4 (2 Disc Set)
           PSG-6057 Producers (2 Disc Set)
           PSG-6061 Gilbert & Sullivan
           PSG-6062 Gilbert & Sullivan #2
           PSG-6064 Dreamgirls (Audio Only)
           PSG-6073 Sarah Brightman #5
           PSG-6076 Diana Krall
           PSG-6077 Roy Orbison Revisited
           PSG-6079 Idol Hits & Misses
           PSG-6080 Norah Jones
           PSG-6081 Corinne Bailey Rae
           PSG-6082 Back To Back Hits for Females
           PSG-6083 Amy Winehouse
           PSG-6085 Colby Caillat , Sara Bareilles & Mandy Moore
           PSG-6086 Sparks, Clarkson, Pink, Cyrus & Montana
           PSG-6091 Godspell (2 Disc)
           PSG-6092 Big Band Singer style of David Campbell
           PSG-6093 Joe Nichols
           PSG-6094 Big Band Standards #1
           PSG-6095 Big Band Standards #2
           PSG-6096 Big Band Standards #3
           PSG-6098 Ella Fitzgerald
           PSG-6100 Irving Berlin Songbook in the style of Ella Fitzgerald #2
           PSG-6101 Cole Porter Songs in the style of Ella Fitzgerald
           PSG-6102 Cole Porter Songs in the style of Ella Fitzgerald #2
           PSG-6103 Memories Of You - Frank Sinatra
           PSG-6109 Big Band Male Standards
           PSG-6110 Big Band Male Standards #2
           PSG-6111 Big Band Male Standards #3
           PSG-6112 Big Band Male Standards #4
           PSG-6114 Big Band Male Standards #6
           PSG-6115 Big Band Male Standards #7
           PSG-6116 Big Band Female Standards
           PSG-6128 Tony Bennett
           PSG-6130 Leona Lewis
           PSG-6132 Brazil, Capri & The Road To Mandalay
           PSG-6138 Mercy - Contemporary Female Hits
           PSG-6143 Francesca Battistelli & Friends
           PSG-6148 Female Singers In the style of ..
           PSG-6149 David Cook & David Archuleta
           PSG-6155 Great Ladies Of Jazz #1
           PSG-6156 Great Ladies Of Jazz #2
           PSG-6157 Idol All-Stars
           PSG-6158 David Gates
           PSG-6159 Bobby Darin
           PSG-6161 Billie Holiday
           PSG-6171 / STS-6030 Little Shop Of Horrors
           PSG-6173 Carpenters, The
           PSG-6174 Michael Buble
           PSG-6175 Barbra Streisand
           PSG-6177 Ella meets Ellis
           PSG-6188 sing the songs of Glee (2CDGs)
           PSG-6192 Hot and Heavy Hits
         Pop Hits Monthly Adult Contemporary
           PHM-A0510 Adult Contemporary 10/2005
           PHM-A0512 Adult Contemporary 12/2005
           PHM-A0605 Adult Contemporary 05/2006
         Pop Hits Classics
           PHC-DV-1 Divas #1
           PHC-FAL-1 Female Alternative
           PHC-FP-1 Female Pop
           PHC-FRB-1 Female R&B
           PHC-MAC-1 Male Adult Contemporary
           PHC-MP-1 Male Pop
           PHC-MRB-1 Male R&B
           PHC-MRK-1 Male Rock
         Pop Hits Monthly Country
           PHM-C0101 Country 01/2001
           PHM-C0102 Country 02/2001
           PHM-C0103 Country 03/2001
           PHM-C0104 Country 04/2001
           PHM-C0105 Country 05/2001
           PHM-C0108 Country 08/2001
           PHM-C0109 Country 08/2001
           PHM-C0110 Country 10/2001
           PHM-C0111 Country 11/2001
           PHM-C0112 Country 12/2001
           PHM-C0201 Country 01/2002
           PHM-C0203 Country 03/2002
           PHM-C0204 Country 04/2002
           PHM-C0205 Country 05/2002
           PHM-C0207 Country 07/2002
           PHM-C0208 Country 08/2002
           PHM-C0209 Country 09/2002
           PHM-C0210 Country 10/2002
           PHM-C0211 Country 11/2002
           PHM-C0301 Country 01/2003
           PHM-C0303 Country 03/2003
           PHM-C0304 Country 04/2003
           PHM-C0305 Country 05/2003
           PHM-C0306 Country 06/2003
           PHM-C0308 Country 08/2003
           PHM-C0309 Country 09/2003
           PHM-C0310 Country 10/2003
           PHM-C0311 Country 11/2003
           PHM-C0312 Country 12/2003
           PHM-C0402 Country 02/2004
           PHM-C0403 Country 03/2004
           PHM-C0404 Country 04/2004
           PHM-C0407 Country 07/2004
           PHM-C0409 Country 09/2004
           PHM-C0410 Country 10/2004
           PHM-C0502 Country 02/2005
           PHM-C0503 Country 03/2005
           PHM-C0505 Country 05/2005
           PHM-C0507 Country 07/2005
           PHM-C0510 Country 10/2005
           PHM-C0603 Country 03/2006
           PHM-C0604 Country April 2006
           PHM-C0605 Country 05/2006
           PHM-C0704 Country 04/2007
           PHM-C0803 Country 03/2008
           PHM-C0805 Country 05/2008
           PHM-C0806 Country 06/2008
           PHM-C0811 Country 11/2008
           PHM-C0812 Country 12/2008
           PHM-C0901 Country 01/2009
           PHM-C0902 Country 02/2009
           PHM-C0903 Country 03/2009
           PHM-C0904 Country 04/2009
           PHM-C0905 Country 05/2009
           PHM-C0907 Country 07/2009
           PHM-C0908 Country 08/2009
           PHM-C0909 Country 09/2009
           PHM-C0911 Country 11/2009
           PHM-C0912 Country 12/2009
           PHM-C1001 Country 01/2010
           PHM-C1002 Country 02/2010
           PHM-C1003 Country 03/2010
           PHM-C1004 Country 04/2010
           PHM-C1005 Country 05/2010
           PHM-C1006 Country 06/2010
           PHM-C1007 Country 07/2010
           PHM-C1008 Country 08/2010
           PHM-C1009 Country 09/2010
           PHM-C1010 Country 10/2010
           PHM-C1011 Country 11/2010
           PHM-C1012 Country 12/2010
           PHM-C1101 Country 01/2011
           PHM-C1102 Country 02/2011
           PHM-C1103 Country 03/2011
           PHM-C1104 Country 04/2011
           PHM-C1105 Country 05/2011
           PHM-C1106 Country 06/2011
           PHM-C1107 Country 07/2011
           PHM-C1108 Country 08/2011
           PHM-C1109 Country 09/2011
           PHM-C1110 Country 10/2011
           PHM-C1111 Country 11/2011
           PHM-C1112 Country 12/2011
           PHM-C1201 Country 01/2012
           PHM-C1202 Country 02/2012
           PHM-C1203 Country 03/2012
           PHM-C1204 Country 04/2012
           PHM-C1205 Country 05/2012
           PHM-C1206 Country 06/2012
         Pop Hits Monthly Pop
           PHM-P0101 Pop 01/2001
           PHM-P0103 Pop 03/2001
           PHM-P0104 Pop 04/2001
           PHM-P0106 Pop 06/2001
           PHM-P0107 Pop 07/2001
           PHM-P0109 Pop 09/2001
           PHM-P0112 Pop 12/2001
           PHM-P0201 Pop 01/2002
           PHM-P0203 Pop 03/2002
           PHM-P0204 Pop 04/2002
           PHM-P0205 Pop 05/2002
           PHM-P0206 Pop 06/2002
           PHM-P0207 Pop 07/2002
           PHM-P0208 Pop 08/2002
           PHM-P0209 Pop 09/2002
           PHM-P0210 Pop 10/2002
           PHM-P0211 Pop 11/2002
           PHM-P0212 Pop 12/2002
           PHM-P0302 Pop 02/2003
           PHM-P0304 Pop 04/2003
           PHM-P0305 Pop 05/2003
           PHM-P0309 Pop 09/2003
           PHM-P0310 Pop 10/2003
           PHM-P0311 Pop 11/2003
           PHM-P0405 Pop 05/2004
           PHM-P0406 Pop 06/2004
           PHM-P0410 Pop 10/2004
           PHM-P0501 Pop 01/2005
           PHM-P0502 Pop 02/2005
           PHM-P0504 Pop 04/2005
           PHM-P0506 Pop 06/2005
           PHM-P0509 Pop 09/2005
           PHM-P0601 Pop 01/2006
           PHM-P0602 Pop 02/2006
           PHM-P0604 Pop 04/2006
           PHM-P0606 Pop 06/2006
           PHM-P0607 Pop 07/2006
           PHM-P0608 Pop 08/2006
           PHM-P0610 Pop 10/2006
           PHM-P0802 Pop 02/2008
           PHM-P0810 Pop 10/2008
           PHM-P0902 Pop 02/2009
           PHM-P0904 Pop 04/2009
           PHM-P0905 Pop 05/2009
           PHM-P0907 Pop 07/2009
           PHM-P0908 Pop 08/2009
           PHM-P0909 Pop 09/2009
           PHM-P0910 Pop 10/2009
           PHM-P0911 Pop 11/2009
           PHM-P0912 Pop 12/2009
           PHM-P1001 POP 01/2010
           PHM-P1002 POP 02/2010
           PHM-P1003 POP 03/2010
           PHM-P1004 POP 04/2010
           PHM-P1005 POP 05/2010
           PHM-P1006 POP 06/2010
           PHM-P1007 POP 07/2010
           PHM-P1008 POP 08/2010
           PHM-P1009 POP 09/2010
           PHM-P1010 POP 10/2010
           PHM-P1011 POP 11/2010
           PHM-P1012 POP 12/2010
           PHM-P1101 POP 01/2011
           PHM-P1102 POP 02/2011
           PHM-P1103 POP 03/2011
           PHM-P1104 POP 04/2011
           PHM-P1105 POP 05/2011
           PHM-P1106 POP 06/2011
           PHM-P1107 POP 07/2011
           PHM-P1108 POP 08/2011
           PHM-P1109 POP 09/2011
           PHM-P1110 POP 10/2011
           PHM-P1111 POP 11/2011
           PHM-P1112 POP 12/2011
           PHM-P1201 POP 01/2012
           PHM-P1202 POP 02/2012
           PHM-P1203 POP 03/2012
           PHM-P1204 POP 04/2012
           PHM-P1205 POP 05/2012
           PHM-P1206 POP 06/2012
           PHM-P9801 Pop 01/1998
           PHM-P9802 Pop 02/1998
           PHM-P9803 Pop 03/1998
           PHM-P9804 Pop 04/1998
           PHM-P9806 Pop 06/1998
         Pop Hits Monthly Rock
           PHM-R0111 Rock 11/2001
           PHM-R0112 Rock 12/2001
           PHM-R0201 Rock 01/2002
           PHM-R0202 Rock 02/2002
           PHM-R0203 Rock 03/2002
           PHM-R0204 Rock 04/2002
           PHM-R0205 Rock 05/2002
           PHM-R0206 Rock 06/2002
           PHM-R0207 Rock 07/2002
           PHM-R0208 Rock 08/2002
           PHM-R0209 Rock 09/2002
           PHM-R0211 Rock 11/2002
           PHM-R0212 Rock 12/2002
           PHM-R0302 Rock 02/2003
           PHM-R0305 Rock 05/2003
           PHM-R0306 Rock 06/2003
           PHM-R0307 Rock 07/2003
           PHM-R0308 Rock 08/2003
           PHM-R0309 Rock 09/2003
           PHM-R0310 Rock 10/2003
           PHM-R0311 Rock 11/2003
           PHM-R0312 Rock 12/2003
           PHM-R0401 Rock 01/2004
           PHM-R0402 Rock 02/2004
           PHM-R0403 Rock 03/2004
           PHM-R0404 Rock 04/2004
           PHM-R0406 Rock 06/2004
           PHM-R0408 Rock 08/2004
           PHM-R0409 Rock 09/2004
           PHM-R0410 Rock 10/2004
           PHM-R0411 Rock 11/2004
           PHM-R0412 Rock 12/2004
           PHM-R0501 Rock 01/2005
           PHM-R0502 Rock 02/2005
           PHM-R0507 Rock 07/2005
           PHM-R0508 Rock 08/2005
         Pop Hits Monthly Urban
           PHM-U0209 Urban 09/2002
           PHM-U0211 Urban 11/2002
           PHM-U0301 Urban 01/2003
           PHM-U0302 Urban 02/2003
           PHM-U0304 Urban 04/2003
           PHM-U0305 Urban 05/2003
           PHM-U0306 Urban 06/2003
           PHM-U0307 Urban 07/2003
           PHM-U0308 Urban 08/2003
           PHM-U0309 Urban 09/2003
           PHM-U0311 Urban 11/2003
           PHM-U0312 Urban 12/2003
           PHM-U0401 Urban 01/2004
           PHM-U0403 Urban 03/2004
           PHM-U0405 Urban 05/2004
           PHM-U0407 Urban 07/2004
           PHM-U0408 Urban 08/2004
           PHM-U0411 Urban 11/2004
           PHM-U0412 Urban 12/2004
           PHM-U0502 Urban 02/2005
           PHM-U0503 Urban 03/2005
           PHM-U0504 Urban 04/2005
           PHM-U0510 Urban 10/2005
           PHM-U0802 Urban 02/2008
           PHM-U0803 Urban 03/2008
           PHM-U0807 Urban 07/2008
           PHM-U0808 Urban 08/2008
           PHM-U0809 Urban 09/2008
           PHM-U0810 Urban 10/2008
           PHM-U0812 Urban 12/2008
           PHM-U0902 Urban 02/2009
           PHM-U0903 Urban 03/2009
           PHM-U0904 Urban 04/2009
           PHM-U0907 Urban 07/2009
           PHM-U0908 Urban 08/2009
           PHM-U0909 Urban 09/2009
           PHM-U0910 Urban 10/2009
           PHM-U0911 Urban 11/2009
           PHM-U0912 Urban 12/2009
           PHM-U1001 Urban 01/2010
           PHM-U1002 Urban 02/2010
           PHM-U1003 Urban 03/2010
           PHM-U1004 Urban 04/2010
           PHM-U1005 Urban 05/2010
           PHM-U1006 Urban 06/2010
           PHM-U1007 Urban 07/2010
           PHM-U1008 Urban 08/2010
           PHM-U1009 Urban 09/2010
           PHM-U1010 Urban 10/2010
           PHM-U1011 Urban 11/2010
           PHM-U1012 Urban 12/2010
           PHM-U1101 Urban 01/2011
           PHM-U1102 Urban 02/2011
           PHM-U1103 Urban 03/2011
           PHM-U1104 Urban 04/2011
           PHM-U1105 Urban 05/2011
           PHM-U1106 Urban 06/2011
           PHM-U1107 Urban 07/2011
           PHM-U1108 Urban 08/2011
           PHM-U1109 Urban 09/2011
           PHM-U1110 Urban 10/2011
           PHM-U1111 Urban 11/2011
           PHM-U1112 Urban 12/2011
           PHM-U1201 Urban 01/2012
           PHM-U1202 Urban 02/2012
           PHM-U1203 Urban 03/2012
           PHM-U1204 Urban 04/2012
         Pop Hits Today
           Pop Hits Today (PHT9902)
           Pop Hits Today (PHT9903)
           Pop Hits Today (PHT9904)
           Pop Hits Today (PHT9905)
           Pop Hits Today (PHT9909)
           Pop Hits Today (PHT9915)
         Priddis PRG-9 "Entertainer Series"
           PRG-9112 Stompin' Gospel Hits
         Priddis PRG-3 "Faith Series"
           PRG-3002 Christian Hits #2
           PRG-3003 Christian Hits #3
           PRG-3008 Gospel Worship #2
           PRG-3009 Jaci Velasquez
           PRG-3012 Christian Hits #5
           PRG-3013 Christian Hits #6
           PRG-3018 Christian Radio 2002 #1
           PRG-3022 The Apostle Movie
           PRG-3024 Steven Curtis Chapman
           PRG-3027 Nicole C. Mullen
           PRG-3031 Rebecca St. James #1
           PRG-3038 Sixpence None The Richer
         Priddis PRG-LP
           PRG-LP133 Childrens Favorites #2
         Pro Hits
           PH-01 Line Dance Songs
           PH-05 Country Songs
           PH-08 Gutsy Rock Songs
           PH-09 Children's Songs
         Radio Starz (RZ)
           RZ-601-A Pearl Jam
           RZ-602 Dixie Chicks - Wide Girls
           RZ-603 Dixie Chicks - Fly Girls
           RZ-604 Barenaked Ladies
           RZ-605A Shania Twain 2003
           RZ-606 Cher
           RZ-607 John Lennon
           RZ-609 Garth Brooks 1989-1993
           RZ-610B Garth Brooks 1994-2005
           RZ-611 Ozzy Osbourne / Black Sabbath
           RZ-612 Van Halen
           RZ-613 Aerosmith
           RZ-615 Sheryl Crow 2004
           RZ-616 Leann Rimes 2003
           RZ-617 Dixie Chicks "Home" +
           RZ-618 Pat Benetar
           RZ-620 James Taylor
           RZ-624 Simon And Garfunkel
           RZ-625 Neil Diamond
           RZ-627 Melissa Etheridge 2004
           RZ-628 Sugarland "Twice The Speed"
           RZ-629 Kelly Clarkson 2003-2005
           RCA (RCA528)
           RCA (RCA535)
         Sing Like Superstar Karaoke (SKG-5xx)
           SKG-501 Celine Dion #1
           SKG-503 Mariah Carey
           SKG-504 Michael Bolton
           SKG-505 Tom Jones #1
           SKG-507 Spice Girls
           SKG-508 Richard Marx
           SKG-509 Toni Braxton
           SKG-511 Celine Dion #2
           SKG-513 Barbra Streisand
           SKG-516 Backstreet Boys #1
           SKG-525 Whitney Houston
           SKG-526 Rod Stewart & Eric Clapton
           SKG-528 Garth Brooks
           SKG-529 N'Sync
           SKG-532 Ricky Martin
           SKG-534 98 Degrees
           SKG-535 Britney Spears
           SKG-536 Backstreet Boys #2
           SKG-537 Tom Jones #2
           SKG-538 Engelbert Humperdinck #2
           SKG-539 Santana & Friends #1
           SKG-540 Santana & Friends #2
           SKG-541 Britney Spears
           SKG-543 Jennifer Lopez
           SKG-544 N'Sync
           SKG-548 Marc Anthony
         Sing Like Superstar Karaoke (SKG-9xx)
           Sing Like Superstar Karaoke 900 (SKG943)
           Sing Like Superstar Karaoke 900 (SKG944)
         Sound Choice Power Picks Series (SCG3)
           SCG-3005 Pop/Rock 03/1997 #4
           SCG-3011 Country 04/1997 #3
           SCG-3014 Country 06/1997 #1
           SCG-3017 Country 06/1997 #2
           SCG-3021 Pop/Rock 06/1997 #4
           SCG-3025 Pop/Rock 07/1997 #2
           SCG-3028 Country 08/1997 #1
           SCG-3030 Country 08/1997 #2
           SCG-3031 Pop/Rock 08/1997 #2
           SCG-3034 Country 08/1997 #4
           SCG-3038 Country 09/1997 #2
           SCG-3040 Country 10/1997 #2
           SCG-3042 Country 10/1997 #2
           SCG-3044 Country 11/1997 #1
           SCG-3047 Country 12/1997 #1
           SCG-3050 Country 01/1998 #1
           SCG-3055 Country 02/1998 #2
           SCG-3060 Country 04/1998 #2
           SCG-3066 Pop/Rock 06/1998 #1
           SCG-3069 Pop/Rock 06/1998 #3
           SCG-3077 Country #40
           SCG-3078 Country #41
           SCG-3080 Country #42
           SCG-3082 Pop/Rock #40
           SCG-3083 Country #43
           SCG-3087 Country #45
           SCG-3089 Pop/Rock #44
           SCG-3092 Pop/Rock #46
           SCG-3096 Country #48
           SCG-3097 Pop/Rock #49
           SCG-3098 Country #49
           SCG-3099 Pop/Rock #50
           SCG-3103 Pop/Rock #52
           SCG-3104 Country #52
           SCG-3105 Pop/Rock #53
           SCG-3106 Country #53
           SCG-3108 Pop/Rock #55
           SCG-3109 Country #54
           SCG-3111 Country #55
           SCG-3112 Country #56
           SCG-3117 Country #57
           SCG-3120 Country #58
           SCG-3121 Country #59
           SCG-3122 Pop/Rock #63
           SCG-3123 Country #60
           SCG-3126 Country #61
           SCG-3129 Country #63
           SCG-3139 Country #68
           SCG-3140 Pop/Rock #72
           SCG-3141 Country #69
           SCG-3143 Pop/Rock #74
           SCG-3144 Country #70
           SCG-3145 Country #71
           SCG-3147 Country #72
           SCG-3149 Country #73
           SCG-3150 Pop/Rock #77
           SCG-3152 Country #74
           SCG-3154 Country #75
           SCG-3155 Pop/Rock #80
           SCG-3156 Country #76
           SCG-3157 Country #77
           SCG-3159 Country #78
           SCG-3160 Pop/Rock #82
           SCG-3163 Pop/Rock #84
           SCG-3167 Country #81
           SCG-3170 Country #83
           SCG-3171 Pop/Rock #88
           SCG-3174 Country #85
           SCG-3175 Pop/Rock #90
           SCG-3177 Pop/Rock #91
           SCG-3180 Pop/Rock #92
           SCG-3182 Country #89
           SCG-3184 Country #90
           SCG-3185 Pop/Rock #95
           SCG-3186 Country #91
           SCG-3188 Country #92
           SCG-3190 Country #93
           SCG-3195 Country #95
           SCG-3196 Pop/Rock #101
           SCG-3198 Country #96
           SCG-3200 Pop/Rock #103
           SCG-3201 Pop/Rock #104
           SCG-3202 Country #98
           SCG-3205 Country #100
           SCG-3211 Pop/Rock #109
           SCG-3214 Pop/Rock #111
           SCG-3217 Country #105
           SCG-3219 Country #106
           SCG-3223 Country #107
           SCG-3225 Pop/Rock #117
           SCG-3226 Pop/Rock #118
           SCG-3227 Country #109
           SCG-3228 Pop/Rock #119
           SCG-3229 Pop/Rock #120
           SCG-3231 Pop/Rock #121
           SCG-3232 Country #111
           SCG-3234 Country #112
           SCG-3236 Country #113
           SCG-3248 Pop/Rock #131
           SCG-3253 Pop/Rock #135
           SCG-3255 Country #120
           SCG-3258 Pop/Rock #137
           SCG-3263 Country #124
           SCG-3264 Pop/Rock #140
           SCG-3265 Country #125
           SCG-3266 Pop/Rock #141
           SCG-3269 Country #127
           SCG-3271 Country #128
           SCG-3272 Pop/Rock Picks #144
           SCG-3274 Country #129
           SCG-3275 Country #130
           SCG-3276 Pop/Rock Picks #146
           SCG-3285 Country #134
           SCG-3287 Country #135
           SCG-3290 Pop/Rock #154
           SCG-3292 Country #137
           SCG-3294 Country #138
           SCG-3296 Pop/Rock #158
           SCG-3299 Country #139
           SCG-3301 Pop/ Rock #161
           SCG-3302 Country #141
           SCG-3303 Country #142
           SCG-3304 Pop/Rock Picks #162
           SCG-3306 Country #143
           SCG-3308 Pop/Rock #165
           SCG-3309 Country #144
           SCG-3316 Country #146
           SCG-3317 Pop/Rock #171
           SCG-3318 Country #147
           SCG-3319 Pop/Rock #172
           SCG-3320 Pop/Rock #173
           SCG-3321 Country #148
           SCG-3322 Country #149
           SCG-3323 Pop/Rock #174
           SCG-3325 Country #150
           SCG-3326 Pop/Rock #176
           SCG-3328 Country #151
           SCG-3329 Pop/Rock #178
           SCG-3331 Country #152
           SCG-3332 Pop/Rock #180
           SCG-3333 Pop/Rock #181
           SCG-3336 Pop/Rock #182
           SCG-3337 Country #155
           SCG-3338 Pop/Rock #183
           SCG-3340 Country #156
           SCG-3342 Country #157
           SCG-3343 Pop/Rock #186
           SCG-3345 Country #158
           SCG-3347 Country #159
           SCG-3350 Country #160
           SCG-3351 Pop/Rock #191
           SCG-3352 Pop/Rock #192
           SCG-3354 Pop/Rock #194
           SCG-3355 Country #161
           SCG-3358 Country #162
           SCG-3360 Pop/Rock #198
           SCG-3361 Country #163
           SCG-3363 Country #164
           SCG-3365 Country #165
           SCG-3367 Country #166
           SCG-3369 Pop/Rock #203
           SCG-3370 Country #167
           SCG-3371 Pop/Rock #204
           SCG-3377 Pop/Rock #207
           SCG-3378 Country #171
           SCG-3381 Pop/Rock #209
           SCG-3386 Country #174
           SCG-3388 Pop/Rock #213
           SCG-3390 Pop/Rock #215
           SCG-3396 Pop/Rock #219
           SCG-3397 Country #178
           SCG-3399 Country #179
           SCG-3401 Pop/Rock #222
           SCG-3402 Country #180
           SCG-3407 Pop/Rock #225
           SCG-3409 Country #183
           SCG-3410 Pop/Rock #227
           SCG-3413 Pop/Rock #228
           SCG-3415 Pop/Rock #230
           SCG-3417 Country #187
           SCG-3425 Pop/Rock #234
           SCG-3428 Pop/Rock #236
           SCG-3431 Country #194
           SCG-3432 Country #195
           SCG-3436 Country #197
           SCG-3438 Pop/Rock #240
           SCG-3440 Country #199
           SCG-3443 Country #201
           SCG-3444 Pop/Rock #243
           SCG-3445 Country #202
           SCG-3446 Pop/Rock Picks #244
           SCG-3447 Country Picks #203
           SCG-3450 Pop/Rock Picks #246
           SCG-3451 Pop/Rock Picks #247
           SCG-3452 Country Picks #205
           SCG-3453 Pop/Rock #248
         Sound Choice Reminiscing Gold
           SCG-1301 Reminiscing Gold #1
           SCG-1302 Reminiscing Gold #2
           SCG-1303 Reminiscing Gold #3
           SCG-1304 Reminiscing Gold #4
           SCG-1305 Reminiscing Gold #5
           SCG-1306 Reminiscing Gold #6
           SCG-1307 Reminiscing Gold #7
         Sound Choice Reminiscing Series
           SCG-7021 Reminiscing Series #1
           SCG-7022 Reminiscing Series #2
           SCG-7023 Reminiscing Series #3
           SCG-7024 Reminiscing Series #4
           SCG-7025 Reminiscing Series #5
           SCG-7026 Reminiscing Series #6
           SCG-7027 Reminiscing Series #7
           SCG-7028 Reminiscing Series #8
           SCG-7029 Reminiscing Series #9
           SCG-7030 Reminiscing Series #10
           SCG-7031 Reminiscing Series #11
           SCG-7032 Reminiscing Series #12
           SCG-7033 Reminiscing Series #13
           SCG-7034 Reminiscing Series #14
           SCG-7035 Reminiscing Series #15
           SCG-7036 Reminiscing Series #16
           SCG-7037 Reminiscing Series #17
         Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8100 - SCG8199)
           SCG-8103 Country Hits #3
           SCG-8105 Country Hits #5
           SCG-8106 Party Songs
           SCG-8107 Pop Hits #1
           SCG-8108 50's & 60's
           SCG-8109 Specialty Songs
           SCG-8110 50's & 60's Soul.
           SCG-8115 70's & 80's
           SCG-8116 TV Themes.
           SCG-8117 Songs Your Mother Wouldn't Let You Sing
           SCG-8118R Great Male Standards #1
           SCG-8120 Country Hits #8
           SCG-8128 Favorite Country Duets
           SCG-8143 Bubba Does Disco
           SCG-8146 Southern Fried Rock
           SCG-8147 Why Don't We Get Drunk And Sing
           SCG-8153 70's & 80's #3
           SCG-8155 Elvis Presley #2
           SCG-8158 Classic Country #1
           SCG-8169 Mama's Back
           SCG-8178 70's & 80's #6
           SCG-8185 Christmas Favorites #2
           SCG-8190 50's & 60's #2
           SCG-8193 Greek Favorites
           SCG-8197 70's & 80's #9
         Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8200 - SCG8399)
           SCG-8202 Cruisin
           SCG-8206 One Hit Wonders of the 60's
           SCG-8207 70's & 80's #12
           SCG-8208 Classic Country #3
           SCG-8210 70's & 80's #13
           SCG-8218 Found Classics
           SCG-8223 70's & 80's #14
           SCG-8227 Found Classics #2
           SCG-8231 70's & 80's #15
           SCG-8241 Yesterday's Country #10
           SCG-8242R Yesterday's POP #4
           SCG-8243 Country Hits #4
           SCG-8252 Headbanger's Hits #1
           SCG-8258 50's & 60's #5
           SCG-8262 Classic Country #3
           SCG-8264 70's & 80's #17
           SCG-8265 Yesterday's Country #12
           SCG-8269 Yesterday's Country #13
           SCG-8276 Classic Country #4
           SCG-8292 70's & 80's #19
           SCG-8293 Yesterday's Pop #8
           SCG-8297 70's & 80's #20
           SCG-8313 New Wave Hits #1
           SCG-8323 R & B Hits #2
           SCG-8327 Legends of the Blues #1
           SCG-8331 No Men Allowed #2
           SCG-8333 Mama As Nasty As She Wants to Be
           SCG-8335 70's Country Hits #1
           SCG-8347 Neil Diamond #1
           SCG-8356 Elvis Presley
           SCG-8360 Beatles Movie Hits
           SCG-8362 Timeless Pop #4
           SCG-8373 Headbanger's Hits #4
           SCG-8378 70's & 80's #25
           SCG-8387 Beatles #2
           SCG-8399 50's & 60's #8
         Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8400 - SCG8599)
           SCG-8403 Desperado's #3
           SCG-8404 Arena Rock #1
           SCG-8405 Smooth Grooves #1
           SCG-8407 Beatles #3
           SCG-8418 50's & 60's #10
           SCG-8433 90's Hits #1
           SCG-8437 Led Zeppelin #1
           SCG-8439 70's & 80's #32
           SCG-8441 50's & 60's #12
           SCG-8442 Desperado's #3
           SCG-8446 Shania Twain #1
           SCG-8447 70's & 80's #34
           SCG-8448 Pop Hits #67
           SCG-8455 70's & 80's Country #8
           SCG-8459 Lynyrd Skynyrd
           SCG-8461 70's & 80's Country #9
           SCG-8472 Rocky Horror Picture Show
           SCG-8486 90's Hits #3
           SCG-8489 Creedence Clearwater Revival
           SCG-8492 70's & 80's #37
           SCG-8513 50's & 60's #14
           SCG-8521 50's & 60's #15
           SCG-8522 New Waves Hits #2
           SCG-8525 70's & 80's Country #12
           SCG-8527 70's & 80's #41
           SCG-8532 Mama with Blue Dress On
           SCG-8535 70's & 80's #42
           SCG-8536 Elvis Presley Gospel #1
           SCG-8538 Classic Country #8
           SCG-8543 Country Hits #113
           SCG-8544R Silly Sing-Along Songs
           SCG-8550R Halloween Hits #1
           SCG-8554 70's & 80's #44
           SCG-8555 Classic Country #9
           SCG-8561 70's & 80's Country #18
           SCG-8562 90's Hits #5
           SCG-8574 Classic Rock Groups #1
           SCG-8575 50's & 60's #18
           SCG-8586 Classic Rock #3
           SCG-8597 Headbanger's Hits #7
         Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8600 - SCG8799)
           SCG-8605 Billy Joel #1
           SCG-8627 70's & 80's #57
           SCG-8632 John Mellencamp
           SCG-8639 3 of a Kind #5
           SCG-8643 Sting & the Police #1
           SCG-8648 Classic Rock Groups #2
           SCG-8660 Headbanger's Hits #9
           SCG-8661 Contemporary Christian #1
           SCG-8662 Hard Rock Hits #1
           SCG-8666 Elton John #2
           SCG-8675 Legends of the Blues #3
           SCG-8678 Hits of the 80's #1
           SCG-8679 60's & 70's #2
           SCG-8683R Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
           SCG-8684 70's & 80's #65
           SCG-8685 the Beatles #4
           SCG-8689 Van Morrison #1
           SCG-8691 Greensryche vs Rush
           SCG-8693 Grass is Blue #1
           SCG-8696 Hits of the 80's #2
           SCG-8704 Here Come the Funk #2
           SCG-8706 3 of a Kind #8
           SCG-8712 Classic Country #13
           SCG-8713 Headbanger's Hits #X
           SCG-8715 Classic Rock #4
           SCG-8716 3 of a Kind #9
           SCG-8718 Prince & Friends #1
           SCG-8719 80's #3
           SCG-8724 60's & 70's #3
           SCG-8734 All Made-up With No Place to Go
           SCG-8737 Irish Songs
           SCG-8739 Bubba's Barn Door is Open
           SCG-8754 R&B Hits #4
           SCG-8756 Headbanger's Hits #11
           SCG-8760 Can't Stop the Hip-Hop #3
           SCG-8761 Billy Joel #2
           SCG-8763 70's & 80's #68
           SCG-8770 50's & 60's #24
           SCG-8772 Hits of Queen #1
           SCG-8776 R&B Hits #6
           SCG-8785 Fleetwood Mac #1
         Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8800 - SCG9xxx)
           SCG-8804 Teen Tragedies & Other Love Songs
           SCG-8810 Toby Keith #1
           SCG-8814 Legends of the Blues #4
           SCG-8815 Pat Benatar
           SCG-8819 Alan Jackson #1
           SCG-8825 Frank Sinatra
           SCG-8828 Contemporary Christian #2
           SCG-8829 Metallica #1
           SCG-8830 Headbanger's Hits #12
           SCG-8832 Journey
           SCG-8841 Aretha Franklin #1
           SCG-8848 Ozzy & Black Sabbath
           SCG-8850 Movie Madness #2
           SCG-8856 Storytellers #2
           SCG-8860 R & B Hits #8
           SCG-8872 Def Leppard
           SCG-8875 Can't Stop the Hip-Hop #4 (Old Skool)
           SCG-8877 Country Hits #170
           SCG-8885 Movie Madness #3
           SCG-8893 Legends of the Blues #5
           SCG-8894R 80's & 90's
           SCG-8895 60's & 70's #5
           SCG-8896 Kiss #1
           SCG-8901 Willie Nelson
           SCG-8910 Grease
           SCG-8914 Pop Hits #178
           SCG-8919 Best Of Praise & Worship
           SCG-8920 Country Hits #178
           SCG-8922 Southern Fried Rock #4
           SCG-8925 Bonnie Raitt #1
           SCG-8927 Songs To Make Your Mama Blush #2
           SCG-8930 Childhood Favorites
           SCG-8931 Country Hits #180
           SCG-8937 Reggaeton & Dance Hall Hits
           SCG-8939 70's & 80's #74
           SCG-8942 POP/ROCK 80's & 90's #2
           SCG-8947 Reggae Hits #2
           SCG-8951 Party Songs #4
           SCG-8962 Praise & Worship #2
           SCG-8966 Pop / Rock #188
           SCG-8968 50's & 60's #25
           SCG-8969 R&B Hits #9
           SCG-8970R 60's & 70's #7
           SCG-8971 Alabama #2
           SCG-8976 Toby Keith #2
           SCG-8979 Linda Ronstadt #1
           SCG-8982 Country Hits #187
           SCG-8983R Pop Hits #190
           SCG-8984 R&B Detroit City Soul
           SCG-8986 Country Hits #188
           SCG-8987 Pop / Rock #191
           SCG-8988 Pop / Rock #192
           SCG-8989 Country Hits #189
           SCG-8992 Male Country Hits of 2006
           SCG-8998 Country Hits #191
           SCG-8999 Pop Hits #194
           SCG-9001 Legends Of The Blues #6
           SCG-9002 Headbanger's Hits - #15
           SCG-9003 Country Hits #192
           SCG-9004 Country Hits #193
           SCG-9005 Pop Hits #195
           SCG-9008 Rascal Flatts
           SCG-9012 Classic Rock #5
           SCG-9013 Country Hits #195
           SCG-9014 Pop Hits #199
           SCG-9015 Pop Hits #200
           SCG-9016 Pop Hits #201
           SCG-9017 Country Hits #196
           SCG-9018 Country Hits #197
           SCG-9019 Pop Hits #202
           SCG-9021 POP/ROCK Hits of 2008 #1
           SCG-9022 POP/ROCK Hits of 2008 #2
           SCG-9023 Pop Hits #203
           SCG-9024 Hits of 2009
         Sound Choice Star Series (SCG2)
           SCG-2002 Patsy Cline #1
           SCG-2003 Elvis Presley
           SCG-2007 Whitney Houston #1
           SCG-2008 70's & 80's
           SCG-2009 Classic Male Standards
           SCG-2016 Female Country #1
           SCG-2018 'Tis The Season #1
           SCG-2020 Song of Faith #1
           SCG-2022 Old Time Favorites #1
           SCG-2028 Broadway Classics #1
           SCG-2029 TV Themes.
           SCG-2030 Mega Male Alternative Hits
           SCG-2031 'Tis The Season #3
           SCG-2032 'Tis the Season #4
           SCG-2038 Sentimental Journeys #2
           SCG-2039 Shania Twain
           SCG-2040 Faith Hill
           SCG-2041 70's & 80's #3
           SCG-2044 Broadway Classics #2
           SCG-2045 Contemporary Christian #1
           SCG-2046 'Tis The Season #5
           SCG-2048 'Tis The Season #7
           SCG-2051 Male Country Hits #1
           SCG-2052 Female Country #2
           SCG-2053 90's Female Hits #3
           SCG-2054 90's Male Hits #2
           SCG-2055 Grease
           SCG-2056 Male Country #2
           SCG-2057 90's Male Hits #3
           SCG-2058 Female Country Hits #3
           SCG-2059 90's Male Hits #3
           SCG-2062 90's Male Hits #4
           SCG-2066 70's & 80's Female Hits #1
           SCG-2067 Country Swing #1
           SCG-2071 Dance Hits
           SCG-2072 90's Male Hits #5
           SCG-2073 50's & 60's Party #2
           SCG-2076 Party Songs #2
           SCG-2077 50's & 60's Party Songs #3
           SCG-2078 90's Female Hits #7
           SCG-2079 50's & 60's Female Hits #2
           SCG-2083 Female Country Hits #4
           SCG-2087 Male Country Hits #6
           SCG-2090 Male Country Hits #8
           SCG-2092 50's & 60's Male #3
           SCG-2093 90's Male Hits #6
           SCG-2095 Male Country Hits #4
           SCG-2096 Trisha Yearwood #1
           SCG-2098 90's Male Hits #7
           SCG-2099 90's Female Hits #10
           SCG-2101 Tracy Lawrence #1
           SCG-2103 90's Female Hits #11
           SCG-2105 Male Country Hits #5
           SCG-2106 90's Male Hits #7
           SCG-2107 90's Male Hits #10
           SCG-2112 Dance Hits #3
           SCG-2113 90's Male Hits #12
           SCG-2120 70's & 80's Male Hits #3
           SCG-2122 Female Country Hits #7
           SCG-2125 Halloween Hits #1
           SCG-2127 Tracy Byrd #1
           SCG-2128 'Tis The Season #8
           SCG-2129 Male Country Hits #10
           SCG-2130 Pop Duets #1
           SCG-2131 Male Country Hits #11
           SCG-2134 George Jones #1
           SCG-2135 Kathy Mattea
           SCG-2136 John Anderson #1
           SCG-2138 Johnny Cash #1
           SCG-2141 Dolly Parton
           SCG-2143 Trisha Yearwood #2
           SCG-2145 Linda Ronstadt #1
           SCG-2146 John Berry
           SCG-2149 Patty Loveless
           SCG-2150 Clay Walker
           SCG-2151 Male Hits of the 80's
           SCG-2156 Anne Murray #1
           SCG-2157 Grease #2.
           SCG-2161 Frank Sinatra #1
           SCG-2163 TV Themes #2
           SCG-2164 Olivia Newton-John #1
           SCG-2165 Restless Heart #1
           SCG-2167 Shania Twain #2
           SCG-2168 LeAnn Rimes #2
           SCG-2170 Country Angels #1
           SCG-2172 Clint Black
           SCG-2173 'Tis The Season #9
           SCG-2174 Suzy Bogguss
           SCG-2175 Heart
           SCG-2178 Brooks & Dunn #1
           SCG-2182 Amy Grant
           SCG-2185 Clint Black #2
           SCG-2188 Carpenters #1
           SCG-2190 90's Female Hits #13
           SCG-2191 Broadway Classics #3.
           SCG-2195 Broadway Classics #4.
           SCG-2198 Sound Of Music #1.
           SCG-2199 Melissa Etheridge #1
           SCG-2200 Ricky Nelson
           SCG-2206 South Pacific #1
           SCG-2208 Faith Hill #2
           SCG-2209 Sheryl Crow #1
           SCG-2210 Deana Carter
           SCG-2214 Wedding Music #6
           SCG-2217 Backstreet Boys #1
           SCG-2220 Weird Al Yankovic #1
           SCG-2221 Hard Rock
           SCG-2222 Broadway Duets #1
           SCG-2224 Lila McCann
           SCG-2225 Paul McCartney #1
           SCG-2231 Little Shop of Horrors
           SCG-2234 Annie Lennox & Eurythmics #1
           SCG-2236 N'Sync & 98 Degrees
           SCG-2238 Go-Go's & Bangles #1
           SCG-2240 Male Country Love Songs #2
           SCG-2249 Brandy & Monica #1
           SCG-2251 Halloween Hits #3
           SCG-2259 Matchbox Twenty #1
           SCG-2260 Steve Miller Band #1
           SCG-2262 Hard Rock Hits #3
           SCG-2264 Jo Dee Messina #2
           SCG-2266 Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera #2
           SCG-2274 Meat Loaf #1
           SCG-2279 Jimi Hendrix #1
           SCG-2282 Contemporary Christian #2
           SCG-2285 Joan Jett #1
           SCG-2291 Wedding Music #7
           SCG-2292 Creed #1
           SCG-2295 Wedding Music #8
           SCG-2300 Hard Rock #4
           SCG-2303 TLC & Destiny's Child #1
           SCG-2306 Def Leppard #1
           SCG-2309 Bon Jovi #1
           SCG-2313 Shania Twain #2
           SCG-2314 INXS #1
           SCG-2316 Alice Cooper #1
           SCG-2318 Dr. Hook #1
           SCG-2323 Huey Lewis and The News #1
           SCG-2324 David Allan Coe #1
           SCG-2327 Purple Rain
           SCG-2328 Keith Whitley #1
           SCG-2329 Tim McGraw #2
           SCG-2330 The Beatles #2
           SCG-2331 Brooks & Dunn
           SCG-2338 Aaron Tippin #1
           SCG-2340 Country Sings for Freedom
           SCG-2344 Hip-Hop Nation 2001
           SCG-2347 Female Pop 2001
           SCG-2351 Garth Brooks #3
           SCG-2353 Wedding Music #10
           SCG-2356 Wedding Music #11
           SCG-2357 Wedding Music #12
           SCG-2358 Cyndi Lauper #1
           SCG-2360 Hits from "We Were Soldiers"
           SCG-2363 Bluegrass #1
           SCG-2367 Foreigner #1
           SCG-2368 Martina McBride
           SCG-2371 Alan Jackson #3
           SCG-2375 Jennifer Lopez #1
           SCG-2377 Fleetwood Mac #2
           SCG-2378 Tom Jones #1
           SCG-2380 'Tis The Season #10
           SCG-2381 'Tis The Season #11
           SCG-2383 No Doubt & Pink #1
           SCG-2385 Guns N' Roses #1
           SCG-2386 John Denver #1
           SCG-2387 Female Hip-Hop #1
           SCG-2390 Best Female Rock 2002
           SCG-2391 Female Pop 2002
           SCG-2392 Male Pop 2002
           SCG-2393 Male Rock 2002
           SCG-2394 Male Country 2002
           SCG-2395 Male Hip-Hop 2002
           SCG-2396 Female Hip-Hop 2002
           SCG-2399 Gordon Lightfoot & Jim Croce #1
           SCG-2400 Punk D.I.Y. #1
           SCG-2405 Duran Duran #1
           SCG-2408 Ain't That America
           SCG-2413 Sheryl Crow #2
           SCG-2415 Contemporary Christian #4
           SCG-2419 Luau Party Time
           SCG-2420 Kenny Chesney #2
           SCG-2421 Eva Cassidy #1
           SCG-2425 George Jones #2
           SCG-2427 Best Of Idol TV #1
           SCG-2433 God and Country #1
           SCG-2434 Somewhere Wonderful
           SCG-2436 Best Female Pop/Rock Hits Of 2003
           SCG-2437 Hip-Hop Nation 2003
           SCG-2438 Male Country 2003
           SCG-2444 Toby Keith #2
           SCG-2448 Songs for the Graduate
           SCG-2457 Marvin Gaye #3
           SCG-2464 Best Female Pop/Rock Hits of 2004
           SCG-2466 Gretchen Wilson / Big & Rich
           SCG-2468 Coldplay & Maroon 5
           SCG-2472 Soul Legends
           SCG-2476 Wedding Music - Vol. 19
           SCG-2478 Ray Charles
           SCG-2481 Braid Paisley
           SCG-2483 Monsters Of Metal - Poison vs Motley Crue
           SCG-2484 Alicia Keys
           SCG-2485 R. Kelly
           SCG-2490 Beach Boys
           SCG-2492 Gretchen Wilson - All Jacked Up & Nowhere To Go
           SCG-2494 Best Male Country Hits of 2005
           SCG-2496 Best Male Pop/Rock 2005
           SCG-2497 Lee Ann Womack #2
           SCG-2500 Cheap Trick #1
           SCG-2501 George Thorogood
           SCG-2502 Fats Domino #1
           SCG-2506 Judas Priest #1
           SCG-2507 The Blues Brothers #1
           SCG-2510 The Supremes #1
           SCG-2511 Willie Nelson
           SCG-2512 Genesis #1
           SCG-2513 Tis The Season #15
           SCG-2514 Tis The Season #16
           SCG-2515 Best Female Country Hits Of 2006
           SCG-2516 Best Female Country Hits Of 2006
           SCG-2518 Best Male Pop/Rock Hits Of 2006
         Stage Stars
           RPT-511 Dreamgirls (Broadway) (Audio Only)
           RPT-516 Sweeney Todd (Audio Only, No Graphics)
           RPT-519 MAMMA MIA (Audio Only, No Graphics)
           Stage Stars (STS6001)
           Stage Stars (STS6002)
           Stage Stars (STS6003)
           Stage Stars (STS6004)
           Stage Stars (STS6005)
           Stage Stars (STS6006)
           Stage Stars (STS6007)
           Stage Stars (STS6008)
           Stage Stars (STS6009)
           Stage Stars (STS6010)
           Stage Stars (STS6011)
           Stage Stars (STS6012)
           STS-6016 Wicked
           STS-6017 La Cage Aux Folles
           STS-6021 Spamalot
           STS-6023 Kiss Me Kate
           STS-6024 You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Broadway Musical)
           STS-6027 Hairspray (Broadway Version)
           STS-6029 The Wizard Of Oz
         Star Disc Country
           SDG-001 Star Disc Country #1
           SDG-002 Star Disc Country #2
           SDG-006 Star Disc Country #6
           SDG-008 Star Disc Country #8
           SDG-009 Star Disc Country #9
           SDG-011 Star Disc Country #11
           SDG-024 Star Disc Country #24
           SDG-028 Star Disc Country #28
           SDG-029 Star Disc Country #29
           SDG-032 Star Disc Country #32
           SDG-033 Star Disc Country #33
           SDG-034 Star Disc Country #34
           SDG-035 Star Disc Country #35
           SDG-036 Star Disc Country #36
           SDG-037 Star Disc Country #37
           SDG-045 Star Disc Country #45
           SDG-080 Star Disc Country #80
           SDG-108 Star Disc Country #108
           SDG-163 Star Disc Country #163
         Star Disc Pop Series
           SDG-4201 Star Disc Pop 01/2002
           SDG-4202 Star Disc Pop 02/2002
           SDG-4204 Star Disc Pop 04/2002
           SDG-4205 Star Disc Pop 05/2002
           SDG-4206 Star Disc Pop 06/2002
           SDG-4207 Star Disc Pop 07/2002
           SDG-4208 Star Disc Pop 08/2002
           SDG-4209 Star Disc Pop 09/2002
           SDG-4210 Star Disc Pop 10/2002
           SDG-4211 Star Disc Pop 11/2002
           SDG-4212 Star Disc Pop 12/2002
           SDG-4301 Star Disc Pop 01/2003
           SDG-4302 Star Disc Pop 02/2003
           SDG-4304 Star Disc Pop 04/2003
           SDG-4306 Star Disc Pop 06/2003
           SDG-4709 Star Disc Pop 09/2007
           SDG-4710 Star Disc Pop 10/2007
           SDG-4711 Star Disc Pop 11/2007
           SDG-4712 Star Disc Pop 12/2007
           SDG-4801 Star Disc Pop 01/2008
           SDG-4802 Star Disc Pop 02/2008
         Star Tracks
           Star Tracks (TSG2601)
           Star Tracks (TSG2603)
           Star Tracks (TSG2604)
           Star Tracks (TSG2605)
           Star Tracks (TSG2606)
         Sunfly Gold
           SFGG-022 Prince
           SFGG-026 Sting & The Police
           SFGG-055 David Bowie, Marc Bolan & T-Rex
         Sunfly World Stars
           SFG-WS005 Christina Aguilera
           SFG-WS006 Red Hot Chili Peppers
           SFG-WS021 U2 #2
           SFG-WS032 Justin Timberlake
           Sunfly (SFG006)
           Sunfly (SFG007)
           Sunfly (SFG019)
           Sunfly (SFG056)
           Sunfly (SFG061)
           Sunfly (SFG104)
         Sunfly Most Wanted Series
           SFG-803 Sunfly Most Wanted Series
           SFG-813 Sunfly Most Wanted Series
           SFG-814 Sunfly Most Wanted Series
           SFG-830 Sunfly Most Wanted Series
           SFG-832 Sunfly Most Wanted Series
           SFG-833 Sunfly Most Wanted Series
           SFG-836 Sunfly Most Wanted Series
         Sweet Georgia Brown (SGB)
           SGB-004 Rock Classics
           SGB-010 Cher
           SGB-011 Pop Hits
           SGB-013 Ricky Martin
           SGB-015 Female Country
           SGB-017 Country Hits
           SGB-018 Pop Hits
           SGB-020 Eric Clapton
           SGB-022 Male Classics
           SGB-027 Blues
           SGB-029 Country Hits
           SGB-030 Pop Hits
           SGB-034 Rock Hits
           SGB-036 Country Hits
           SGB-037 Standards
           SGB-040 Elvis Presley
           SGB-041 Classic Country
           SGB-043 Lynyrd Skynyrd
           SGB-044 Classic Rock
           SGB-046 Pop Hits
           SGB-049 Rock Hits
           SGB-050 Broadway Hits
           SGB-051 Karaoke Favorites
           SGB-052 Rock 'N Roll
           SGB-053 Pop Hits
           SGB-055 Just Oldies
           SGB-057 Pop Hits
           SGB-061 Frank Sinatra
           SGB-063 Rock Classics
           SGB-066 Jumping at Shadows
         Singing Machine
           SMG-7105 Pop Explosion #1
           SMG-8050 Rhythm & Blues #1
           SMG-8601 Karaoke Craze
           SMG-8603 Karaoke Tunes
           SMG-8604 Karaoke Power Play
           SMG-9212 Vintage 60's #2
         Tip Top
           TIP-6002 Country Top Hits
           TIP-6004 Country Top Hits
           TIP-6006 Legendary Hits
           TIP-6010 Pop Top Hits
           TIP-6014 Pop Top Hits
           TIP-6016 DJ Party Mix
           TIP-6019 Pop Top Hits
         Top Hits Monthly All Time Greats
           THM-GFS02AA Frank Sinatra #2
           THM-GKC01 Carpenters #1
         Top Hits Monthly Beautiful Music
           THM-BM01 Beautiful Music #1
         Top Hits Monthly Best of Country
           THM-BC01 Best Country #1
           THM-BC02 Best Country #2
           THM-BC04 Best Country #4
           THM-BC05 Best Country #5
           THM-BC08 Best Country #8
         Top Hits Monthly Best of Pop
           THM-BP001 Best Pop #1
           THM-BP002 Best Pop #2
           THM-BP003 Best Pop #3
           THM-BP005 Best Pop #5
           THM-BP006 Best Pop #6
           THM-BP007 Best Pop #7
           THM-BP008 Best Pop #8
         Top Hits Monthly Best of Rock
           THM-BR003 Best Rock #3
           THM-BR004 Best Rock #4
           THM-BR005 Best Rock #5
         Top Hits Monthly Broadway
           THM-B02 Broadway #2
         Top Hits Monthly Christian
           THMS-0303 Contemporary Christian 03/2003
         Top Hits Monthly Country
           THM-C0001 Country 01/2000
           THM-C0002 Country 02/2000
           THM-C0003 Country 03/2000
           THM-C0004 Country 04/2000
           THM-C0005 Country 05/2000
           THM-C0006 Country 06/2000
           THM-C0007 Country 07/2000
           THM-C0008 Country 08/2000
           THM-C0009 Country 09/2000
           THM-C0011 Country 11/2000
           THM-C0012 Country 12/2000
           THM-C0101 Country 01/2001
           THM-C0102 Country 02/2001
           THM-C0103 Country 03/2001
           THM-C0104 Country 04/2001
           THM-C0105 Country 05/2001
           THM-C0106 Country 06/2001
           THM-C0107 Country 07/2001
           THM-C0108 Country 08/2001
           THM-C0110 Country 10/2001
           THM-C0111 Country 11/2001
           THM-C0112 Country 12/2001
           THM-C0201 Country 01/2002
           THM-C0202 Country 02/2002
           THM-C0203 Country 03/2002
           THM-C0204 Country 04/2002
           THM-C0205 Country 05/2002
           THM-C0206 Country 06/2002
           THM-C0207 Country 07/2002
           THM-C0208 Country 08/2002
           THM-C0209 Country 09/2002
           THM-C0210 Country 10/2002
           THM-C0211 Country 11/2002
           THM-C0212 Country 12/2002
           THM-C0301 Country 01/2003
           THM-C0302 Country 02/2003
           THM-C0303 Country 03/2003
           THM-C0304 Country 04/2003
           THM-C0305 Country 05/2003
           THM-C0306 Country 06/2003
           THM-C0308 Country 08/2003
           THM-C0309 Country 09/2003
           THM-C0310 Country 10/2003
           THM-C0311 Country 11/2003
           THM-C0312 Country 12/2003
           THM-C0401 Country 01/2004
           THM-C0404 Country 04/2004
           THM-C0410 Country 10/2004
           THM-C0412 Country 12/2004
           THM-C0501 Country 01/2005
           THM-C0504 Country 04/2005
           THM-C0506 Country 06/2005
           THM-C0510 Country 10/2005
           THM-C9810 Country 10/1998
           THM-C9811 Country 11/1998
           THM-C9812 Country 12/1998
           THM-C9901 Country 01/1999
           THM-C9902 Country 02/1999
           THM-C9903 Country 03/1999
           THM-C9904 Country 04/1999
           THM-C9905 Country 05/1999
           THM-C9906 Country 06/1999
           THM-C9907 Country 06/1999
           THM-C9908 Country 08/1999
           THM-C9909 Country 09/1999
           THM-C9910 Country 10/1999
           THM-C9911 Country 11/1999
           THM-C9912 Country 12/1999
         Top Hits Monthly Dance Favorites
           THM-DF02 Dance#2
         Top Hits Monthly Elvis
           THM-E06 Elvis #6
         Top Hits Monthly Flashbacks
           THM-FB07 Classic Oldies #4
           THM-FB09 Classic Oldies #6
           THM-FB10 Classic Oldies #7
           THM-FB11 Classic Country
           THM-FB13 Classic Oldies #9
           THM-FB14 Classic Oldies #10
         Top Hits Karaoke (THG)
           THG-201 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-202 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-203 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-204 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-205 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-206 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-208 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-209 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-210 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-211 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-212 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-213 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-214 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-215 Top Hits Karaoke
           THG-216 Top Hits Karaoke
         Top Hits Monthly Platinum
           THM-PL02 Linda Ronstadt
           THM-PL05 Mary Chapin Carpenter
           THM-PL07 Brooks & Dunn
           THM-PL08 Diamond Rio
           THM-PL13 Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
           THM-PL14 Reba McEntire
           THM-PL19 Patty Loveless
           THM-PL20 Merle Haggard
           THM-PL21 Vince Gill
           THM-PL22 Clint Black
           THM-PL25 Randy Travis
           THM-PL27 Emmylou Harris
           THM-PL28 George Jones
           THM-PL33 Reba McEntire #2
           THM-PL34 Backstreet Boys
           THM-PL38 Pop Divas
           THM-PL39 Country Divas
         Top Hits Monthly Platinum Plus
           THM-PLP02 Dixie Chicks
           THM-PLP04 Ricky Martin
           THM-PLP06 Mickey Gilley
           THM-PLP07 Mickey Gilley #2
           THM-PLP09 Lonestar
           THM-PLP12 Kenny Chesney
           THM-PLP13 Collin Raye
           THM-PLP14 Jennifer Lopez
         Top Hits Monthly Pop 1990 Series
           THM-P9510 Pop 10/1995
           THM-P9602 Pop 02/1996
           THM-P9607 Pop 07/1996
           THM-P9610 Pop 10/1996
           THM-P9904 Pop 04/1999
           THM-P9905 Pop 05/1999
           THM-P9906 Pop 06/1999
           THM-P9907 Pop 07/1999
           THM-P9908 Pop 08/1999
           THM-P9909 Pop 09/1999
           THM-P9911 Pop 11/1999
           THM-P9912 Pop 12/1999
         Top Hits Monthly Pop 2000 Series
           THM-P0001 Pop 01/2000
           THM-P0002 Pop 02/2000
           THM-P0003 Pop 03/2000
           THM-P0004 Pop 04/2000
           THM-P0005 Pop 05/2000
           THM-P0006 Pop 06/2000
           THM-P0007 Pop 07/2000
           THM-P0008 Pop 08/2000
           THM-P0009 Pop 09/2000
           THM-P0010 Pop 10/2000
           THM-P0011 Pop 11/2000
           THM-P0012 Pop 12/2000
           THM-P0101 Pop 01/2001
           THM-P0102 Pop 02/2001
           THM-P0103 Pop 03/2001
           THM-P0104 Pop 04/2001
           THM-P0105 Pop 05/2001
           THM-P0106 Pop 06/2001
           THM-P0107 Pop 07/2001
           THM-P0108 Pop 08/2001
           THM-P0109 Pop 09/2001
           THM-P0110 Pop 10/2001
           THM-P0111 Pop 11/2001
           THM-P0112 Pop 12/2001
           THM-P0201 Pop 01/2002
           THM-P0202 Pop 02/2002
           THM-P0203 Pop 03/2002
           THM-P0204 Pop 04/2002
           THM-P0205 Pop 05/2002
           THM-P0206 Pop 06/2002
           THM-P0207 Pop 07/2002
           THM-P0208 Pop 08/2002
           THM-P0209 Pop 09/2002
           THM-P0210 Pop 10/2002
           THM-P0301 Pop 01/2003
           THM-P0303 Pop 03/2003
           THM-P0304 Pop 04/2003
           THM-P0305 Pop 05/2003
           THM-P0306 Pop 06/2003
           THM-P0307 Pop 07/2003
           THM-P0309 Pop 09/2003
           THM-P0310 Pop 10/2003
           THM-P0311 Pop 11/2003
           THM-P0312 Pop 12/2003
           THM-P0401 Pop 01/2004
           THM-P0403 Pop 03/2004
           THM-P0404 Pop 04/2004
           THM-P0405 Pop 05/2004
           THM-P0407 Pop 07/2004
           THM-P0410 Pop 10/2004
           THM-P0411 Pop 11/2004
           THM-P0412 Pop 12/2004
           THM-P0506 Pop 06/2005
           THM-P0507 Pop 07/2005
           THM-P0508 Pop 08/2005
           THM-P0512 Pop 12/2005
         Top Hits Monthly R&B/Hip-Hop
           THM-H0203 R&B/Hip-Hop 03/2002
           THM-H0204 R&B/Hip-Hop 04/2002
           THM-H0206 R&B/Hip-Hop 06/2002
           THM-H0207 R&B/Hip-Hop 07/2002
           THM-H0208 R&B/Hip-Hop 08/2002
           THM-H0209 R&B/Hip-Hop 09/2002
           THM-H0210 R&B/Hip-Hop 10/2002
           THM-H0301 R&B/Hip-Hop 01/2003
           THM-H0302 R&B/Hip-Hop 02/2003
           THM-H0303 R&B/Hip-Hop 03/2003
           THM-H0304 R&B/Hip-Hop 04/2003
           THM-H0305 R&B/Hip-Hop 05/2003
           THM-H0307 R&B/Hip-Hop 07/2003
           THM-H0308 R&B/Hip-Hop 08/2003
           THM-H0309 R&B/Hip-Hop 09/2003
           THM-H0310 R&B/Hip-Hop 10/2003
           THM-H0312 R&B/Hip-Hop 12/2003
           THM-H0401 R&B/Hip-Hop 01/2004
           THM-H0402 R&B/Hip-Hop 02/2004
           THM-H0404 R&B/Hip-Hop 04/2004
           THM-H0406 R&B/Hip-Hop 06/2004
           THM-H0408 R&B/Hip-Hop 08/2004
           THM-H0409 R&B/Hip-Hop 09/2004
           THM-H0412 R&B/Hip-Hop 12/2004
           THM-H0503 R&B/Hip-Hop 03/2005
           THM-H0504 R&B/Hip-Hop 04/2005
           THM-H0509 R&B/Hip-Hop 09/2005
           THM-H0512 R&B/Hip-Hop 12/2005
           THM-H0601 R&B/Hip-Hop 01/2006
           THM-H0602 R&B/Hip-Hop 02/2006
           THM-H0605 R&B/Hip-Hop 05/2006
           THM-RB01 Rhythm and Blues #1
         Top Hits Monthly Rock
           THM-R0008 Rock 08/2000
           THM-R0011 Rock 11/2000
           THM-R0101 Rock 01/2001
           THM-R0102 Rock 02/2001
           THM-R0103 Rock 03/2001
           THM-R0104 Rock 04/2001
           THM-R0106 Rock 06/2001
           THM-R0108 Rock 08/2001
           THM-R0109 Rock 09/2001
           THM-R0110 Rock 10/2001
           THM-R0111 Rock 11/2001
           THM-R0112 Rock 12/2001
           THM-R0201 Rock 01/2002
           THM-R0202 Rock 02/2002
           THM-R0203 Rock 03/2002
           THM-R0204 Rock 04/2002
           THM-R0207 Rock 07/2002
           THM-R0208 Rock 08/2002
           THM-R0209 Rock 09/2002
           THM-R0210 Rock 10/2002
           THM-R0211 Rock 11/2002
           THM-R0212 Rock 12/2002
           THM-R0301 Rock 01/2003
           THM-R0302 Rock 02/2003
           THM-R0303 Rock 03/2003
           THM-R0305 Rock 05/2003
           THM-R0306 Rock 06/2003
           THM-R0307 Rock 07/2003
           THM-R0308 Rock 08/2003
           THM-R0309 Rock 09/2003
           THM-R0310 Rock 10/2003
           THM-R0311 Rock 11/2003
           THM-R0312 Rock 12/2003
           THM-R0401 Rock 01/2004
           THM-R0402 Rock 02/2004
           THM-R0403 Rock 03/2004
           THM-R0404 Rock 04/2004
           THM-R0405 Rock 05/2004
           THM-R0406 Rock 06/2004
           THM-R0407 Rock 07/2004
           THM-R0408 Rock 08/2004
           THM-R0409 Rock 09/2004
           THM-R0410 Rock 10/2004
           THM-R0411 Rock 11/2004
           THM-R0412 Rock 12/2004
           THM-R0503 Rock 03/2005
           THM-R0504 Rock 04/2005
           THM-R0508 Rock 08/2005
           THM-R0509 Rock 09/2005
           THM-R0511 Rock 11/2005
           THM-R0512 Rock 12/2005
           THM-R0602 Rock 02/2006
         Top Hits Monthly Updates
           THM-U9910 Updates 10/1999
         Top Tunes Multiplex Discs
           TTM-001 Pop #1
           TTM-004 Female Pop #2
           TTM-006 Female Pop #3
           TTM-055 Gal Pop
           TTM-056 Sheryl Crow
           TTM-057 Kenny Chesney
           TTM-058 Guy Country
           TTM-059 Gal Pop
           TTM-060 Marc Anthony
           TTM-061 Dixie Chicks
           TTM-062 Dixie Chicks
           TTM-063 Dixie Chicks
           TTM-065 Frank Sinatra #1
           TTM-066 Frank Sinatra #2
           TTM-067 Frank Sinatra #3
           TTM-068 Elvis Presley
           TTM-069 Elvis Presley
           TTM-070 Elvis Presley
           TTM-075 Kids
           TTM-076 Kids
           TTM-077 Young Teens
           TTM-078 Country
           TTM-080 Country
           TTM-081 Gal Pop
           TTM-082 Gal Pop
           TTM-084 Eminem
           TTM-096 Shania Twain
           TTM-105 Country
           TTM-106 Rock
           TTM-107 Gal Country
           TTM-108 Guy Country
           TTM-109 Gal Pop
           TTM-110 Country
           TTM-111 Rock
           TTM-112 Gal Pop
           TTM-113 Guy Pop
           TTM-114 Young Teen
           TTM-115 Rock
           TTM-116 Guy Country
           TTM-117 Gal Pop
           TTM-119 Britney Spears
           TTM-121 Guy Pop
           TTM-122 Blake Shelton
         Top Tunes Pro Discs (TT)
           TT-002 Pop Hits #1
           TT-003 Pop #2
           TT-004 Pop #3
           TT-005 Pop #4
           TT-006 Pop #5
           TT-007 Pop #6
           TT-008 Pop #7
           TT-009 Pop #8
           TT-010 Tune Pack #1
           TT-011 Tune Pack #2
           TT-015 Tune Pack #6
           TT-016 Tune Pack #7
           TT-017 Tune Pack #8
           TT-021 Tune Pack #12
           TT-022 Pop #9
           TT-023 Latin #1
           TT-024 Latin #2
           TT-025 Pop #10
           TT-026 Pop #11
           TT-030 Britney Spears
           TT-031 Backstreet Boys
           TT-032 N'Sync & 98 Degrees
           TT-033 Pop #12
           TT-034 Pop #14
           TT-035 Pop #15
           TT-036 Childrens #1
           TT-037 Country #9
           TT-039 Country #11
           TT-042 Country #3
           TT-043 Country #4
           TT-044 Country #5
           TT-046 Country #7
           TT-047 Country #8
           TT-049 Garth Brooks
           TT-050 Celine Dion
           TT-058 Artist #8
           TT-059 Rock #1
           TT-061 Pop #17
           TT-062 Pop #18
           TT-063 Guy Singers
           TT-064 Gal Singers
           TT-067 Hall of Fame #6
           TT-072 Country #16
           TT-073 Pop #19
           TT-074 Pop #20
           TT-075 Rock #2
           TT-077 Sing for Joy #2
           TT-078 Artist #13
           TT-079 Gal Country
           TT-080 Man Pop
           TT-081 Pop #24
           TT-082 Rock #3
           TT-083 Country #17
           TT-084 Guy Country #18
           TT-087 Artist #14
           TT-088 Rock #4
           TT-089 Rock #5
           TT-090 Pop/Rock the 70's
           TT-092 Pop/Rock the 70's #3
           TT-097 Pop #23
           TT-103 Country #19
           TT-106 Gal Country #20
           TT-108 Female Pop #25
           TT-119 Guy Country #21
           TT-121 Urban Rhythm
           TT-122 Dance #1
           TT-124 Pop #26
           TT-125 Pop #27
           TT-126 Country #23
           TT-127 Country #24
           TT-128 Joy #3
           TT-132 March Anthony
           TT-133 Guy Rock #9
           TT-134 Guy Country #25
           TT-136 Dance #3
           TT-137 Gal Pop #29
           TT-142 Guy Rock #10
           TT-143 Urban #2
           TT-146 Young Teen #1
           TT-149 Gal Pop #31
           TT-150 Gal Pop #30
           TT-152 60's #2
           TT-153 60's #3
           TT-161 Country #27
           TT-163 Gal Pop #32
           TT-164 Guy Pop #164
           TT-168 Urban #3
           TT-171 Rock #12
           TT-172 Country #28
           TT-174 Guy Pop #35
           TT-175 Rock #13
           TT-176 Gal Pop #36
           TT-177 Young Teen #2
           TT-180 Country #29
           TT-181 Gal Pop #36
           TT-183 Kids #1
           TT-184 Mix Pop #1
           TT-185 Country #30
           TT-188 Christian Rock #1
           TT-189 Britney Spears
           TT-190 Comtemporary Christian #05
           TT-191 Mix Pop #2
           TT-193 Conway Twitty #29
           TT-194 Joy #6
           TT-195 Country #31
           TT-198 Shania Twain & Faith Hill #31
           TT-200 Rock #15
           TT-201 Jennifer Lopez & Shakira
           TT-202 Pop #38
           TT-203 Country #32
           TT-204 Pop #39
           TT-206 Pop #40
           TT-207 Joy #7
           TT-212 Patriotic #3
           TT-213 Country #34
           TT-225 Urban #4
           TT-228 Country #35
           TT-238 Classic Country #2
           TT-250 Mixed Country #39
           TT-253 Mixed Country #40
           TT-264 Rock #17
           TT-269 Mixed Pop #53
           TT-270 Mixed Country #47
           TT-271 Mixed Pop #17
         U-BEST Top Hits Series (UBG-)
           UBG-004 Top Hits English Songs
           UBG-057 Children Songs #3
           UBG-060 Children Songs #6
         U-Best Super Hits (UBGSH-)
           UBGSH-001 U-Best Super Hits #1
           UBGSH-002 U-Best Super Hits #2
           UBGSH-003 U-Best Super Hits #3
           UBGSH-004 U-Best Super Hits #4 (The Beatles)
           UBGSH-005 U-Best Super Hits #5
           UBGSH-006 U-Best Super Hits #6
           UBGSH-007 U-Best Super Hits #7 (Elvis Presley)
           UBGSH-008 U-Best Super Hits #8 (Elvis & others)
           UBGSH-009 U-Best Super Hits #9