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Karaoke Equipment
  • Players
  •      All-in-One Self-Contained Portable Karaoke Players
           VocoPro JAMCUBE-MC Package: 100W Stereo All-In-One Mini PA/Entertainment System
         Component Karaoke Players
           CD-G100 Nikkodo (BMB) Professional Grade CDG Player w/ Video Superimpose
           CDJ-500G Pioneer Professional CD/CDG Player for DJs
           CLD-V303T Pioneer Professional Grade Twin-Tray Laser Disc Player
           iView 4000KR Karaoke Player DVD/CD+G/DivX/MPEG-4 Karaoke Player with USB/SD Reader
           Martin Ranger DVD-880 CDG/DVD/VCD/MP3GPlayer with HDMI Output -- 2 Mics Included
           Martin Ranger DVD-950 CDG/DVD/VCD/MP3GPlayer with HDMI Output & Scoring Function
           MKP-1000 Compact MP3+G, CD+G, DVD Player with USB Reader/Recorder & Aux Input
           NEO-22 RSQ CDG/DVD/VCD Player w/ USB/SD Reader and Recording
         Hard Drive Players
           HD-38 Hard Drive Multi-Format Player w/ USB Recording and HDMI Output (500GB-2TB)
           HD-787 Hard Drive Multi-Format Player. (500GB-2TB)
  • Magic Sing: handheld/chips
  •      Magic Sing Microphones with English Songs Built-In
           ET-23KPH. Dual Wireless HD Magic Sing with 2,600 English & Tagalog Songs
         Magic Sing Microphones with Tagalog Songs Built-In
           ET-23KPH Dual Wireless HD Magic Sing with 2,600 English & Tagalog Songs .
         Magic Sing Microphones with Spanish Songs Built-In
           ET-23KSP Dual Wireless Magic Sing with 1,573 Spanish Songs
           ET-9KSP Magic Sing with 1,573 Spanish Songs & 427 English Songs
         Magic Sing Duet Mics and Accessories
           Magic Mic A/V Cable
           Magic Mic Leatherette Carrying Bag
           Magic Mic Power Adaptor
           Recording Pack (for OnStage, ED-8000 & ED-11000)
  • Microphones
  •      Wireless Microphones
           BMB: Better Music Builder VM-52U G2 Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System
           PG-185 SHURE Diversity Lavalier System
           Shure PG288/PG58 Dual Handheld Microphone System
           UHF-18 VocoPro Single Channel UHF Wireless Mic System
           UHF-3205 VocoPro Rechargeable Dual UHF Wireless Microphones
           VocoPro UHF-18-DIAMOND Single Channel UHF Wireless Mic System
           WM-300 VHF Dual Channel Rechargeable Wireless Microphones
         Corded Microphones
           ADM-1062 Corded microphone
           ADM-1064 Corded microphone
           APM-175 Hyper Cardioid Professional Series Microphones
           M-5 Professional Dynamic Microphone
           PG-58 Vocal Microphone
  • Mixers & Key Controllers
  •      Mixers
           DA-2200 VocoPro Mixer with 11-Step Digital Key Controller
           KJ-6000 VocoPro Mixer 2 channel, 4 Mic Input Mixer with Deigal Key Controller
           KJ-7808RV VocoPro Professional KJ/DJ/VJ Mixer with DSP Mic Effect, and Digital Key Control
           VocoPro DA-1055 Pro (6 Mic Digital Echo Mixer / Parametric Equalizer)
         Key Controllers (w/o Mixer)
           DKC-7500 BMB/ Nikkodo Professional 12-Step Digital Key Controller
           SKC-300 Denonet Professional 9-Step Key Controller
  • Mixing Amplifiers
  •      Mixing Amplifiers
           BMB: Better Music Builder DX-333 600W Pro Karaoke Mixing Amp
           BMB: Better Music Builder DX-388 G3 800W Professional Mixing Amplifier
           DA-200EQ 600Watts Mixing Amplifier with 2CH / 9 Band Graphic EQ
           DKA-800R II 800Watts Digital Mixing Amplifier
           DP-A202 400Watts Mixing Amplifier "Engineered and Made in Japan by JVC"
           VocoPro DA-3700 240 Watt Mixing Amplifier
  • Speakers
  •      Powered Speakers
           AS-100 Pair of 50 Watt/Channel 2-Way Powered Speakers
           ASP-5207P Pair of Professional Full Range 12" 2-Way Active Loudspeaker 280 Watts + 280 Watts
           ASP-5207P Single 280 Watts 12" 2-Way Professional Active Loudspeaker
           PV-802 Pair of 200 Watt/Channel 8" 2-Way Powered Speakers
         Passive Speakers
           BMB: Better Music Builder CS-500V 10" Professional 450 Watts Karaoke Vocal Speakers (Pair)
           SR-500 500W Professional Karaoke Speaker System
           VA-400 350W Professional Karaoke Speaker System with Voice & Music Activated LED Light
           SUB-1500 15" 200Watts Powered Subwoofer
         Speaker Mount Brackets
           SB-2000 RSQ Speaker Wall Mount Brackets (Pair)
         Speaker Stands
           SS-88 Speaker Stands (Pair)
  • Accessories
  •      Speaker Stands, TV Stands & Mic Stands
           AST-4202 CRT TV/Laptop Stand (Foldable Legs w/ Wheels)
           AST-4203 CRT TV/Laptop Stand (Tripod)
           AST-420Y Flat Panel TV/Monitor Stand (Tripod)
           AST-4393B Speaker Stands with Wind-up Crank & Gear (Pair)
           MP-35 Microphone Stand
           MS-76 TV Stand
         Disc Storage
           CD Wallet
           CD-R200 Professional 200 Disc CD Rack (Black)
           CD-R50 Professional 50 Disc CD Rack (Black)
         Wires & Plugs
           ACC-3144S RCA Jack to RCA Jack (Pair)
           ADC-2124 RCA A/V Cable (5ft)
           BNB-30 Banana to Banana Speaker Cable ( 30' )
           C-1 20' Mic Cable (Female XLR to Male 1/4")
         Equipment Carrying Cases & Road Cases
           BAG-10 Carrying Bag for Player and/or Component Mixer
           BAG-24 Carrying Bag for Soundman and DVD-Soundman
           BAG-34 Carrying Bag for Bravo or Colt
           BAG-9 Carrying Bag for Duet and DVD-DUET
         AV Selector
           AVS-3032 Audio/Video Selector 6-Input / 2-Output
           Mic Cover (Different Colors Available)
  • Recorders

  •      Recorders
           CDR-1000PRO Single Rack CD Recorder and Player **FREE SHIPPING**
    Karaoke Music
  • English - CDG
  •      Party Tyme - 16 Songs without Vocal Demo
           SYB-1016 Country Male
           SYB-1017 Country Female
           SYB-1060 Super Hits #1
           SYB-1069 Super Hits #09
           SYB-1072 Dance Remix #2
           SYB-1073 Dance Remix #3
           SYB-1074 Dance Remix #4
           SYB-1080 Super Hits #10
           SYB-1090 Super Hits #11
           SYB-1092 Show Tunes #2
           SYB-1097 Super Hits #12
           SYB-1100 Super Hits #13
           SYB-1102 Contemporary Christian #3
           SYB-1104 Super Hits #14
           SYB-1106 Super Hits #15
           SYB-1108 Super Hits #16
           SYB-1109 Super Hits #17
           SYB-1111 Super Hits #18
           SYB-1113 Country Hits #11
           SYB-1114 Super Hits #19
           SYB-1116 Super Hits #20
           SYB-1118 Super Hits #21
         Party Tyme - 8 - 10 Songs with Vocal Demo
           SYB-1628 Country Gold #2
           SYB-1981 80s Vol 1
           SYB-1982 80s Vol 2
           SYB-1983 80s Vol 3
           SYB-1984 80s Vol 4
         Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8100 - SCG8199)
           SCG-8103 Country Hits #3
           SCG-8105 Country Hits #5
           SCG-8106 Party Songs
           SCG-8107 Pop Hits #1
           SCG-8108 50's & 60's
           SCG-8109 Specialty Songs
           SCG-8110 50's & 60's Soul.
           SCG-8115 70's & 80's
           SCG-8116 TV Themes.
           SCG-8117 Songs Your Mother Wouldn't Let You Sing
           SCG-8118R Great Male Standards #1
           SCG-8120 Country Hits #8
           SCG-8128 Favorite Country Duets
           SCG-8143 Bubba Does Disco
           SCG-8146 Southern Fried Rock
           SCG-8147 Why Don't We Get Drunk And Sing
           SCG-8153 70's & 80's #3
           SCG-8155 Elvis Presley #2
           SCG-8158 Classic Country #1
           SCG-8169 Mama's Back
           SCG-8178 70's & 80's #6
           SCG-8185 Christmas Favorites #2
           SCG-8190 50's & 60's #2
           SCG-8193 Greek Favorites
           SCG-8197 70's & 80's #9
         Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8200 - SCG8399)
           SCG-8202 Cruisin
           SCG-8206 One Hit Wonders of the 60's
           SCG-8207 70's & 80's #12
           SCG-8208 Classic Country #3
           SCG-8210 70's & 80's #13
           SCG-8218 Found Classics
           SCG-8223 70's & 80's #14
           SCG-8227 Found Classics #2
           SCG-8231 70's & 80's #15
           SCG-8241 Yesterday's Country #10
           SCG-8242R Yesterday's POP #4
           SCG-8243 Country Hits #4
           SCG-8252 Headbanger's Hits #1
           SCG-8258 50's & 60's #5
           SCG-8262 Classic Country #3
           SCG-8264 70's & 80's #17
           SCG-8265 Yesterday's Country #12
           SCG-8269 Yesterday's Country #13
           SCG-8276 Classic Country #4
           SCG-8292 70's & 80's #19
           SCG-8293 Yesterday's Pop #8
           SCG-8297 70's & 80's #20
           SCG-8313 New Wave Hits #1
           SCG-8323 R & B Hits #2
           SCG-8327 Legends of the Blues #1
           SCG-8331 No Men Allowed #2
           SCG-8333 Mama As Nasty As She Wants to Be
           SCG-8335 70's Country Hits #1
           SCG-8347 Neil Diamond #1
           SCG-8356 Elvis Presley
           SCG-8360 Beatles Movie Hits
           SCG-8362 Timeless Pop #4
           SCG-8373 Headbanger's Hits #4
           SCG-8378 70's & 80's #25
           SCG-8387 Beatles #2
           SCG-8399 50's & 60's #8
         Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8400 - SCG8599)
           SCG-8403 Desperado's #3
           SCG-8404 Arena Rock #1
           SCG-8405 Smooth Grooves #1
           SCG-8407 Beatles #3
           SCG-8418 50's & 60's #10
           SCG-8433 90's Hits #1
           SCG-8437 Led Zeppelin #1
           SCG-8439 70's & 80's #32
           SCG-8441 50's & 60's #12
           SCG-8442 Desperado's #3
           SCG-8446 Shania Twain #1
           SCG-8447 70's & 80's #34
           SCG-8448 Pop Hits #67
           SCG-8455 70's & 80's Country #8
           SCG-8459 Lynyrd Skynyrd
           SCG-8461 70's & 80's Country #9
           SCG-8472 Rocky Horror Picture Show
           SCG-8486 90's Hits #3
           SCG-8489 Creedence Clearwater Revival
           SCG-8492 70's & 80's #37
           SCG-8513 50's & 60's #14
           SCG-8521 50's & 60's #15
           SCG-8522 New Waves Hits #2
           SCG-8525 70's & 80's Country #12
           SCG-8527 70's & 80's #41
           SCG-8532 Mama with Blue Dress On
           SCG-8535 70's & 80's #42
           SCG-8536 Elvis Presley Gospel #1
           SCG-8538 Classic Country #8
           SCG-8543 Country Hits #113
           SCG-8544R Silly Sing-Along Songs
           SCG-8550R Halloween Hits #1
           SCG-8554 70's & 80's #44
           SCG-8555 Classic Country #9
           SCG-8561 70's & 80's Country #18
           SCG-8562 90's Hits #5
           SCG-8574 Classic Rock Groups #1
           SCG-8575 50's & 60's #18
           SCG-8586 Classic Rock #3
           SCG-8597 Headbanger's Hits #7
         Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8600 - SCG8799)
           SCG-8605 Billy Joel #1
           SCG-8627 70's & 80's #57
           SCG-8632 John Mellencamp
           SCG-8639 3 of a Kind #5
           SCG-8643 Sting & the Police #1
           SCG-8648 Classic Rock Groups #2
           SCG-8660 Headbanger's Hits #9
           SCG-8661 Contemporary Christian #1
           SCG-8662 Hard Rock Hits #1
           SCG-8666 Elton John #2
           SCG-8675 Legends of the Blues #3
           SCG-8678 Hits of the 80's #1
           SCG-8679 60's & 70's #2
           SCG-8683R Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
           SCG-8684 70's & 80's #65
           SCG-8685 the Beatles #4
           SCG-8689 Van Morrison #1
           SCG-8691 Greensryche vs Rush
           SCG-8693 Grass is Blue #1
           SCG-8696 Hits of the 80's #2
           SCG-8704 Here Come the Funk #2
           SCG-8706 3 of a Kind #8
           SCG-8712 Classic Country #13
           SCG-8713 Headbanger's Hits #X
           SCG-8715 Classic Rock #4
           SCG-8716 3 of a Kind #9
           SCG-8718 Prince & Friends #1
           SCG-8719 80's #3
           SCG-8724 60's & 70's #3
           SCG-8734 All Made-up With No Place to Go
           SCG-8737 Irish Songs
           SCG-8739 Bubba's Barn Door is Open
           SCG-8754 R&B Hits #4
           SCG-8756 Headbanger's Hits #11
           SCG-8760 Can't Stop the Hip-Hop #3
           SCG-8761 Billy Joel #2
           SCG-8763 70's & 80's #68
           SCG-8770 50's & 60's #24
           SCG-8772 Hits of Queen #1
           SCG-8776 R&B Hits #6
           SCG-8785 Fleetwood Mac #1
         Sound Choice Spotlight Series (SCG8800 - SCG9xxx)
           SCG-8804 Teen Tragedies & Other Love Songs
           SCG-8810 Toby Keith #1
           SCG-8814 Legends of the Blues #4
           SCG-8815 Pat Benatar
           SCG-8819 Alan Jackson #1
           SCG-8825 Frank Sinatra
           SCG-8828 Contemporary Christian #2
           SCG-8829 Metallica #1
           SCG-8830 Headbanger's Hits #12
           SCG-8832 Journey
           SCG-8841 Aretha Franklin #1
           SCG-8848 Ozzy & Black Sabbath
           SCG-8850 Movie Madness #2
           SCG-8856 Storytellers #2
           SCG-8860 R & B Hits #8
           SCG-8872 Def Leppard
           SCG-8875 Can't Stop the Hip-Hop #4 (Old Skool)
           SCG-8877 Country Hits #170
           SCG-8885 Movie Madness #3
           SCG-8893 Legends of the Blues #5
           SCG-8894R 80's & 90's
           SCG-8895 60's & 70's #5
           SCG-8896 Kiss #1
           SCG-8901 Willie Nelson
           SCG-8910 Grease
           SCG-8914 Pop Hits #178
           SCG-8919 Best Of Praise & Worship
           SCG-8920 Country Hits #178
           SCG-8922 Southern Fried Rock #4
           SCG-8925 Bonnie Raitt #1
           SCG-8927 Songs To Make Your Mama Blush #2
           SCG-8930 Childhood Favorites
           SCG-8931 Country Hits #180
           SCG-8937 Reggaeton & Dance Hall Hits
           SCG-8939 70's & 80's #74
           SCG-8942 POP/ROCK 80's & 90's #2
           SCG-8947 Reggae Hits #2
           SCG-8951 Party Songs #4
           SCG-8962 Praise & Worship #2
           SCG-8966 Pop / Rock #188
           SCG-8968 50's & 60's #25
           SCG-8969 R&B Hits #9
           SCG-8970R 60's & 70's #7
           SCG-8971 Alabama #2
           SCG-8976 Toby Keith #2
           SCG-8979 Linda Ronstadt #1
           SCG-8982 Country Hits #187
           SCG-8983R Pop Hits #190
           SCG-8984 R&B Detroit City Soul
           SCG-8986 Country Hits #188
           SCG-8987 Pop / Rock #191
           SCG-8988 Pop / Rock #192
           SCG-8989 Country Hits #189
           SCG-8992 Male Country Hits of 2006
           SCG-8998 Country Hits #191
           SCG-8999 Pop Hits #194
           SCG-9001 Legends Of The Blues #6
           SCG-9002 Headbanger's Hits - #15
           SCG-9003 Country Hits #192
           SCG-9004 Country Hits #193
           SCG-9005 Pop Hits #195
           SCG-9008 Rascal Flatts
           SCG-9012 Classic Rock #5
           SCG-9013 Country Hits #195
           SCG-9014 Pop Hits #199
           SCG-9015 Pop Hits #200
           SCG-9016 Pop Hits #201
           SCG-9017 Country Hits #196
           SCG-9018 Country Hits #197
           SCG-9019 Pop Hits #202
           SCG-9021 POP/ROCK Hits of 2008 #1
           SCG-9022 POP/ROCK Hits of 2008 #2
           SCG-9023 Pop Hits #203
           SCG-9024 Hits of 2009
         Sound Choice Star Series (SCG2)
           SCG-2002 Patsy Cline #1
           SCG-2004 Elvis Presley #2
           SCG-2007 Whitney Houston #1
           SCG-2009 Classic Male Standards
           SCG-2017 Irish Songs
           SCG-2018 'Tis The Season #1
           SCG-2019 'Tis The Season #2
           SCG-2020 Song of Faith #1
           SCG-2021 Song of Faith #2
           SCG-2022 Old Time Favorites #1
           SCG-2025 Country Party Songs
           SCG-2027 70's & 80's #2
           SCG-2028 Broadway Classics #1
           SCG-2029 TV Themes.
           SCG-2030 Mega Male Alternative Hits
           SCG-2038 Sentimental Journeys #2
           SCG-2041 70's & 80's #3
           SCG-2044 Broadway Classics #2
           SCG-2045 Contemporary Christian #1
           SCG-2046 'Tis The Season #5
           SCG-2048 'Tis The Season #7
           SCG-2055 Grease
           SCG-2058 Female Country Hits #3
           SCG-2067 Country Swing #1
           SCG-2073 50's & 60's Party #2
           SCG-2077 50's & 60's Party Songs #3
           SCG-2078 90's Female Hits #7
           SCG-2079 50's & 60's Female Hits #2
           SCG-2083 Female Country Hits #4
           SCG-2092 50's & 60's Male #3
           SCG-2120 70's & 80's Male Hits #3
           SCG-2125 Halloween Hits #1
           SCG-2127 Tracy Byrd #1
           SCG-2131 Male Country Hits #11
           SCG-2134 George Jones #1
           SCG-2138 Johnny Cash #1
           SCG-2141 Dolly Parton
           SCG-2145 Linda Ronstadt #1
           SCG-2152 Female Standards #1
           SCG-2156 Anne Murray #1
           SCG-2157 Grease #2.
           SCG-2161 Frank Sinatra #1
           SCG-2167 Shania Twain #2
           SCG-2168 LeAnn Rimes #2
           SCG-2173 'Tis The Season #9
           SCG-2175 Heart
           SCG-2176 Pat Benatar #1
           SCG-2178 Brooks & Dunn #1
           SCG-2179 Wedding Music #2
           SCG-2181 Wedding Music #4
           SCG-2184 Fleetwood Mac #1
           SCG-2188 Carpenters #1
           SCG-2198 Sound Of Music #1.
           SCG-2199 Melissa Etheridge #1
           SCG-2206 South Pacific #1
           SCG-2209 Sheryl Crow #1
           SCG-2214 Wedding Music #6
           SCG-2220 Wierd Al Yankovic #1
           SCG-2221 Hard Rock
           SCG-2222 Broadway Duets #1
           SCG-2225 Paul McCartney #1
           SCG-2231 Little Shop of Horrors
           SCG-2237 Stevie Nicks #1
           SCG-2238 Go-Go's & Bangles #1
           SCG-2244 Aretha Franklin #1
           SCG-2245 Female Country Love Songs #1
           SCG-2251 Halloween Hits #3
           SCG-2255 Sarah McLachlan #1
           SCG-2260 Steve Miller Band #1
           SCG-2269 Journey #1
           SCG-2274 Meat Loaf #1
           SCG-2275 Loretta Lynn #1
           SCG-2285 Joan Jett #1
           SCG-2286 Doobie Brothers #1
           SCG-2291 Wedding Music #7
           SCG-2295 Wedding Music #8
           SCG-2300 Hard Rock #4
           SCG-2302 The Pretenders #1
           SCG-2309 Bon Jovi #1
           SCG-2313 Shania Twain #2
           SCG-2314 INXS #1
           SCG-2318 Dr. Hook #1
           SCG-2321 Billy Idol #1
           SCG-2324 David Allan Coe #1
           SCG-2327 Purple Rain
           SCG-2328 Keith Whitley #1
           SCG-2335 Tribute to America
           SCG-2349 Britney Spears #1
           SCG-2353 Wedding Music #10
           SCG-2366 Carole King #1
           SCG-2367 Foreigner #1
           SCG-2377 Fleetwood Mac #2
           SCG-2378 Tom Jones #1
           SCG-2380 'Tis The Season #10
           SCG-2385 Guns N' Roses #1
           SCG-2386 John Denver #1
           SCG-2394 Male Country 2002
           SCG-2406R Wedding Music #14
           SCG-2414 Still Crazy After All These Years
           SCG-2415 Contemporary Christian #4
           SCG-2417 Hank Williams, Jr. #1
           SCG-2419 Luau Party Time
           SCG-2421 Eva Cassidy #1
           SCG-2425 George Jones #2
           SCG-2434 Somewhere Wonderful
           SCG-2437 Hip-Hop Nation 2003
           SCG-2441 Bob Dylan #1
           SCG-2444 Toby Keith #2
           SCG-2447 Boy Zone Beats
           SCG-2448 Songs for the Graduate
           SCG-2455 'This The Season #14
           SCG-2457 Marvin Gaye #3
           SCG-2468 Coldplay & Maroon 5
           SCG-2471 Alison Krauss #2
           SCG-2472 Soul Legends
           SCG-2473 Elvis Presley #3
           SCG-2475 Wedding Music #18
           SCG-2476 Wedding Music - Vol. 19
           SCG-2477 Wedding Music - Vol. 20
           SCG-2478 Ray Charles
           SCG-2481 Braid Paisley
           SCG-2483 Monsters Of Metal - Poison vs Motley Crue
           SCG-2484 Alicia Keys
           SCG-2485 R. Kelly
           SCG-2490 Beach Boys
           SCG-2492 Gretchen Wilson - All Jacked Up & Nowhere To Go
           SCG-2494 Best Male Country Hits of 2005
           SCG-2496 Best Male Pop/Rock 2005
           SCG-2497 Lee Ann Womack #2
           SCG-2500 Cheap Trick #1
           SCG-2501 George Thorogood
           SCG-2502 Fats Domino #1
           SCG-2506 Judas Priest #1
           SCG-2507 The Blues Brothers #1
           SCG-2510 The Supremes #1
           SCG-2511 Willie Nelson
           SCG-2512 Genesis #1
           SCG-2513 Tis The Season #15
           SCG-2514 Tis The Season #16
           SCG-2515 Best Female Country Hits Of 2006
           SCG-2516 Best Female Country Hits Of 2006
           SCG-2518 Best Male Pop/Rock Hits Of 2006
  • English - CDG Packs
  •      Party Tyme Packs
           SYB-4432 1980's BILLBOARD TOP 40 KARAOKE BOX SET
           SYB-4439 POP MEGA PACK - 128 Songs on 8 CDGs
           SYB-4458 POP PARTY PACK 5 - 64 Songs on 4 CDGs
  • Spanish - CDG
  •      Multi Karaoke (OKE-)
           OKE-001 Viva El Mariachi
           OKE-002 Viva El Mariachi #2
           OKE-003 Merengue Y Salsa
           OKE-004 Cumbias
           OKE-005 Selena
           OKE-006 Chicanas De Oro
           OKE-008 Pepe Aguilar Y Pedro Fernandez
           OKE-009 Pedro Infante Y Javier Solis
           OKE-010 Vicente Fernandez Y Alejandro Fernandez
           OKE-011 Juan Gabriel
           OKE-013 Tigres Del Norte
           OKE-014 Temerarios
           OKE-015 Rock 'n' Roll en Espanol
           OKE-016 Exitos Latinos
           OKE-017 Viva El Mariachi #3
           OKE-018 Boleros Rancheros
           OKE-020 Cuco Sanchez Y Jose Alfredo Jimenez
           OKE-024 Vicente Fernandez
           OKE-025 Baladas De Mujer
           OKE-026 Mana
           OKE-027 La Sonora Santanera
           OKE-030 Paulina Rubio
           OKE-032 Tres Grandes De Espana
           OKE-033 Luis Miguel
           OKE-034 Grupos Inolvidables
           OKE-035 Mujeres Adoloridas
           OKE-036 Marco Antonio Solis
           OKE-039 Merengue Mania
           OKE-040 Latin Hits
           OKE-042 Merengue Mix
           OKE-043 Merengue Mix #2
           OKE-044 Baladas
           OKE-045 Pop Hits
           OKE-048 Marco Antonio Solis Y Joan Sebastian
           OKE-049 Gruperisimo
           OKE-053 Enrique Iglesias
           OKE-054 Lupita D'Alessio Y Marisela
           OKE-055 Joyas De La Balada #2
           OKE-056 Shakira
           OKE-057 Ricardo Arjona
           OKE-058 Cristian Castro
           OKE-059 Tejano Hits
           OKE-061 Joyas De La Balada #3
           OKE-062 Lupillo Rivera
           OKE-063 Emmanuel
           OKE-065 Pop Hits #2
           OKE-072 Balada Pop
           OKE-073 Paquita La Del Barrio
           OKE-074 Nicho Hinojosa
           OKE-075 Pepe Aguilar #3
           OKE-076 Joan Sebastian #2
           OKE-077 Los Terricolas Y Los Pasteles Verdes
           OKE-078 Ana Gabriel
           OKE-080 Joan Sebastian #3
           OKE-081 Pedro Fernandez
           OKE-085 Bryndis Y Temerarios
           OKE-086 Intocable
           OKE-088 Jose Jose (Con Trio)
           OKE-089 Pop Hits
           OKE-090 Puras Bandas
           OKE-091 Puro Norteno
           OKE-093 Boleros Y Baladas (Con Mariachi)
           OKE-095 Banda El Recodo
           OKE-096 Pop Hits #5
           OKE-098 Jose Jose #2 (Con Trio)
           OKE-099 Conjunta Primavera
           OKE-100 Puro Norteno #2
           OKE-101 Ramon Ayala
           OKE-104 Puro Norteno #3
           OKE-105 Puro Norteno #4
           OKE-106 Alacranes Y Brazeros
           OKE-107 Temerarios #2
           OKE-109 Pasito Duranguense
           OKE-110 Julio Iglesias
           OKE-112 Cumbia Kings
           OKE-113 Originales De San Juan
           OKE-114 Thalia
           OKE-115 Puras Bandas
           OKE-118 Adan Sanchez
           OKE-120 Chalino Sanchez
           OKE-121 Puras Bandas #3
           OKE-124 Para Chavitos
           OKE-125 Victor Yturbe "Piruli"
           OKE-127 Vicente Fernandez #2
           OKE-128 Vicente Fernandez #3
           OKE-129 Vicente Fernandez #4
           OKE-130 Dinastia Nortena, Oro Norteno, Pesado, Poder Del Norte
           OKE-134 Grandes Canciones de los 70's #2
           OKE-135 Grandes Canciones de los 70's #3
           OKE-137 Banda Machos
           OKE-140 Ramon Ayala #2
           OKE-142 Don Antonio
           OKE-143 Oro Norteno Y Exterminador
           OKE-147 Cadetes De Linares
           OKE-149 Pasito Duranguense #2
           OKE-151 Conjunto Primavera #2
           OKE-152 Originales De San Juan Y Los Razos
           OKE-153 Magneto Y Menudo
           OKE-154 Fito Olivares
           OKE-155 Lupillo Rivera Y Chalino Sanchez
           OKE-157 Ezequiel Pena (Con Banda)
           OKE-158 Ramon Ayala Y Conjunto Primavera
           OKE-159 Pasito Duranguense #3
           OKE-161 Vicente #5
           OKE-162 Trovadores
           OKE-163 Tucanes De Tijuana Y Tigres Del Norte
           OKE-164 Jose Alfredo Jimenez #2
           OKE-165 Javier Solis #2
           OKE-167 Jose Jose con Orquesta
           OKE-169 Cumbias Sonideras #2
           OKE-172 Ezequiel Pena (Con Mariachi)
           OKE-174 Yolanda Del Rio Y Beatriz Adriana
           OKE-175 Bravos Del Norte
           OKE-176 Graciela Beltran Y Jenni Rivera
           OKE-177 Selena #2
           OKE-178 Reggaeton #2
           OKE-179 Pop Hits #7
           OKE-180 Pop Hits #8
           OKE-182 Ana Barbara
           OKE-183 Marco Antonio Solis Y Los Bukis
           OKE-184 Los Bukis
           OKE-185 El Jefe y Sy Grupo Y La Tropa Chicana
           OKE-186 Corridos De Vicente Fernandez
           OKE-187 Cornelio Reyna y Lorenzo de Monteclaro
           OKE-188 Palomo, Intocable, Huracanes
           OKE-189 Hits Nortenos
           OKE-190 Liberacion
           OKE-192 Los Tigre Del Norte #2
           OKE-194 Chavo Rebelde
           OKE-195 Polo Urias Y Su Maquina Nortena
           OKE-197 Ezequiel Pena Y Julio Preciado
           OKE-198 Rebelde
           OKE-199 Los Razos
           OKE-201 K-Paz Y Patrulla
           OKE-202 Hits Nortenos #2
           OKE-204 Graciela Y Jenni #2
           OKE-205 El Chapo
           OKE-206 Jose Jose #2 (Con Orquesta)
           OKE-208 Reggaeton #3
           OKE-211 Alejandro Fernandez
           OKE-213 Arjona
           OKE-214 Los Horoscopos
           OKE-215 Yndio
           OKE-219 Banda El Recodo Y Tierra Blanca
           OKE-221 Isabela Y Diana Reyes
           OKE-222 Mana
           OKE-226 Joan Sebastian
           OKE-227 Valentin Elizalde
           OKE-228 Patrulla 81 Y K-Paz De La Sierra
           OKE-229 Montez De Durango Y Alacranes Musical
           OKE-230 Valentin Elizalde Y El Gallo Elizalde
           OKE-232 Valentin Elizalde #3
           OKE-233 Soy Rebelde #2
           OKE-234 Julieta Venegas
           OKE-237 Juan Gabriel #3
           OKE-239 Javier Solis #3
           OKE-241 Alicia V.
           OKE-244 Grupo Bryndis
           OKE-245 Diana Reyes
           OKE-246 Los Tigres Del Norte #3
           OKE-247 Graciela Y Jenni #3
           OKE-248 Conjunto Primavera #3
           OKE-249 Los Tucanes De Tijuana
           OKE-250 Vicente #6
           OKE-251 Vicente #7
           OKE-252 Timbiriche
           OKE-253 Timbiriche #2
           OKE-254 Timbiriche #3
           OKE-255 Paquita Del Barrio #2
           OKE-257 Cuisillos
           OKE-259 El Chapo Y El Chico
           OKE-267 Pasito Duranguense #2
           OKE-270 Vicente Fernandez #8
           OKE-271 Pop Hits #10
           OKE-273 Los Temerarios #3
           OKE-276 Lorenzo De Monteclaro (Norteno)
           OKE-277 Chalino Sanchez #2
           OKE-278 Lorenzo De Monteclaro (con Banda)
           OKE-279 K-Paz
           OKE-280 La Factoria / Flex
           OKE-287 La Arrolladora Banda El Limon
           OKE-291 La Banda Guasavena
           OKE-294 Patrulla 81 Y Montez De Durango
           OKE-295 Pop Hits #11
           OKE-299 Los Humildes Y Los Felinos
           OKE-303 Valentin Elizalde #4
           OKE-304 La Banda El Recodo #2
           OKE-306 El Potro De Sinaloa Y El Tigrillo Palma
           OKE-307 Alacranes Musical Y AK-7
           OKE-308 Marco Antonio Solis #4
           OKE-309 Jenni Rivera #4
           OKE-310 Dareyes De La Sierra #2
           OKE-311 Jaguares Y Beto Cuevas
           OKE-313 Los Inquietos
           OKE-315 Los Montez
           OKE-318 Los Payasitos De La Tele
           OKE-319 El Chapo #2
           OKE-323 Valentin Elizalde #6
           OKE-325 K-Paz De La Sierra #2
           OKE-326 K-Paz De La Sierra #2
           OKE-336 El Recodo Y La Arrolladora Limon
           OKE-337 Los Inquietos #2
           OKE-338 Pancho Barraza
           OKE-339 Los Tucanes De Tijuana #3
           OKE-341 Vicente #9
           OKE-345 Vicente #10
           OKE-348 Larry Hernandez
           OKE-349 Atrevete A Cantar Sonando
           OKE-351 Aventura
           OKE-354 Joan Sebastian #4
           OKE-355 Los Tigres Del Norte #5
           OKE-356 Los Inquietos #3
           OKE-358 Compa Chuy Y Compa Sacra
           OKE-361 La Original El Limon Y El Recodo
           OKE-363 Jenni Rivera #2
           OKE-364 El Chapo #3
           OKE-365 Trono De Mexico Y Los Creadorez
           OKE-366 K-Paz De La Sierra Y Patrulla 81 #3
           OKE-370 Pesado Y Los Huracanes Del Norte
           OKE-388 Luismi #5
           OKE-389 Vicente Fernandez
           OKE-395 Pepe #5
           OKE-396 Los Mejores Cantos Religiosos #2
           OKE-397 Maria Jose
           OKE-398 Wisin Y Yandel
         Multi Karaoke (OKE - 8 ) 8+8 Series
           OKE-807 Buenas Pa' Cantar (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-808 Salsa (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-809 Merengue (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-811 Navidad (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-812 Alejandro Fernandez (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-813 Vicente Fernandez #2 (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-814 Marco Antonio Solis (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-815 Pepe Aguilar (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-816 Boleros (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-817 Espanola (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-818 Sudamericana (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-819 Rocio Durcal (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-821 Ha-Ash (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-822 Super Pop Hits #2 (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-823 Super Pop Hits #3(Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-824 Norteno Hits (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-825 Norteno Hits #2 (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-826 Super Pop Hits #4 (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-827 Super Pop Hits #5 (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-828 Lola Y Belinda (Con Version Cantada)
           OKE-830 Alejandro (El Potrillo) #2
           OKE-831 Wisin & Yandel
           USKP-12774 Volver, Volver... Vicente #1
           USKP-12775 Mujeres Divinas... Vicente #2
           USKP-12803 Exitos de Jenni R.
           USKP-12814 Vicente #3
  • Filipino - Chips
  •      Tagalog Magic Mic Chip
           Chip-PHC500 Gospel 1 - 500 Songs.
           Chip-PHW200 Gospel 2 - 200 Songs.
           Chip-PHW500 Gospel - 500 Songs
           Tagalog 3 - 962 Songs
           Tagalog 4 - 881 Songs
           Tagalog 6 - 500 Songs
           Tagalog 7 - 486 Songs
           Tagalog 8 - 460 Songs
           Tagalog 9 - 300 Songs
           Tagalog Star - 300 Songs
  • Japanese - Chips
  •      Japanese Magic Mic Chip
           ECHIPJP-1 Japanese# 1 (500 Songs)
  • French - Chips
  •      French Magic Mic Chips
           French #2 - 218 Songs (CHIPFR2)
  • German - Chip
  •      German - Chip
           German - 155 Songs (CHIPDE)
  • Italian - Chip
  •      Italian - Chip
           Italian - 104 Songs (CHIPIT)
  • Japanese - Chips
  •      Japanese Magic Mic Chip
           Japanese 500 Songs (CHIPJP) for 2 slots in Black
  • Korean - Chip
  •      Korean Magic Mic Chip
           Korean #6 - 5000 Songs
  • Spanish - Chips
  •      Spanish Magic Mic Chips
           Spanish #01 - 1573 Songs
           Spanish #05 / (EC-1) - 144 Songs
           Spanish #06 / (EC-2) - 170 Songs
           Spanish #07 / (EC-3) - 170 Songs
           Spanish #08 - 170 Songs
           Spanish #09 - 180 Songs
           Spanish #10 / (LT-5) - 180 Songs
  • Thai - Chip

  •      Thai Magic Mic
           Thai -1263 Songs (CHIPTHA)
  • English - Chips
  •      English Chips
           Chip-PHC500 Gospel 1 - 500 Songs
           Chip-PHW200 Gospel 2 - 200 Songs
           Chip-PHW500 Gospel - 500 Songs.
           Chip-POP 705
           Chip-POP01 Alternative/Modern - 132 Songs
           Chip-POP02 60's/70's/80's Rock - 138 Songs
           Chip-POP03 Dance/Club/Disco/Rap - 136 Songs
           Chip-POP04 Variety/Standards - 148 Songs
           Chip-POP05 Contemporary Easy - 134 Songs
           Chip-POP06 Classic Country - 149 Songs
           Chip-POP07 Classic Rock - 121 Songs
           Chip-POP08 Rock/Heavy Metal - 138 Songs
           Chip-POP09 R&B/Motown - 141 Songs
           Chip-POP10 Contemporary Country - 119 Songs
           Chip-POP11 Traditional/Children/Holiday - 234 Songs
           Chip-POP12 New Releases/Latin - 137 Songs
           Chip-POP13 Soft Rock/Beatles/Elvis - 125 Songs
           Chip-POP14 X'mas
           Chip-POP15 Teen-1 125-Songs
           Chip-POP16 Variety
           Chip-POP17 2005 New Release
           Chip-POP22 Pop Chip ***ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH "ET" MODELS***
           Chip-POP23 Magic Sing 2012 Chip ***ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH "ET" MODELS***
           Chip-POP24 Magic Sing 2012 Chip #2 ***ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH "ET" MODELS***
           Chip-POP25 Magic Sing 2012 Chip #3 ***ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH "ET" MODELS***
           Chip-UK3 Pop - 480 Songs
           Tag 9 - 300 Songs
    KJ / DJ Pro Equipment
  • Play from Computer.
  •      Software
           CDG to AVI Ripper (Software).
           PCDJ Red VRM (Not for Karaoke)
           Computer Video to TV Converter
           PCDJ DAC-3 Controller w/ PCDJ Red
  • Software to make Song List

  •      Music Book Deluxe
           Music Book Deluxe Professional.
  • Systems w/ Spanish Songs
  •      Handheld System with 946 Spanish songs
           Handheld System w/ 946 English Songs #1
           Handheld System w/ 946 Spanish Songs #2 - Player & Powered Speakers
           Handheld System w/ 946 Spanish Songs #3 - Player, Powered Speakers & TV w/ Stand
  • Systems w/ English Songs
    Package AA - Hard Drive Player with 8,968 English Songs built-in : Starting at $200 per day
    Package AA-1: Player with 8,968 English songs
    Package AA-2 : Player with 8,968 English songs, Mixer and Powered Speakers
    Package AA-3 : Player with 8,968 English songs, Mixer, Powered Speakers and TV w/ Stand
    Package A - Hard Drive Player with 9,262 English Songs built-in : Starting at $175 per day
    Package A-1: Player with 9,262 English songs
    Package A-2 : Player with 9,262 English songs, Mixer and Powered Speakers
    Package A-3 : Player with 9,262 English songs, Mixer, Powered Speakers and TV w/ Stand
    Package B - Hard Drive Player with 3,023 English Songs built-in : Starting at $150 per day
    Package B-1 : Player with 3,023 English songs
    Package B-2 : Player with 3,023 English songs, Mixer and Powered Speakers
    Package B-3 : Player with 3,023 English songs, Mixer, Powered Speakers and TV w/ Stand
    Package CV - Handheld Mic System with 956 English Songs built-in : Starting at $100 per day
    Package CV-1: Handheld Mic System w/ 956 English Songs
    Package CV-2: Handheld Mic System w/ 956 English Songs & Powered Speakers
    Package CV-3: Handheld Mic System w/ 956 English Songs, Powered Speakers & TV w/ Stand
    Package MODERN POP HIGHLIGHTS - Handheld Mic System with 208 Modern Pop Songs built-in : Starting at $125 per day
    Package MODERN POP HIGHLIGHTS #1 - Handheld Mic System with 208 Modern Pop Songs
    Package MODERN POP HIGHLIGHTS #2 - Handheld Mic System with 208 Modern Pop Songs & Powered Speakers
    Package MODERN POP HIGHLIGHTS #3 - Handheld Mic System with 208 Modern Pop Songs, Powered Speakers & TV w/ Stand
    Package D - Handheld Mic System with 2,054 English Songs : Starting at $125 per day
    Package D-1: Handheld Magic Mic w/ 2058 English Songs
    Package D-2: Handheld Magic Mic w/ 2058 English Songs & Powered Speakers
    Package D-3: Handheld Magic Mic w/ 2058 English Songs, Powered Speakers & TV w/ Stand
    Package E - Handheld Mic System with 793 English Songs : Starting at $75 per day
    Package E-1: Handheld Magic Mic w/ 793 English Songs
    Package E-2: Handheld Magic Mic w/ 793 English Songs & Powered Speakers
    Package E-3: Handheld Magic Mic w/ 793 English Songs, Powered Speakers, 13" TV & TV Stand
    Package F - Handheld Mic System with 524 English Songs built-on : Starting at $60 per day
    Package F-1: Handheld Magic Mic w/ 524 songs
    Package F-2: Handheld Magic Mic w/ 524 songs & Powered Speakers
    Package F-3: Handheld Magic Mic w/ 524 songs, Powered Speakers, 13" TV and TV Stand
    Package Xmas - Hard Drive Player with 381 X'mas Songs built-in : Starting at $125 per day
           Package Xmas - Hard Drive Player with 318 X'mas Songs
  • Systems w/ International Songs
  •      Handheld International Systems
           Handheld International System #01 - Handheld Magic Mic w/ 2058 English Songs (Optional Additional Languages Available)
           Handheld International System #02 - Magic Mic w/ 500 Japanese Songs & 791 English Songs
           Handheld International System #03 - Magic Mic w/ 900 Japanese Songs
         Hard Drive System with Chinese Songs
           Hard Drive System with Chinese Songs #1
           Hard Drive System with Chinese Songs #2 - Player, Mixer and Powered Speakers
           Hard Drive System with Chinese Songs #3 - Player, Mixer, Powered Speakers and TV w/ Stand
         Hard Drive System with Japanese Songs
           Hard Drive System with Japanese Songs #1
           Hard Drive System with Japanese Songs #2 - Player, Mixer and Powered Speakers
           Hard Drive System with Japanese Songs #3 - Player, Mixer, Powered Speakers and TV w/ Stand
         Hard Drive System with Korean & International Songs
           Hard Drive System with Korean & International Songs #1
           Hard Drive System with Korean & International Songs #2 - Player, Mixer and Powered Speakers
           Hard Drive System with Korean & International Songs #3 - Player, Mixer, Powered Speakers and TV w/ Stand
         Hard Drive System with Vietnamese Songs
           Hard Drive System with Vietnamese Songs #1
           Hard Drive System with Vietnamese Songs #2 - Player, Mixer and Powered Speakers
           Hard Drive System with Vietnamese Songs #3 - Player, Mixer, Powered Speakers and TV w/ Stand
  • Speakers & Stands
  •      Speakers
    Powered Speakers (Pair, 180 Watts Total) with Stands
    Powered Speakers (Pair, 400 Watts Total) with Stands
    Powered Speakers (Pair, 560 Watts Total) with Stands
    Pair of Speaker Stands
  • Microphones & Stands
  •      Microphones
    Wired Microphone and 20' Cable with 1/4" Plug
    UHF Wireless Microphone - Single
    UHF Wireless Microphones - Dual Rechargeable
    Microphone Stand
  • Mixers/Mixing Amplifiers
  •      Mixers
  • TV Monitors & Stands
  •      TV Monitors
    TV & Stand w/ Mic Holders
    13inch TV
    TV Stand
  • Players: CD/CDG/SuperCDG/

  •      Other Equipment
           CDG/DVD/CD/VCD Player
           JVC Semi-Auto 6+1 CDG Changer
           Pioneer Laser Disc/CDG/DVD(Region 1)/CD Player
    Recording Studio
  • Rental Recording Studio

  •      Rental Recording Studio
           Recording Room

    Non Karaoke Items - Health & Gift Items
  • Massager
  •      Massager
           Magic Touch Massager

  • Gift Certificate
  •      Gift Certificate
           $10 Gift Certificate
           $100 Gift Certificate
           $25 Gift Certificate
           $5 Gift Certificate
           $50 Gift Certificate
  • UPS/USPS Insurance
  •      Miscellaneous
           UPS Shipping Insurance
           USPS Shipping Insurance
  • Services
  •      Services
           Laser Disc transfer to DVD
  • Bobby Dean's Music CD
  •      Music CD
           Bobby Dean - "On The Radio" his debut album

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