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Acesonic: UHF-5200
Dual Channel 900MHz Wireless Microphone System

$ 249.99

The Acesonic UHF-5200 Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System brings durable and quality sounding microphones into your sound system. This system operates in the 900Mhz range going even further up the UHF spectrum. Most systems out there operate in the crowded 600 or 800MHz range so the UHF-5200 effectively avoids interference with other systems. Great sound quality is provided by commercial grade UHF true diversity where 2 radio modules per antenna are continuously compared to select the strongest signal. This delivers an exceptionally stable radio signal. If you run into some interference, just select another channel from the many available. The microphones will auto-sync with the receiver via infrared. These two features combine to provide you with a very robust system. The microphones themselves are designed to pick up your voice very well so you always soundlike yourself and don't have to worry about sound degradation. After many uses, most microphones do get dropped a few times which is why these are built a lot more rugged than others. Acesonic has developed this system to perform very well with emphasis on sound and build quality.


  • Commercial grade UHF true diversity system
  • Multiple systems (up to 100) can be used together allowing up to 200 channels simultaneously
  • Operates in 900-950MHz avoiding crowded 600 & 800MHz bands
  • Easy-to-Use IR channel switching function
  • Two highly sensitive and durable microphones with LCD indicators
  • Rack-mountable


  • Receiver:
    • Frequency range - UHF-900 - 950MHz
    • Number of Frequencies - 200
    • Frequency Bandwidth - 25MHz
    • Modulation Mode - FM
    • Frequency Response - 50Hz - 15KHz
    • S/N Ratio - > 95dB
    • Operating Range - 50M Line of Sight
    • Operating Temp. Range - 5°C - 45°C, 40°F - 113°F
  • Microphones:
    • RF Power Output: 15mW
    • Oscillation: Digital Frequency Synthesizer
    • Transmission Frequency Stability: within 30ppm
    • Dynamic Range: ≥100dB SPL
    • Max Input Sound Pressure: 130dB SPL
    • Microphone Pick-Up Head: Moving Coil Heart Type Pointing
    • Battery: 2 AA per microphone
    • Power Consumption: ≥ 35mA

Package Includes:

  • UHF-5200 Receiver
  • 2 Microphones
  • 2 Antennas
  • 1/4" to 1/4" Cable
  • 2 Color Bands
  • Rack Mount Kit
  • Power Adapter
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • User Manual


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