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Better Music Builder: DX-388 Beta
900Watts Professional Mixing Amplifier

$ 899.99

Because of the popularity of our DX-388 Series Mixing Amplifier, Better Music Builder is bringing a new model into the series to join our DX-388 G3 in the product lineup. We are thrilled to introduce the newest 2013 model, the DX-388 Beta Mixing Amplifier.

Different from its predecessors is the greater number of audio outputs the new DX-388 Beta has. The DX-388 Beta Mixing Amplifier features 5D technology. The technology enables the set up of two main speakers, two rear speakers, and a center/subwoofer speaker to bring the live experience to your home. The center speaker and subwoofer come with their own individualized volume control, bringing a new field of dynamic for karaoke singing.

The new DX-388 Beta Mixing Amplifier, like all the previous DX-388 models before it, uses the latest and the most innovative technology to produce the highest quality sound, the most precise clarity and the strongest reliability. In addition, we are bringing back a more traditional approach to the DX-388 Beta that many will undoubtedly appreciate. The new model is equipped with a familiar equalizer. The analog equalizer gives users full control like never before, enabling them to really refine the settings to their hearts’ content.

Get ready to experience the best live karaoke performance you’ve ever had!



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