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CBG60145 Country Hits Collection #145

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15 songs - Without Lead Vocalist Demo Tracks

National Working Woman's Holiday - Kershaw, Sammy
Your Tattoo - Kershaw, Sammy
Southbound - Kershaw, Sammy
If You're Gonna Walk, I'm Gonna Crawl - Kershaw, Sammy
I Can't Reach Her Anymore - Kershaw, Sammy
That's What I Get For Losin You - Ketchum, Hal
Someplace Far Away (Careful What You're Dreaming) - Ketchum, Hal
Tonight We Just Might Fall In Love Again - Ketchum, Hal
Stay Forever - Ketchum, Hal
Every Little Word - Ketchum, Hal
If It Will It Will - Williams, Hank Jr.
Old Enough To Know Better - Hayes, Wade
I'm Still Dancin With You - Hayes, Wade
Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac
What I Meant To Say - Hayes, Wade


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