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CBG60238 Country Hits 09/2002

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15 songs - Without Lead Vocalist Demo Tracks

I Need A Girlfriend - Sawyer Brown
Strong Enough To Be Your Man - Tritt, Travis
One Day Closer To You - Johnson, Carolyn Dawn
Lot Of Things Different, A - Chesney, Kenny
Maria (Shut Up & Kiss Me) - Nelson, Willie
South Side Stomp - Jenai
Waitin On Joe - Azar, Steve
More Beautiful Today - McGuinn, Mark
Memory Like I'm Gonna Be, A - Tucker, Tanya
Til Nothing Comes Between Us - Montgomery, John Michael
One Thing - Ingram, Jack
Never Had A Broken Heart - Myles, Heather
Daddy Had A Cardiac & Mamas Got A Cadillac - Yates, Billy
Everything Changes - Little Big Town
Beautiful Goodbye - Hanson, Jennifer


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