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CDJ-500G Professional CD/CDG Player for DJs - Seattle Karaoke - Pioneer - Player

Pioneer: CDJ-500G
Professional CD/CDG Player for DJs

$ 600.00

Pioneer introduces the CDJ-500G, the professional-use CD player the DJs have been waiting for. The CDJ-500G is the world's first CD player that includes a full range of powerful features that allow you to jog, sample, and manipulate digital-quality sound in ways you never thought possible. Get the unparalleled sound quality and effects of a CD player with the hands-on control of a conventional turntable.

Built-in CD-G decoder enables DJs to expand their repertoire with the thousands of songs available on CD-G Karaoke software, CD-G discs are the size of a normal CD, but they store graphic information which, when played back, display the song's lyrics on a monitor.

Relay Play:
When two CDJ-500's are connected, on unit can be cued on Standby while the other plays. At the end of a song, Relay Play automatically starts the second unit's CD for uninterrupted play. A standard 3.5mm mini-plug cable (widely available at electronics and audio supply stores) can be used to connnect the two units.

Hard-Working Design:
Pick-Up Protector
When the CD cover is opened, an automatic shutter closes to protect the pick-up from smoke and dust
Anti-Vibration Constructin
The CDJ-500G's special design and rugged construction help prevent skipping due to heavy bass beats or other vibrations.
Brushless Motor
The heavy-duty drive motor resists wear and breadkowns, even after extended play in severe conditions.

"Hands On" Controls:
The CDJ-500G is designed for professional DJ's even in demanding environments. Controls are large, backlit, and logically arranged, displays are easy to read, and all buttons and dials offer tactile feedback for easier eyes-off operatin.

Jog Dial:
Using the extra-large slip resistant jog dial, CDs can be manipulated as easily as records on a turntable, but with none of the wear and tear that effects vinyl disks. Music can be searched frame by frame, and cue spots can be selected with extreme accuracy.

Seamless Loop:
With one touch of the Loop button, and phrase of the CD can be sampled and then seamlessly looped as many times as desired. When loop is released, the song will continue without pause. The loops start point is memorized and you can return to the start point anytime.
Quick Start:
Even the finest CD players have a lag between the time the Play button is hit and the music begins, but the CDJ-500G reads the precise beginning point of a song so the music starts instantly.Now you can match the rhythm of the music with split-second accuracy

Auto Cue / Manual Cue:
With Auto Cue, the CDJ-500G precisely locates a songs start point even if it is different from the tracks 0 second 0 frame, allowing the music to start instantly when the play button is hit.
Using Manual Cue, the cue point can be set at any position on the CD. The CDJ-500G even locates the designated cue point after play has continued.

Cue Point Sampler:
Up to a full second of sound can be sampled using the Cue button. The sample can be played back repeatedly, even to the beat of the music, by simply hitting the Cue button.

Flat-Top Design:
Similar in design to a conventional turntable, the CDJ-500G's controls are all mounted on the unit's top panel for easy access. CDs can be loaded and controls maipulated while the DJ is standing over the mixer.

Tempo Control:
Music pitch and spead can be easily and ccurately controlled with the long-stroke DJ-standard 100mm slider dial. A full +/- 10% range is available, and is displayed digitally in 0.1% increments.

Mster Tempo:
The incredible new Master Tempo control locks in the music pitch even when the tempo is changed. You can speed up or slow down the music beat with no change in the tone of the vocals or instruments.

Playing Address:
A large, easy-to-see light bar gives graphic confirmation of a song's elapsed playing time, remaining time, just like the locatin of a tone arm on a vinyl record.



  • Type of Discs - Compact Disc (5 inch / 3 inch) & CD+G (5 inch)
  • "Power Requirement - AC 120V, 60Hz"
  • Audio Output - 2.0V
  • DAC - 18bit DAC
  • Oversampling Rate - 8-times
  • Channel Separation - 98 dB or more
  • Total Harmonic Distortin - 0.004% or less
  • Dynamic Range - 96 dB or more
  • Frequency Response - 4Hz -20kHz
  • Video Output - 1V. P-P(75ohms) RCA pin
  • Power Consumption - 23W
  • Signal - to Noise Ratio - 106dB or more
  • Net Weight - 9 lbs. (4.1 kg)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) - 12-5/8 x 3-7/8 x 14 -3/16 inch
  • Line Out - RCA PIN



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