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MKP-1000 Compact DVD/CDG Karaoke Player w/ Auxiliary Input

$ 174.99

MKP-1000 is a karaoke player that is very compact, yet very powerful. It can do all the functions that karaoke industry desires. You can play CD+G, MP3+G, and many other formats as you desire. You can also record your voice with your favorite songs and play back instantly at any time. 


  • Supporting Format : MP3+G, CD+G, DVD, VCD, MP3, Audio CD.
  • MP3+G/CD+G Recording with Music & Voice
  • Record singing with MP3+G, CD+G into USB
  • Instant Recorded Song Playback
  • Direct Access Playing by Song Number
  • Digital Key Controller & Echo
  • 2 Microphone Inputs
  • Aux Input




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