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SCG-8654 Pop Hits #115 - Seattle Karaoke - Sound Choice - English - CDG

SCG-8654 Pop Hits #115

$ 26.99

15 songs - Without Lead Vocalist Demo Tracks

Shake It Fast (Radio Version) - Mystikal
Way I Am, The (Radio Version) - Eminem
No More - Ruff Endz
911 - Jean, Wyclef & Mary J. Blige
Again - Kravitz, Lenny
Run To Me - De La Hoya, Oscar
Between Me & You - Ja Rule & Milian, Christina
Case Of The Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do) (Radio Version) - Mya
Need To Be Next To You (Radio Version) - Nash, Leigh
He Loves You Not (Radio Version) - Dream
Love By Grace - Fabian, Lara
Itch, The - Vitamin C
Pass You By (Radio Version) - Boyz II Men
Imagine That (Radio Version) - LL Cool J
So In Love With Two (Radio Version) - Mikaila


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