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Korean Hard Drive Karaoke Player w/ over 35,000 Songs<br>TKR-304E<br><font color='white'>--</font>

Korean Hard Drive Karaoke Player w/ over 35,000 Songs

$ 699.99

The TKR-304 comes with a built in 500 GB Hard Disk. Over 30,000 songs are included ranging from Korean, K-POP, English, Japanese, Filipino & More. The TKR-304 also displays High Definition background video (music videos synchronized with lyrics and instruments, 3D renderings, nature scenes, etc.) via HDMI port.

TKR-304 has slot for the smart card, so no need for a smart card reader. You can store your own recordings and background images with USB, while you are playing your favorite mp3

Singers can enjoy the experience of karaoke scoring on Real Time. HD Background Videos of music videos, 3D renderings and nature scenes, contents can be easily downloaded on to a USB drive and plugged into your machine.

Built-in Songs:

  • 26,000 Korean
  • 3,500 English
  • 3,000 Japanese
  • 1,500 Philipino
  • 100 Chinese
  • 100 Vietnamese
  • 100 Indonesian
  • 100 Russian
  • 100 Spanish
  • 100 Thai





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